▷ what it is and why it matters to your company – WAU 2020

    what it is and why it matters to your company – WAU

    Service marketing is a set of tactics that help explain the value of the service and convince the customer to choose a specific company. Through this marketing strategy, it is possible to guarantee the maximum satisfaction of consumers and users.

    You have probably heard someone say that marketing is the lifeblood of the business. But that does not mean that every enterprise must be promoted in the same way.

    Each company has different circumstances that need to be taken into account when setting up a successful marketing strategy.

    For example: the service sector moves the economy more and more, and there is no point in following exactly the tactics used when promoting products.

    Instead, it is necessary to adopt specific practices that help to convince customers and meet their expectations.

    No matter what type of service you offer, knowing and following service marketing principles closely is essential to stand out in the market.

    See why it is so important to your company and how to make good use of it!

    In this post, you will discover:

    • what is service marketing;
    • what are the 7 Ps of service marketing;
    • what is the difference between service marketing and product marketing;
    • how to apply service marketing;
    • how to work with careers in service marketing;
    • how to learn how to do service marketing;
    • and how to segment your audience for service marketing.

    What is service marketing?

    Service marketing is basically a set of tactics that help explain the value of the service and convince the customer to choose a specific company.

    It is very easy to differentiate a product from a service. But… what if you were asked to define the 2 concepts?

    Even knowing how to clearly distinguish the 2, it is more complicated to explain what a service is than to define the product, isn’t it? This challenge also applies when it comes to marketing.

    After all, the same service can have different uses, depending on the customer’s objective. In addition, the hiring criteria also change.

    Competition is fierce: other service providers, products that promise to do more for customers and even inertia (when the customer gives up on hiring a service because it will take work).

    Amid so many variables, service marketing is the best solution so that companies of this type do not become hostages to luck when it comes to getting customers.

    What are the 7 Ps of service marketing?

    A superficial explanation is not enough for those who really want to put this strategy into practice and get results from it.

    For this, it is important to understand well the principles on which service marketing is based and what is the role of each one in the mission of convincing people to become customers.

    You may have heard of the 4 Ps of marketing. But when it comes to selling services, that number almost doubles: it’s 7!

    See what the 7 Ps of service marketing are and how to observe each one of them when setting up your planning:

    1. Product

    Okay… We are talking about services, and the 1st item is a product? It sounds strange, but the truth is that every service contains a product, that is, a result that will generate value for the customer.

    It is essential that you keep in mind which product your business sells.

    For example: think of a company that does maintenance of any kind. It sells the prospect that the customer will have “new” equipment at a lower price.

    Knowing the product is crucial to not get too far from what customers want and stay behind in the market.

    2. Price

    Getting the price right is a challenge, and in the case of services even more so, as some subjective factors come into play and, depending on the line of activity, similar tasks can have completely different values.

    Establishing a standard based on the values ​​practiced in the market, the time spent on the activity, the necessary qualification of the service and other relevant elements can be of help.

    This will help you to be fair to customers without losing profitability, which is the ultimate goal of the business.

    3. Square

    The square refers to the place used to carry out the work. Will it be in a place of your own or in the customers’ home? Can it be done remotely or does it need to be done in person?

    In addition, it involves the necessary logistics, for example, to determine deadlines, travel distances and schedule availability.

    All of these aspects will make a difference both in the company’s ability to perform its function with quality and in the choice of customers.

    4. Promotion

    The promotion concerns everything that is done in terms of communication with the public to publicize the services offered.

    This involves everything from the message used in advertisements to the language adopted to communicate with followers on social networks.

    In promoting a service, it is essential to be innovative, dynamic and human in order to win people’s trust and generate a perception of greater value in the service being offered.

    5. Processes

    To be hired again by the customer, it is not enough to finish the service. It is necessary to meet expectations or exceed them, whenever possible.

    Developing efficient work processes is one way to ensure that this always happens.

    When the process is well established internally, it becomes easier to show customers how the service will be performed.

    When faced with multiple options, customers will usually choose the one that looks most secure, and the processes will be a valuable marketing weapon in that regard.

    6 peoples

    Who will you choose to be with you, or even more, to represent you in the provision of services?

    The qualification of the people who work with you is of immense value, because if they are not well trained (and treated), the professionals will fail to satisfy customers and maintain the quality standard.

    A competent team generates more business, wastes less resources and even manages to motivate customers to recommend the service to others – the famous word of mouth.

    7. Palpability

    Palpability refers to the physical evidence of the service that must be disclosed. Because it is something intangible, it is necessary to give small visual clues that help the customer to visualize the value of the offer.

    This includes a number of factors, from how service providers dress to the website, social media and business cards.

    The more “tangible” the service becomes for customers, the greater the chances of hiring it.

    What is the difference between service marketing and product marketing?

    Is there really a difference in how products and services should be disseminated? Certainly!

    There are many distinct characteristics among the 2, which end up greatly transforming the way to attract and retain customers. Unlike products, we can say that services are:


    As already noted, services are intangible, in the sense that unlike a product, which can be touched and handled, a service is much more abstract.

    Think, for example, of a medical or legal consultation. A service was provided, but the value generated there is intangible and cannot be perceived in the same way as when we buy a common good.


    It is impossible to separate the service from the individual who performs it. This does not happen with a product, even if there is a manufacturing defect.

    That is why we make it so clear the importance of taking good care of the people who are at the head of your company in serving customers.

    Having a well qualified team is a card up your sleeve, while a troubled team will make your marketing work even more difficult.


    As good as the professional is, one service will never come out exactly like another. And it is not complicated to understand the reason: the variables change each time.

    The client will be different, the location may change, the climate, the concentration of the professional, the demands of the service and a number of other aspects make the results different.

    This makes service marketing more challenging because it is difficult to predict customer reaction, prevent problems with materials, etc.

    How to apply service marketing?

    Service marketing is highly efficient, provided it is applied correctly. So, the question is: “how to do this?”.

    Of course, there is no foolproof formula, but there are the right and the wrong ways to invest in marketing.

    Thinking about it, we have separated 6 good practices that will greatly increase your chances of doing well. Do the following:

    Focus on people

    We have already talked about the importance of having a well-prepared team, ready to perform the best service possible and satisfy even the most demanding customers.

    But that doesn’t just apply to your employees. We are also talking about customers, and how important it is to think about them at each stage of the process.

    Investing in quality service, which makes it possible to create close relationships with these people, will make all the difference.

    Use content to become authority

    Content production is one of the best options that any company has at its disposal to position itself as an authority and draw people’s attention.

    Setting up a content plan is not easy, but we can’t use that as an excuse when the consumer’s place is on the internet, researching services all the time.

    The ideal is to use this tool to gain the trust and respect of the public, who will then become more likely to hire your company.

    Find a clear differentiator

    The goal of service marketing is to differentiate a brand from its competitors. So, it would make no sense to try a place in the sun by placing yourself exactly like other companies do.

    It is necessary to innovate, go further, find a differential and show everyone that your company deserves attention for that.

    It can be the way to interact with customers, faster service, the reach of operations in the region or any other characteristic that adds value to the business.

    Set goals

    Establishing clear and realistic goals is crucial for your service marketing strategy to work the way you want.

    Once the objective becomes clear to everyone involved, it is much easier for them to collaborate to achieve it.

    Defining goals and, more than that, setting deadlines for achieving them, is the 1st step in bringing the team together and creating the necessary sense of urgency.

    Build an action plan

    After setting goals, it’s time to put together an action plan for them to materialize. What does this encompass?

    Do you remember the 7 Ps we mentioned? You need to know exactly how to approach each one efficiently.

    What about the content, who will be responsible for producing, disseminating, interacting with the public and directing interested parties until hiring?

    All of this should be made very clear when setting up your action plan, which will also serve as a guide for keeping the work under control.

    Follow the results closely

    Finally, you need to focus on one of the main reasons why many marketing campaigns fail: tracking results!

    Be sure to analyze, through metrics and KPIs, how the company is performing in attracting prospective customers through service marketing.

    By monitoring this data closely, you will be able to see problems as they arise and make adjustments to optimize even the tactics that are working well.

    How to work with careers in service marketing?

    Have you been so interested in service marketing that you would like to work with it? Great! But, as you can see, it is an area that requires a lot of preparation.

    So, since the goal is to become a service marketing professional, how about going a little deeper into what is needed for that?

    Here are 4 actions you need to take to earn your space:

    Be ready for the digital world

    Digital Marketing is here to stay, and with so many tactics geared towards the virtual universe, it is imperative that any candidate be prepared for it.

    Terms like SEO, ROI, hashtag and AdWords are part of everyday digital marketing. So it is important that you know not only what they mean, but how to use each of them in the best possible way.

    Apply personal marketing

    Personal marketing is the best friend of anyone who wants a place on any marketing team. Why?

    Those who work in the area usually know how to “sell their own fish well”. So, putting that option aside is taking a big step behind your competitors.

    It is not a matter of speaking well of oneself, but of improving one’s own image through a series of attitudes that are relevant in the eyes of any contractor.

    Learning to deal with people

    It is always good to remember that no matter how much technology is used, marketing is always a discipline that comes down to people.

    Whoever wants to form a career in the field needs, first of all, to know how to deal with other team members.

    After that, the relationship with customers and, finally, with the public that will be impacted by the actions taken, enters.

    Show that you can adapt

    Change is law in digital marketing. So, if you are looking for a job, you need to show that you have the ability to adapt whenever you need to go in another direction.

    Service marketing, specifically, requires a lot of dynamism and concentration to avoid mistakes that can cost the success of a campaign.

    Therefore, in addition to knowledge, it is necessary to quickly put it into practice to make important decisions under pressure.

    How to learn how to do service marketing

    Knowing what the 7 Ps are is essential, but it is not all you need to carry out successful service marketing planning.

    In addition, there are several sources of help available that should be explored to accelerate their growth and learning. These 5 attitudes will be of great help:

    Learn from your competitors

    Your competitors have a lot to teach you about marketing for services. It would be a big mistake to think that seeing what they do is a waste of time.

    What is not smart – and, above all, correct – is to blindly copy what others do, as if they were magic formulas that will work for everyone who uses them.

    On the other hand, watching what they do right and wrong is a great source of knowledge and inspiration.

    Discover other types of marketing

    There are an impressive amount of existing types of marketing, and each of them, for sure, can help you better understand how to promote your services.

    Whether talking to customers, motivating employees or using technological innovations, there is a lot you can learn from other types of marketing.

    Just to name a few:

    Follow marketing and sales blogs

    Marketing and sales blogs, both in London and other countries, also contain a multitude of relevant materials that can help you execute virtually any strategy that is important to your business.

    On the Websites Are Us blog itself, some incredible sources of information and gurus have been recommended that are worth following to better understand certain interesting concepts and be inspired to test new ideas.

    Invest in courses and certifications

    Since change is so common and marketing remains constantly evolving, there is nothing more fair than keeping up to date with what the market asks for.

    One of the best ways to do this is to invest in marketing courses and certifications. There are great options to update yourself on what is most relevant in current marketing and to make beautiful campaigns.

    Don’t just stay in theory

    Have you done everything we talked about in the tips above? Great! Now you have to leave the theory a little aside and focus on the practice.

    No matter how much knowledge is acquired or how well it is planned, certain things can only be learned in practice.

    Besides, if you don’t put everything you’ve learned into action that would make all the effort worthwhile, wouldn’t you?

    How to segment the audience for service marketing?

    Nowadays, well-done marketing needs to be personalized, and this goes directly through the segmentation power of campaigns.

    In other words, you need to offer the right content to the right people at the right time. Seems complicated?

    Follow the 3 tips below, and segmenting your audience won’t be a problem:

    Invest in SEO

    By choosing keywords that are appropriate for the type of audience your business wants to attract, you’ll lay a solid foundation for getting qualified traffic.

    Nowadays, with the advance of search engines, it is possible to segment the reach of your content a lot without losing the effectiveness of the message.

    On the contrary, this segmentation is usually helpful, as it makes it easier to be found by the right people, who have a real intention to hire your services.


    Use the sales funnel

    The sales funnel is a very interesting resource to help those who produce content to follow the journey of customers, from the initial interest to the closing of the deal.

    It is also important so that the material produced is always directed according to the interests of the persona and their moment in the purchase journey.

    Those who are about to become customers receive a totally different type of content than those who arrived now looking to find out more about the problem you solve through the services you provide.

    Bet on marketing automation

    Marketing automation allows you to keep the level of segmentation high while saving time and saving valuable resources for the company.

    Without such a tool, it would be impossible to continue to keep the interest of the leads alive without abandoning the main one, which is the quality of the work done.

    Efficient marketing automation means:

    • track results and make changes to campaigns in real time;
    • create and manage landing pages that convert;
    • having a more effective email marketing strategy;
    • among other benefits.

    Service marketing is the best way to differentiate your company in such a competitive environment.

    Instead of doing like everyone else, getting into the price and deadline war, building a relationship with your customers and segmenting your strategies is the best choice.

    But your job is far from over when the service is hired, right? To make your job easier, download the spreadsheets with monthly marketing and sales metrics that will help you have control of the process.

    CTA spreadsheet monthly marketing and sales metrics

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