▷ What Are the Fastest DNS Addresses? Increasing Internet Speed ​​with DNS 2020

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    Fast dns It is possible to increase internet speed with addresses! Request a faster internet by changing your dns addresses For those who do not know what DNS is, what is dns below? How to use dns? You can get information by following the sections

    How to Use Fast DNS? 2020

    Using fast dns You can set the operating system via network months. You can choose the best fast dns addresses from the table below and try whatever you want. Free dns is reliable and fast.

    what is fast dns

    What is DNS?

    DNS is the Domain Name System with the London of Domain Name System. All sites on the Internet have a dns address is found. In simpler terms, when you want to enter a website, they are the addresses that allow you to enter the domain name instead of the ip address. The purpose of use of DNS is to facilitate the use of the internet and provide a good experience to the end user. For example, when you want to enter address, you have to enter -> ip address instead of This is where the DNS comes into play, allowing you to log in with the domain name instead of ip address.

    Can Fast DNS Addresses Be Used By Everyone?

    Fast dns addressesThey can be used by many people around the world and of course you can use them for free. DNS update You can follow the steps below for the process.

    Fast DNS Addresses 2020

    DNS Provider Name Primary DNS Server secondary DNS server
    OpenDNS Home Page
    Level 3
    Comodo Secure DNS
    Norton ConnectSafe
    Alternative DNS
    UncensoredDNS 91239100100

    How to Change Windows 10 DNS Address?

    Changing dns addresses for Windows 10 is done pretty much the same way in other versions of Windows. How to change dns address in windows 10? Let’s get started right now!

    1. SettingsGo to.
    2. Network and Internet Enter section.
    3. Click Wi-Fi (for Wireless) Ethernet (for Wired).
    4. On the right Go to adapter options.
    5. Double-click any of the green Wi-Fi or Ethernet icons.
    6. Select Internet Protocol Version 4.
    7. Press Properties.
    8. Use the following DNS server addresses Press the button to activate the boxes.
    9. Above fast dns use any of the addresses

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