▷ What is Notion software worth? – The opinion of Websites Are Us 2020

    Like many entrepreneurs, you are looking for a tool to improve productivity, organize and manage your tasks more efficiently and optimize the flow of information between all employees. Problem: You can’t find an all-in-one tool to meet all these needs from a single interface. We are going to present you with an amazing tool which is probably THE big favorite of Websites Are Us 2020. Child prodigy of Evernote, Airtable and Trello, Notion has more than one string to its bow, you will see. We are going to introduce you to this tool that our team has been using daily for a few months. Discover our opinion on Notion.

    Concept in a few words

    The company was founded in 2013 by Chris Prucha, Ivan Zhao, Jessica Lam and Simon Last. Its head office is located in San Francisco, California.

    Notion is an all-in-one workspace for note taking, knowledge and data management and project management. Notion allows users to comment on current projects, participate in discussions and receive comments from others.

    Growing, Notion has announced that it has exceeded one million users in 2019 for a valuation of $ 800 million while the company has only 27 people in its workforce (in 2019 still)!

    Offers & Prices

    Notion articulates its offer around two types of needs: for personal use and for work teams. It is important to note that all plans can be tried for free.

    Here are the details of the 4 proposed plans:

    • Personal: Free for personal use. You can invite up to 5 people to join you. On your account, you can create an unlimited number of pages and content called “blocks”. On the other hand, you are limited to the downloading of files whose size does not exceed 5 MB. You do not however benefit from advanced authorizations nor from a version history.
    • Personal Pro: For $ 5 per month, always reserved for one person. With this level of service, you have no limit on the size of the files to download as well as on the number of people you invite. You also get version history, priority support, and advanced permissions to limit what other people can do with your notes when you share them.
    • Team: The team plan costs $ 8 per user per month. It offers everything that is provided for in the Personal plan plus a collaborative workspace and administration tools.
    • Enterprise: Contact the Notion sales team directly for a suitable quote. This plan corresponds to an advanced use of the tool. Benefit from dedicated support at Notion and advanced security for your entire team.

    How do Notion’s prices compare to those of similar products? It’s pretty much the mid-range. Notion costs less than Quip, which charges $ 300 per person per year for an account level similar to the Notion Team plan. Compared to Evernote Premium ($ 84 / year), Notion costs more.


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    Focus on 3 Notion features

    The simple design and aesthetics of the application are very attractive. The app removes any unnecessary or unnecessary functionality that some may have. When you start, Notion makes your life easier by offering you many templates that you can choose or not to use.

    Many features are integrated when using the application. The transformation of a page into a task list, a plan, a plain text editor or any other element it offers is available to you when you use the application.

    Instead of having to choose the type of page you want initially, Notion allows you to mix all the elements in one page, which allows you to have a very complex set of instructions for any task you plan.

    Note taking and documents

    The database makes it possible to follow documents and notes, thanks to personalized keyword tags. Add guests to collaborate, set due dates. The sidebar allows quick navigation and search. Notes can be kept private or shared with the rest of the team.

    Notion allows writing without distraction with an empty and clear space / page. You can add any content and rearrange it by drag and drop. It is also possible to choose from different types of content, such as images, videos or pieces of code among others. Shortcuts are available, so you can type without interruption, even without touching the mouse.


    Notion allows you to centralize all important information, such as company objectives, employee contacts, best engineering practices, and more. You are also able to add different types of content, such as lists, images and embeds, among others, and use drag and drop to organize them.

    The solution allows to nest the pages to place them correctly. It is also ready for collaboration, allowing comments to be added with mentions in shared workspaces. Users can share individual pages or an entire website with external guests, with configurable access levels.

    Notion also integrates with more than 50 applications, such as Typeform, Twitter, GitHub Gist, and others, to bring all the work together.

    Project management

    Notion goes beyond note taking and allows you to plan and track tasks and projects. It is customizable so that you have the ability to define and add properties to their database to create their ideal workflow. It includes several views for the database, in table form (as above), calendar or filtered by properties.

    Each item in the database is its own page, and users can create pages within the pages so that all of the linked jobs stay together. Rich content functions allow you to add any type of information. Filters make it easy to track tasks and easily switch between personal tasks and tasks for the whole team.

    This is the beauty of Notion: you can choose between simplicity and complexity, depending on what you want to do.

    Notion stands out because you can be flexible in how you want to use it. For a project, I can divide a page into three horizontal sections or make a numbered list for the calendar of an event or presentation, or simply a simple list of things to do.

    For further

    If project management interests you, I strongly invite you to browse these articles:

    The advantages and disadvantages of Notion

    Most ” :

    • Customize the “blocks” as you wish: todos, headlines, comments.
    • Create internal wikis very easily with available templates and easy to add and use entries.
    • Share the information you want with your customers and hide the rest so you don’t overwhelm them with additional information.
    • Clean and functional dashboard, very visual.

    The lessers ” :

    • Application is not available in London.
    • The calendar cannot be viewed in a format other than the monthly view.
    • No offline mode for desktop use and no integration with Google Calendar for tracking due dates.
    • Windows and Android applications are sometimes very slow.

    Conclusion – Our opinion on Notion

    Notion unifies important and related productivity tools into one cohesive platform. With one affordable account, you can replace multiple apps, accounts, and billings. This saving of time and money also allows you to focus on important tasks. In addition, it is flexible and customizable enough to suit your needs.

    Regarding areas for improvement, we would like better integration. You can add a calendar to a page next to a list of deadlines so that you can add items to the calendar that coincide with the listed tasks. But it would be even better if the calendar could integrate with an iCloud or Gmail calendar, which already contains events.

    Notion is very useful for centralizing your ideas, your notes or your important tasks distributed between several different applications. You are now able to keep them all in one place, which is not only more productive but also more pleasant to work with.

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