▷ What is Shopify? How it works?

    If you are interested in launching your own e-commerce, you probably have found the name Shopify at least once in your research on the market and the main sites to create online store. However, the truth is that simply accessing your page and coming across countless resources and systems can be intimidating at first.

    To help you get started, in this article you will learn what Shopify is and how it works. Check out the resources offered by the ecommerce platform and learn more about sales channels.

    The company launched its ecommerce platform in 2006 and has since become one of the biggest names in the marketplace for creating online stores, also addressing several other sales channels and other services to boost the authority of retailers who use its services, such as services aimed at digital marketing through Branding and strengthening the online presence.

    More than 800 thousand virtual stores have already been created using the platform and today you are able to sell in different ways through Shopify. In addition to creating your own ecommerce, you can work with:

    • Dropshipping – find out what is in our guide;

    • Physical point of sale;

    • Buy button on your own website or blog;

    • Sales through marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay;

    • Sales through social networks, such as Instagram and Facebook;

    With this, the company is able to serve essentially any type of entrepreneur who wants to start selling online or even in retail.

    What Shopify is and how it works

    How does Shopify work?

    Now that you have an overview of the company and its products, you may be wondering how it really works in practice to start your Shopify business. The truth is that it is possible to do the entire procedure directly from within the platform. Essentially, these are the three main steps you need to take to start selling online:

    1. Create your brand

    To start, it is clear that you will need to create your business name and also develop your own logo. To help you, Shopify offers a free logo creation tool, where you can still segment according to the market niche in which you want to operate, such as beauty, fashion, clothing or health logos.

    2. Build your online presence

    The next step will be to strengthen your online presence. This is done through the creation of your own personalized domain, which can be purchased together with Shopify (as “”), as well as the use of high quality images, whose platform offers integration with the BURST page so that find free figures for use without the need to worry about copyrights.

    Shopify also offers the Kit, a virtual assistant that helps you create social media ads, like Instagram and Facebook Ads. It also offers email marketing automation and integration with other solutions designed to make your brand stand out.

    3. Create your store

    Finally, when you already have your ideas about what to sell on the internet, it’s time to create your store with Shopify. The platform offers a large selection of themes and a really practical and intuitive website builder. That is, you will not need to have any advanced knowledge about design or programming to develop your online store using Shopify.

    Essentially, now that you know what Shopify is, these are the top three steps to launch your business and start selling online today.

    Shopify’s main differentiators

    If you are in doubt about developing manually, hiring other services to create your online store or opt for the Shopify platform, it is first important to consider the benefits of using a solution with years of experience in the market.

    Professional infrastructure

    Working with Shopify, you have access to security certificates for your pages and you also don’t have to worry about the stability of your page – which will have a really professional and modern look and design.

    In addition, the company also has high quality support, prepared to answer you and solve problems as quickly as possible.

    Multiple sales channels

    As we briefly present, at Shopify it is possible to work with different sales channels. This means that when creating your virtual store and registering your products, you will also have the opportunity to advertise them through integrations with the largest marketplaces, for example.

    Working with multiple sales channels in addition to significantly increasing your reach also serves as a major boost for new businesses, which can take advantage of renowned spaces to offer their own products.

    Optimized for mobile devices

    With Shopify, you will be sure that your ecommerce is ready to serve the mobile consumer well – which today represents almost 50% of digital business sales in the fashion, multicategories and furniture niches, as pointed out in a survey conducted in 2018 by Marketing.

    Being compatible and offering convenience to customers who access your page through mobile devices is necessary to remain competitive in the ecommerces market. Especially considering that browsing virtual stores and buying on mobile is a trend that should only continue to grow in the coming years.

    Additional solutions

    Shopify offers a wide variety of solutions for its customers, designed to make your job easier and help you track and boost your results, such as:

    • Logo creator, name generator, slogan generator;

    • Paycheck generator, QR code, terms and conditions of use;

    • Invoice generator, purchase order template, shipping label template;

    • Barcode generator;

    • Tools for resizing images;

    • CPM calculator to track your ad campaigns;

    Not to mention the various other solutions that can be integrated into your page, such as CRM systems, email marketing tools and Websites Are Us itself so that it offers immediate service and tracks visitors in real time through the online chat on your page.

    Main differentials of the ecommerce platform

    Shopify plans and pricing

    As you can see, Shopify is an ecommerce platform with proven quality and efficiency. In order to know all its features and to know if the platform really stands out and is worth it compared to other options on the market, we strongly recommend you to check out our complete evaluation of the platform.

    You must be curious about plans and prices before you can decide if it is for you. To start, regardless of the plan you choose, you will not have any limit on how many products you can register and will be able to advertise and sell through marketplaces.

    The company has multiple plans ideal for businesses of different levels, being able to serve from new entrepreneurs entering this market to tenants with big businesses looking for a scalable platform to migrate.

    Now that you know what Shopify is and how it works, we should mention that they offer a free trial period for up to 14 days, where you will not need to inform your credit card. You can start creating your online store without compromises by accessing the link.

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