▷ Understand how Offline Marketing works and how to apply it in 2019 – WAU 2020

    Understand how Offline Marketing works and how to apply it in 2019 – WAU

    Offline marketing involves publicity actions that take place outside the digital universe. Includes cold calls, commercials and billboards, as well as magazine, radio and television ads. That is, they are disclosures that use traditional media to advertise products and services.

    Most likely you have heard that marketing is the lifeblood of a business. This phrase is popular because the success of a company or product is, most of the time, a good dissemination strategy.

    Digital Marketing, for example, is one of the most widespread ways of doing marketing, especially when we talk about technology companies. However, we cannot forget about Offline Marketing.

    That is the subject of this post. Here, you will learn the concept, the advantages and the ways to execute Offline Marketing strategies. Check out the topics of this content:

    What is Offline Marketing

    As you may already imagine, Offline Marketing covers all advertising actions that do not involve the digital universe. Among the main ones are cold calling, commercials, billboards and advertisements in magazines, radio and television. That is, they are disclosures that use traditional media to carry out advertising of products and services.

    Offline Marketing aims to spread a brand, so that traditional media are used as a positioning and branding tool. This makes people aware of your business and remember that you exist when they need a service or product like yours.

    Who is Offline Marketing for

    Contrary to common sense, Offline Marketing is not just for big companies. Local and regional businesses, whether small or medium-sized, can and should also bet on Offline Marketing actions.

    In the case of small entrepreneurs in local businesses, for example, it is important to be present in offline media. For this, it is possible to use the distribution of flyers.

    Midsize companies can use Offline Marketing to reach and win over new consumers through billboards or commercials on local radio stations. As for large companies, they can invest in television commercials.

    In particular, technology companies invest heavily in the presence and production of events. In ceremonies with themes related to the company’s product or service, it takes the opportunity to present and disclose a new business model. This strategy can be very interesting, since the event participants are interested in that market.

    Differences between Offline and Online Marketing

    Now that you know what Offline Marketing is, let’s talk about the main differences between Offline and Online Marketing. Yes, the dissimilarities go beyond the channels used to implement these strategies. To understand more about this, continue reading the post.

    Impacted public

    The reach of Offline and Online Marketing strategies is the biggest difference between these two types of disclosure, both in terms of the number of people and the profile of the public impacted by the campaigns.

    Offline Marketing actions, such as ads on radio and television stations, can reach thousands of people.

    The total number of views may be higher, however it is not possible to control who will see it, unlike Digital Marketing ads, where it is possible to determine exactly the profile of the people you want to see your ad, in addition to targeting according to their behavior.

    Cost benefit

    Because it reaches a high number of people, offline media ads cost more. Consequently, companies that are not large end up having, many times, limitations to carry out Offline Marketing strategies.

    In Digital Marketing, the entrepreneur or marketing manager can define the budget used for the ads in each of the channels. Thus, the social network or Google will show its content to a number of people according to this predefined value.

    Your ad can even be shown to a smaller number of users in Digital Marketing. However, due to the segmentation performed, according to your ICP, it may be more effective. That is, the ROI will be higher.

    Measurement of results

    The ways of measuring the results of these two types of strategies are quite different, remembering that, in most cases, Offline Marketing serves to reinforce your brand name in the market.

    So it’s necessary measure the effectiveness of a campaign by the number of people who visit your store, for example. On the other hand, in online marketing you can measure the effectiveness of your ad through CPC, website traffic and the number of leads.

    Advantages of Offline Marketing

    Digital Marketing is so widespread that it seems to be much more advantageous to apply it in your business instead of offline actions. However, there are some advantages that still make Offline Marketing an excellent option for several businesses in different segments.

    Greater reach

    As we have already said, traditional media offer a gigantic reach. Although the internet is very widespread and overused, if we think about the case of London, for example, there are still several people who do not have an internet connection. In addition, there are older individuals who do not have as much affinity for digital media.

    So they still know about new products, services and companies through newspaper, radio and TV commercials. In other words, it means that you need Offline Marketing to reach these people.


    Due to the time they are being used, traditional communication channels convey more credibility. This becomes even more important in a world like today, where fake news is increasingly common.

    Still in relation to credibility, being “next door” to communication vehicles that your audience trusts is extremely important. This is really relevant, since Offline Marketing is one of the main tools for strengthening the brand.

    Close relationship

    As we said, one of the strategies used in Offline Marketing is events. In this specific type of action, or in the delivery of flyers, it is possible to be in direct contact with the public.

    That is, you create a very close relationship with your customer. From this you can discover their pains and needs that you didn’t even imagine.

    How to Create an Offline Marketing Campaign

    Now that you know what Offline Marketing is, the main advantages and also the differences in relation to online marketing, you must be wondering how to apply these strategies in your company.

    More than that, you certainly want to succeed from Offline Marketing. Then here’s how to create an effective Offline Marketing campaign.

    Define your goal

    Just like any action or strategy carried out in your company, you need to define your goals. This is the first step towards the success of any Offline Marketing campaign.

    Setting goals will help you to define efforts, assemble the team and identify bottlenecks during execution. In the end, it will also be easier to verify the return on investment made.

    Identify your persona

    The second step in creating an Offline Marketing campaign is to define who you want to talk to. With the creation of the persona, you will always keep in mind the pains and needs of your future client.

    In addition, you will be right in choosing the language of the pieces of this campaign. Remember that the more information you have about your audience, the more efficient your communication with them must be.

    Find the most effective communication channel

    Knowing why and with whom you want to speak in your campaign, it will be easier to define the best place to communicate with your future customers.

    At this stage of the process, it is necessary to take into account the TV shows your persona watches, the newspapers and magazines you read and the events you participate in.

    But be sure to check the budget available for the production and placement of these ads, as well as the return you expect from this campaign.

    Invest in press office

    Hiring a press office can guarantee media space without spending so much. After all, these companies are specialized in creating relevant content, taking into account the customer, the business and the desired vehicle.

    Often the value may not be as distinct from the ads on those vehicles. However, it is a way to increase the reference and credibility of your business with your audience.

    Provide a good customer experience

    There is no point in investing in ads and commercials if, when it comes to contacting your company, it does not receive a good service or a positive experience. If bad experiences are generated, it will become more and more expensive to win new customers.

    Thus, Offline Marketing continues even after your ads are published and viewed. The service received must be in line with the expectations created in your communication to attract customers.

    Measure the results

    As important as planning and investing in Offline Marketing campaigns is analyze whether they generated positive return. The measurement of results is directly linked to the definition of objectives.

    After all, you need to know what you want and what are the metrics that indicate the success of a campaign, in order to verify that the purpose has been achieved.

    An important step in measuring results is to generate reports with detailed information about all campaigns already carried out by the company. This way, you will have a history of what worked and what was not effective when thinking about new strategies.

    More than understanding what Offline Marketing is, its advantages and how to create effective campaigns, it is important to understand the profile of your audience. Only then will you create a successful brand.

    Remember that you don’t have to use just one marketing strategy to advertise your products and services. Success is often in the combination of different types of marketing.

    Thinking about it, how about learning about another marketing strategy? Check out our scarcity marketing post and learn how to use it in your company!

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