▷ What is User Intent? Content Optimization for User Intent 2020

    webmaster forumGoogle contains millions of information and one of its main goals is to provide users with the best answers. Tens of thousands of queries are made per second on the world’s most widely used search engine. Users sometimes make inquiries to access information and sometimes to buy a product. This is what your target audience is looking for. user intention or you need to analyze the purpose of the search well.

    What is User Intent?

    User intention what we call User IntentIs the main purpose of users’ inquiries on Google or any search engine. In a different way “Why or why users make their inquiries” We can define it. Analyzing and determining the reason behind the inquiries, the intent of the user, is a matter that not only search engines but website owners should also care about. Because website owners should prepare this content by focusing on this intention while creating the page. In this way, the related pages or contents can get a better ranking.

    One of the most important points for user intention is algorithm updates. These updates give website owners important ideas to analyze user intent. Considering that the basic point is to understand the user inquiries and to develop accordingly, the most basic guideline for the user intention is always algorithm updates.

    Types of User Intent

    User intention can be divided into four different groups. We can list them as follows.

    1. For Information
    2. Buy
    3. Strolling
    4. Commercial

    Search queries made by users to learn about anything for information or informative is called intention. For example, recipe, what or how to make questions are included in this category. Buy its purpose is that users search to purchase a product or service. For example, a user who has decided to purchase products or services will search for black sneakers. In this case, the search made by the user will have the intention to purchase.

    Intention to navigate Searching users decided on the website or destination they will reach. It only searches directly by the site name without adding the website link to the search bar. For example, a user who wants to reach Websites Are Us searches for “Websites Are Us” directly on Google and reaches the target from the results instead of typing the “” link. Commercial intention However, the user wants to buy a product or service, but unlike the purchase, he has not yet fully decided. For example, if a person who buys a mobile phone decides to buy an iPhone and searches for iPhone 8, this purpose of purchase falls under the category of commercial purpose if it searches as the best mobile phone models.

    How to Understand User Intent / Search Purpose?

    To understand user intent, or search intent, the most important thing you should do is bend Google. If you can analyze not only algorithm updates but SERPs correctly, you can easily understand what intentions are in the background of users’ searches.

    When you examine any user query, it can be clearly seen that the user makes an informational query if there are statements such as what, how or when. If there are expressions such as cheap, buy, discount, the user made a query with the intention of buying. If the concepts such as the best or examination are present in the query, commercial intentions were questioned. Finally, if users directly questioned by site name, brand name or service name, we can find that the query is made here for navigation.

    Content Optimization for User Intent

    In order to optimize content for user intent, you must first classify your keywords. After classifying the keywords, you should first check your current content that is suitable for those keywords. Create a list from the best to the worst based on the performance of your existing content. Then optimize your low performance content according to user intent. At this point bounca rate (bounce rate) will be a good guide for you. If the bounce rate is high, it means that users cannot find the information they want on your pages.

    You should make sure that your content is informative for users searching for information. You should provide the users with the information they are looking for for your focus keyword. For users who make inquiries for purchasing purposes, you should include action buttons on your page such as buy. Likewise, whatever the purpose is, in-site linking is also very important. You can help users by linking between relevant pages or categories. In this way, you can also increase the time users spend on the site.

    You can increase the performance of your pages with content optimization in accordance with user intent. You will also be able to increase the user experience of your website, as you will also make an improvement towards the direct user experience. In a short time, you can increase the performance of both your low performance pages and your website in general.


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