▷ What is videoconferencing and how to implement it in your work? – WAU 2020

    What is videoconferencing and how to implement it in your work? – WAU

    Having a videoconference is part of the routine of many companies, however, when they are not organized correctly, they can end up becoming real headaches. Knowing the technical details and external factors that can influence the quality of a meeting is, therefore, essential to communicate effectively.

    The digital transformation has allowed the creation of several tools that facilitate your work routine. One of the main advantages is, without a doubt, the elimination of physical barriers. Now, it is possible to communicate with anyone anywhere in the world and, therefore, it is important to know how to make a quality video conferencing.

    From the appropriate equipment to the environment in which the conversation will take place, all of this directly impacts the final result of your videoconference. Therefore, we have prepared this article in which we cover the most important topics so that you only concern yourself with the content of each meeting.

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    What is a videoconference?

    Videoconferencing is a communication tool that allows meetings and dialogues to be held between people located in different locations. This technology enables the transmission of images and audios through the use of specific platforms.

    What are the benefits of having a video conference?

    Before we get into the points that you should consider in order to have a quality video conference, it is important to stay on top of the benefits that this feature offers for your work. Therefore, we have separated the main advantages that a distance meeting can offer.

    Agility for branches in different places

    The globalized world makes it even easier to set up branches in different countries or even continents. Videoconferencing, therefore, becomes essential to ensure that headquarters in different locations can interact with each other. Conversations and subjects that cannot be resolved through emails, for example, are optimized in this way.

    Dynamism in meetings

    Time is increasingly essential to the success of any company. Videoconferencing offers this dynamism for you to make conversations and meetings easier and more practicals. Instead of commuting, everyone can streamline their part of the meeting from their workstation and get straight to the point.

    Reduced training costs

    When we talk about people management, training is an important part of strategic planning and they are facilitated with a video conference. For onboarding actions, for example, a remote presentation of how the company works, the tools or even the culture can be done at once.

    What points to consider when making quality video conferences?

    Now that you know how a videoconference helps to optimize your work routine and even contribute to the team’s productivity, how about knowing the most important factors to ensure that your remote meeting is as – or more – efficient than any personal conversation.


    The main objective of a videoconference is to facilitate the day-to-day work and optimize everyone’s time, right? Therefore, it is necessary to focus on the quality of contact between the two or more parties. If it is to waste time and generate headaches, what is the point of leaving the face-to-face meeting?

    The first point to be evaluated should be the microphone, to ensure that whoever is on the other side of the screen can understand what is being said. The ideal is to do some tests before a more important meeting. The same goes for camera quality and, of course, the lighting of the space in which you are going to hold the meeting.

    Another fundamental point is the internet connection. It doesn’t matter if it is via cable or wireless, the important thing is that it can support all the features that a videoconference requires, such as the clear transmission of images and sound.

    Software and applications

    In addition to the equipment used, there are some tools that facilitate video conferencing. Skype is perhaps the best known for connecting two people using a camera. Software like this also facilitates other details of the work meeting, such as screen sharing, allowing everyone to view the same presentation simultaneously.

    There are other options that also contribute to a quality video conference – the choice varies according to your needs. Hangouts, for example, is Google’s tool for this purpose and, in addition to the basic functionalities, it has the differentials of metrics on the performance of your meetings.

    For those looking for a simpler and easier to connect version, can also be very efficient. Its differential is that it does not require any registration or download to participate in a videoconference. Supporting up to four users in the free version, just send the invitation to whoever you want to participate in the conversation.

    External factors

    It is not just technology that a videoconference is made. After all, the idea is to connect two or more people and some external factors also contribute to the quality of the meeting – the environment in which you will establish contact is one of them. The ideal is that you have a quiet space, without many distractions and, of course, with a good internet connection.

    In addition, you also need to think about your posture, that is, how you will behave during the conversation. It’s not because you took a day off to work via the home office that your posture doesn’t have to be professional. Therefore, behave according to the climate of the meeting, with whom you will participate and even with the issues to be addressed.

    With the right equipment and the right location, you can easily make your videoconferencing even more efficientand. After all, the main objective of this form of communication is to facilitate the work routine and not generate headaches. So, do everything you can so that the technology goes unnoticed and the focus on the agendas and conversations.

    For those who work in technology companies, videoconferencing can be even more common and, therefore, it is essential to understand which points to keep an eye on. Furthermore, how about understanding the importance of Content Marketing for the technology market and which companies are standing out in this environment?

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