▷ Understand what Operational Marketing is and how it differs from Strategic Marketing – WAU 2020

    Understand what Operational Marketing is and how it differs from Strategic Marketing – WAU

    Operational Marketing is one of the most important steps in any strategy in the industry. After all, it is the moment when the planned and planned actions are put into practice, the phase in which it is possible to know whether, in fact, the objectives and goals stipulated initially will be achieved or not.

    Marketing is a broad concept and has numerous aspects in its composition. Therefore, for those who want to stand out in the market – be it your company or the team you manage – it is essential to know its different strategies and applications. Operational Marketing is one of them, a fundamental step for the success of your actions and campaigns.

    With the amount of concepts used in the area, some end up being distorted and gain different meanings. In the case of Operational Marketing, it is often placed as a counterpoint to Strategic Marketing, after all, its objectives are different. However, in fact, the two strategies complement each other.

    How about, then, knowing more about the differences between these two concepts, their characteristics and how they become more efficient when thought and executed in an integrated way? Just continue reading this article to clear all your doubts and ensure that your marketing planning is, in fact, as productive as possible. Check out!

    What is fundamental when executing marketing strategies?

    The concepts within marketing are many, and most of them are excellent when we look from the outside and see only their benefits and advantages. Execution, however, is not such a simple task and requires great care and efficiency. On paper, most of the ideas and strategies are excellent, but in practice, not everything works exactly as planned.

    After all, marketing is not an exact science, and it is at the time of execution that many concepts will really be put to the test. Organizing the moment of operation has, therefore, fundamental space for the success of your planning as a whole. There is no point in conducting a thorough research and analysis if, in the end, the paths they point out are not really followed.

    Thus, in addition to training your team to carry out and structure an action plan, it is It is also essential to focus on the execution stages. Thus, you ensure that everything that has been studied and analyzed is, in fact, used correctly and the stipulated objectives are achieved, generating the expected returns for your company or team.

    What is Operational Marketing?

    It doesn’t matter if you are designing a Google Ads strategy for your e-commerce or actions to sell a product: execution is fundamental. Operational Marketing is, therefore, the execution of the planning previously defined. That is, it is the stage in which everything that was on paper is put into practice.

    When identifying a problem within an e-commerce, for example, you need to take actions to solve it, right? Thus, an objective and, consequently, a plan is outlined to succeed in this task, a stage known as Strategic Marketing. Then, then, it is the turn of Operational Marketing.

    In this step, action is the keyword, after all, everything that has been studied, analyzed and measured is put into practice, always aiming to reach the goal or objective previously established. This concept represents one of the ends of the whole process: they are actions aimed at the effective realization of the determined strategy.

    The objective is therefore to achieve results quickly, with short-term returns for ensure the survival and proper functioning of planning. Any delay or setback can mean bad numbers or unmet goals and, consequently, everything that was previously studied ends up losing its effectiveness.

    The main characteristics of Operational Marketing are:

    • turns plans into actions;
    • it is present from start to finish in the execution of the strategy;
    • executes the campaigns and actions previously defined;
    • seeks to spread a brand, product and / or service among end customers;
    • it is made up of short-term actions that aim to achieve medium and long-term goals.

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    What are the differences between Operational Marketing and Strategic Marketing?

    Knowing how to differentiate and perceive the fine line between Operational Marketing and Strategic Marketing is also important to be able to transform your plans into actions, in fact, efficient for your business. After all, within a structured Marketing plan, these two aspects need to be worked on in an integrated way.

    By identifying the objectives, activities and characteristics of each of these stages, it is easier to understand their differences. Therefore, we separate some examples of activities from the two phases and, consequently, how they differ. Check out!

    Strategic marketing

    At this stage, planning is essential, as this is the moment when the next actions to be taken are defined, and they can mean the success or failure of your strategies. Normally, planning is defined in the medium and long term, with a complete analysis of the scenario that will be faced.

    Its main activities are:

    Market analysis

    Meet the target Audience, detail who is yours persona: all of this directly contributes to defining which paths your team will follow. THE competition it is also an important part of this process, to understand what methods they use to stand out in the market and what you need to do to overcome them.

    SWOT Analysis

    The use of SWOT analysis is not popular for nothing and should be part of the strategic planning of your marketing actions. From this tool, it is possible to identify four pillars that will serve as guides for your choices: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

    Strategy definition

    With a broader and clearer overview of the market and the agents that make up this scenario, it becomes much easier to establish the paths that will allow your business to reach the objectives set. This is summarized in the adopted strategy, that is, what actions, campaigns and tasks to be performed so that performance is satisfactory.

    Operational Marketing

    Operational Marketing is marked by the execution of everything that has been treated, with a greater sense of urgency, since its actions are focused on short-term results and that allow the continuity of planning and its subsequent operational tasks.

    These are some common actions at this stage:

    Promotional campaigns

    generate rapid consumer impact it can happen in several ways, however, when urgent, promotional campaigns are the ideal solutions. Therefore, it is necessary to follow what was planned in the previous step and, thus, develop the campaigns on the chosen channels and promote the brand or product.


    This step is usually attributed to the Logistics sector, right? However, Operational Marketing also has its role in executing the strategy so that it is the most efficient for the distribution of a product, brand or message. After all, in practice, things can happen differently, and you need to know evaluate the feasibility of each of the processes and, if necessary, adapt to make the best of each situation.

    After sales

    Taking care of after-sales is also in the purview of Operational Marketing, thinking especially about customer satisfaction and consequent loyalty. Ensuring that the consumer’s experience with your brand is the best even after conversion is essential. In addition, it is necessary to know how to deal with the demands and demands of the user, a common challenge at this stage, but which can generate excellent results.

    What is the relationship between planning and execution within marketing?

    The big mistake of marketers is precisely not promoting the union between these two stages and investing in separate actions for each one of them. Planning and execution must always be in tune, and this must be taken into account when we talk about Strategic Marketing and Operational Marketing.

    After all, having a brilliant strategic plan is not enough to achieve the goals. The operational plan needs to be at the same level, ensuring that the execution of previously planned strategies is, in fact, efficient. When put into practice in the best way, the chances of success of your actions and marketing campaigns are enhanced. Just putting it into practice is bad, but just planning is not good either.

    Thus, the two stages need to be considered together, with complementary actions that facilitate the search for the company’s or team’s objective. How to be successful and adopt the most efficient strategies without knowing as many details and information as possible? The Strategic and the Operational must go together.

    So don’t just focus on defining strategies and analyzing the market – execution also deserves your attention. By ensuring that operational work is efficient, you are automatically increasing the chances that everything that was done in the previous step will work and your strategic planning will actually be accomplished.

    From the integration between the two strategies, the trend is that the results obtained will be even better. Operational and Strategic Marketing, therefore, are complementary and, precisely because they are in the sequence of the other, your goals are mutually dependent. Ultimately, marketing success can only be talked about if these two steps are successful.

    It was clear, therefore, how essential it is to set up a complete and integrated planning between the different marketing strategies so that your company can have the best possible performance, right? How about, then, check out our article with a complete guide to creating your marketing plan?

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