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    Ads appear everywhere while browsing the Internet. Advertisements of all types and sizes, called banners and banners, appear on your computer or on your mobile phone.

    Free platforms such as marketing blogs, information sites and social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others) depend on the values ​​and revenues generated by digital advertising to fund their stay on the internet. In other words, with these advertisements, websites turn themselves.

    Views and clicks save money. The more, the better. To be successful, data from users and visitors is analyzed, stored and used to serve such targeted ads that are increasingly accurate.

    Everyone knows more or less how this wheel rotates.

    However, over time (and some of them abuse), users began to get tired of being affected by ads, most of them pop-ups, placed over the content they wanted to consume. Sites that cannot be done properly have also increased a lot.

    What is AdBlock?

    Initially, it was common to “rent / buy banner space” on every website a brand wanted to advertise. Networks and advertisements such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads and others emerged to fill a niche to facilitate the rental and distribution of these banners on the platforms.

    Yes, it was easier to advertise, but it was also easy to get tired of advertisements. This is why AdBlock Plus appeared, which was included in the Mozilla Firefox add-ons list in 2006. It has been downloaded over 130 million times according to Mozilla, making it the most popular browser app in the world.

    Inspired by this achievement, an independent developer developed similar adblock apps. And today:

    AdBlock can be defined as an ad blocker in the form of an extension (plugin). It can be used for many internet browsers including Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera.

    Important: There are several ways to check how well blocking software is running. Many blocking software hide ads instead of blocking them, and this can result in a significant loss of bandwidth speed. Good blocking software actually stops such ads from downloading and sometimes even increases the speed of surfing the internet.

    Download Adblock

    Some links to download Adblock:

    • Download Adblock Plus Ad Blocker:
    • Download Chrome AdBlock:
    • Download Adblock for Youtube ™:
    • Download AdBlock for Firefox:

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