▷ what does it take to win over the audience? – WAU 2020

    what does it take to win over the audience? – WAU

    The economic crisis has affected several market segments, including pharmacies and drugstores. In addition to this problem, increased competition has been forcing a change in attitude on the part of these sectors. Increasingly, managers in these areas have felt the need to implement more effective pharmaceutical marketing strategies […]

    The economic crisis has affected several market segments, including pharmacies and drugstores. In addition to this problem, increased competition has been forcing a change in attitude on the part of these sectors.

    Increasingly, managers in these areas have felt the need to implement marketing pharmacist to help maximize your sales. And do you know what strategies would be appropriate to boost your business?

    In this post, we’ll cover some tips to help you win more customers and increase your loyalty. Keep an eye:

    Why do I need to invest in pharmaceutical marketing?

    Pharmaceutical marketing actions are necessary so that pharmacies and drugstores are able to communicate with an increasingly demanding public.

    However, this segment comes up against some specific rules for the dissemination and advertising of its services.

    Communication with your consumer must be differentiated, following laws and decrees that determine slightly stricter rules for the sector – after all, it deals with a very precious asset: people’s health.

    But in this post, we’re not talking about marketing focused only on sales itself, but on several other actions, such as attracting, retaining and retaining customers.

    From these actions, you will be able to make other decisions that will guide the direction of complementary strategies.

    Pharmaceutical marketing can include actions that permeate from the analysis and choice of a target audience to communication and the average ticket of each client.

    How do I do pharmaceutical marketing in my company?

    Do relationship marketing

    Many companies sin by neglecting the return that a good consumer experience can bring to the brand.

    In this sense, the marketing of relationship it works as one of the most powerful tools capable of attracting and retaining customers, making them defenders of your brand.

    You may be asking yourself: is it complicated or expensive to implement this type of marketing in my company? No. You can start from small attitudes that make all the difference, such as:

    • create a personal bond with the client: starting to call him by name is a good start;
    • be kind, listen and dialogue: show interest in the client’s problem and be willing to help him;
    • try to maintain the after-sales relationship;
    • maintain a database of customers to congratulate them on important dates;
    • offer gifts and benefits;
    • treat the customer as you would like to be treated.

    Did you realize how simple attitudes can be highly efficient in order to keep a customer loyal to your pharmacy or drugstore?

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    Invest in loyalty marketing

    Many think that just because they have a small establishment there is no need to do marketing to retain customers. Ledo mistake! Enchanting the buyer and investing in their loyalty is a great chance to increase your customer portfolio.

    Creating loyalty programs (a card, for example), is ideal to offer discounts or other bonuses that make the customer happy. And everyone knows: a satisfied customer is synonymous with a loyal customer.

    Taking advantage of the relationship marketing hook, you can combine the 2 strategies and condition the customer to register to receive the card and the benefits it offers.

    The key is that the customer realizes that, whenever he buys in his pharmacy or drugstore, he is rewarded in some way for having given preference to his services.

    Other benefits can be granted for the purpose of loyalty, such as:

    • delivery services;
    • personalized promotions;
    • offering informative pharmaceutical content on blogs or in social networks.

    Target customers with geolocation

    Currently, several companies are using geolocation tools as a marketing tool to segment their audience.

    This is a strategy that makes it possible to find and connect with your consumer through multiple channels wherever they are.

    As marketing is always evolving, you can also use geomarketing – a marketing strategy that consists of location intelligence, that is, you will be able to follow your client’s steps to locate him in the place and at the time you think best.

    Partner with healthcare professionals

    Nobody gets anywhere alone. Often, seeking partnerships with other health professionals can be a cheap and efficient way out.

    We can say that it is a type of word of mouth marketing between partners. You refer a specialist doctor, for example, and he recommends your pharmacy to your patients.

    Make an exchange: leave your pamphlets in the office and, in return, you hand over the doctor’s card to your clients. That simple.

    There are other ways to expand this partnership with representatives or with suppliers of medicines and other products for your pharmacy. Remember: every partnership is valid.

    In addition, several doctors have blogs, where they publish content. A good example is the blog Dermatologia Capilar, by Dr. Amanda Gomes. Sending content and making guest posts on these blogs can be a great idea.

    Optimize in-store product distribution

    It may seem silly, but the way your products are arranged on the shelves can significantly influence the increase in consumption.

    This strategy is fantastic because, according to research, 85% of people make their purchase decision only at the point of sale.

    You can also do merchandising to encourage the customer to buy more than he intended when he entered your drugstore. You know your target audience and know what is most attractive to them. So, don’t miss the chance to charm him.

    Create a blog

    Today, being innovative is what differentiates the best from the worst. It is not because you consider having a small business, for example, that you cannot have a blog or interact on social media with your customers.

    Studies show that more than 72% Internet users always search for health-related content before even looking for a doctor.

    With a well-optimized blog, you can provide this information to your customers clearly and objectively.

    Seek to deliver the best content and promote your products – in a subtle way – to help solve people’s problems.

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    Invest in online sales

    It is not so long ago that the form of communication changed and that the digital age caused marketing to take new directions.

    Pharmaceutical companies urgently need to adapt their businesses to this new reality. It is time to face the digital reality not as an enemy, but as an ally to deal with the new profile of consumers.

    Why not start investing in online sales and do your pharmaceutical marketing in this environment to reach more customers and boost your sales? This can be your differential. Think carefully!

    Did you like the theme of this post? Then read this other text: “How to work with digital marketing? Tools, courses and tips for beginners“.

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