▷ understand the importance and how to define yours! – WAU 2020

    understand the importance and how to define yours! – WAU

    (Click on the player to hear the narration of our post! Leave your comments in the comments.) Social networks are stamped stickers in any digital marketing strategy. However, not all brands know how to talk to their audience effectively. More and more we have precious information about our personas and we have the opportunity […]

    (Click on the player to hear the narration of our post! Leave your comments in the comments.)

    Social networks are stamped stickers in any digital marketing strategy. However, not all brands know how to talk to their audience effectively.

    More and more we have precious information about our personas and we have the opportunity to understand them in a profound way. This allows them to produce relevant content for them and turn their pains and desires into opportunities for companies.

    But it is not always so simple to transform what you know from your followers into relevant and appropriate content for each social network. Therefore, we will teach you the best strategy to guide your content production for these platforms.

    Find out all about topic map now, why invest in one and how to create it:

    What is a topic map

    Topic maps are used at different times and market sectors. They basically serve to group, categorize and organize information. They are often used to help us understand something, and it is precisely in this aspect that we use them on social networks.

    On these platforms, a topic map serves as a guide for your strategy. It helps to organize which subjects are relevant to your persona and encourages investment in them.

    An example that we can give is the topic map here from Websites Are Us:

    Rock Content Social Media Topic Map

    As you can see, we categorize which themes are attractive to our audience and solve the pains of their routine. In our case, they range from content marketing (our product) to technology and news, a topic of more general interest.

    We then chose 5 subjects that we managed to translate into content for our readers and that are already present in some way in your life. However, how to create a map is a subject that we will cover a little later.

    First, you need to understand why it is important for your company to invest in building and managing a topic map.

    Why you need a topic map

    Low investment

    First of all, I need to say that this strategy requires almost no monetary investment. And if you already have a professional who takes care of your social networks, the time investment is also not that great, since he probably already has a study of his persona.

    Certain content

    You have probably already been in a conversation in which you did not know what was being talked about and much less interested in it. And that’s how your users feel when you don’t understand them very well.

    Knowing how to curate your content on social media, or at any point in your strategy, is essential. And it may be what is missing from your strategy to take off and engage your followers.

    Knowledge management

    Does your company have a high employee turnover, or are many involved with your strategy? A topic map is perfect for you, as it works as a visual, quick and practical guide to what topics to address in your posts.

    Little push for your creativity

    You are not a bad or uninvited professional because you sometimes don’t have a brilliant idea of ​​content. When we lose our compass and need some tool to pull us north of our strategy, a topic map is your best friend.

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    Defining your topic map

    Now I will explain in practice how you can build your own topic map and boost your strategy. Let’s go step by step:

    1. Understand your personas very well

    You are already tired of knowing this, but you can’t help but stress it because of its importance. After all, what is your strategy or your topic map if you don’t even know who you’re doing it for?

    But here we are not just saying that you need to structure your buyer persona as: So-and-so, 30, marketing professional. Despite very important information they do not say much about what your persona does on your social networks, and this is one of the main data you need to have.

    In addition, your brand persona is just as important as your buyer persona. She’s the one on the front line talking to her audience, so think about what she does, too.

    Ask yourself, research and ask your readers to find out information like:

    • What kind of content and subject does your persona consume online?
    • What kind of content should your brand persona talk about?
    • What kind of content does your competitor post?
    • What do you need to sell and publicize?

    They are all answers you need to produce a topic map. A failure in that initial identification can undermine your entire later strategy.

    If you want to understand the best practices for producing a strategy persona for your company and social networks, check out our complete ebook on the subject:

    The guide for generating Personas

    2. Study your social networks

    Now that you know everything about your persona you need to understand each social network where you want to apply your strategy.

    You are probably asking yourself: is my topic map unique to my strategy or do I need one for each social media I use? And I answer you: as a guide for your strategy you can have only one map, because it is related to your persona or persona in general.

    However, you need to understand that each of these issues (especially the more general ones) that you identify will be addressed in different ways.

    For example: Instagram is a network almost exclusively accessed on mobile devices. Therefore, you must disseminate content that is fast and will be mobile friendly. In the case of Websites Are Us, we publish many news there, in addition to lighter content.

    On LinkedIn, on the other hand, which is a professional social network, we share and produce advanced and entrepreneurial content, for example.

    You need to have this flexibility to delight your readers in different ways and in different media.

    3. Analyze everything that already exists

    The closest to predicting the performance of some type of post that you will get is analyzing everything that already exists.

    Start with your own company. If you already have a blog or already invested in social networks, what do you do well? Look for patterns in the themes of these posts.

    Have you been posting various lists about books, movies and other forms of entertainment and have they been working? Your persona probably likes pop culture a lot and you can invest even more in it.

    Another great way to get a good start is to study your competition. That’s right! It is no sin to take a peek at what other brands are doing. This is the best way to not make the same mistakes as them and still use what works in your favor.

    4. Choose your topics

    That’s right. If you have made it this far, you already have more than well prepared what your persona will want to see on your social networks, then hand in hand!

    Choose a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 themes based on everything you have studied.

    Attention! Don’t be tempted to choose more than five subjects for your map. Remember that if you try to overreach your possibilities, you may end up hitting anyone and failing your strategy.

    Then choose your themes and, if necessary, bring them together in interest groups as we did with technology and news. This helps you to know that one is connected to the other. In our case, the novelties that will attract our audience better are those related to technology.

    Don’t forget to document everything visually and easily accessible to those who need to use it.

    5. Analyze your results and adapt

    Beauty. After planning everything you need to do, it’s time to put your topic map into practice.

    Especially at the beginning you need to test. It does not mean that, once your map is ready, you will never change it.

    It is only by adapting according to the results obtained that you can be successful.

    During your routine, take a few moments to check out the performances of your publications and especially your engagement. What types of conversations is your content generating? Be aware of them, as they will be great sources of insights for your strategy.

    Don’t be afraid to make changes quickly. Everything in the world of social media is very fast and you need to be too. Have confidence that you have planned and know what is best for your brand. But remember that a test takes time and patience.

    6. Document everything

    As I said, a topic map is an extremely important piece of knowledge management for your social media strategy. She is your guide and like any good guide she can serve your company for a long time and for many people.

    In addition to the map itself, you also need to document the results you will get. What are the results of the first weeks? Which post performed better? Understanding the progression of your strategy from the beginning can be of great help in your company’s future.

    Ready! You are already prepared to delight your readers and know how to produce and choose strategic content for your brand on social networks.

    However, your social media strategy isn’t just about the topic map.

    Therefore, we have separated for you our main material for you to understand everything about how to leverage your company’s networks. Check out our complete social media marketing kit!

    Social media marketing

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