▷ what it is, how to use it, advantages and disadvantages – WAU 2020

    what it is, how to use it, advantages and disadvantages – WAU

    Digital Ocean is a cloud hosting, which makes it superior to traditional options. Considered the third largest in the industry worldwide, one of its main attractions is scalability, which allows you to have more resources while your digital presence strengthens.

    Are you developing a Digital Marketing strategy? One of the fundamental elements in this work is the creation of a blog.

    This step requires some care, and among them is the choice of hosting, since a low quality service can harm the user experience.

    We can see the seriousness of this issue when we take into account that 53% of users abandon a page when it takes more than three seconds to load.

    That is, it is better to choose quality hostingin order to ensure that visitors find what they need on the blog and, in particular, become a lead and, ultimately, a customer.

    To help you make a good choice, in this article we’ll introduce Digital Ocean. We will cover the following topics:

    What is Digital Ocean?

    Digital Ocean is a company, based in New York City, that offers cloud hosting, being considered the 3rd largest in the segment worldwide.

    One of its main characteristics is the scalability, which means that it allows you to have more resources as your digital strategy develops.

    Scalability is due to the fact that Digital Ocean’s services are cloud-based, which makes it superior to traditional options. Do you know the difference between cloud hosting and traditional hosting?

    In traditional hosting, your website is hosted on a server that has a structure very similar to that of your home computer.

    It has HD, processor, RAM, among other features, but, of course, the capacity of such a machine is much greater compared to the one you use on a daily basis.

    Traditional hosting can be dedicated, which means having exclusive hardware resources.

    On the shared side, on the other hand, this physical structure is used by several sites, which can result in your blog being slow if there is a spike in traffic at the neighbor.

    In the case of cloud hosting, your site is not hosted on a server, but on a server cluster, that is, a set of machines that work in parallel, combining their powers to offer a more advanced service with regard to storage and processing.

    When we talk about cloud hosting, we are referring to a network of servers working together. This means having the resources of several machines and enjoying benefits such as better uptime and scalability, as we will explain in a moment.

    So, you can already imagine the quality of the service offered by Digital Ocean, right? But let’s talk a little bit about the company’s history.

    How did Digital Ocean come about?

    In 2003, Ben and Moisey Uretsky created ServerStack, which offered managed hosting services. But the brothers’ vision led them to realize that there was a need in the market that no one was meeting.

    It turns out that the servers of the time offered very robust services that met the needs of large companies, while software developers didn’t have something that came back to them.

    So, in 2011, Ben and Moisy founded Digital Ocean. In 2012, Mitch Wainer joined them, and then the company launched its product, still in beta. After a few months, Jeff Carr and Alec Hartman joined the team.

    That year, Digital Ocean was accepted by Techstars, a startup accelerator, and in August the company already had 400 customers. From there, the growth was great.

    Who is cloud hosting recommended for?

    Are you curious if this service is for you? Let’s give some tips that will serve as a guide.

    Imagine a company that you cannot be without your intranet in any way and whose platform is something critical to the functioning of the business.

    In this case, cloud hosting is a great option, since one of the benefits it offers is related to uptime, which has to do with availability.

    Low quality accommodation stops working now and then, which means low uptime, well away from 100%. But if the service is cloud-based, you can count on an availability that will guarantee the smooth running of your company.

    The same principle applies to e-commerce. After all, imagine how it would be disastrous to have a virtual store that would stop working at the moment when customers were closing the purchase or even choosing a product.

    The issue of uptime is also important when it comes to large blogs that contain an immense amount of content and receive intense traffic from visitors. If this is what you plan for yours, it is better to opt for quality hosting from the start, so you don’t have to switch providers when your site starts to get big.

    How to use Digital Ocean?

    To get started, go to the Digital Ocean website.

    how to enter the digital ocean

    Enter your full name, an email and the password you will use there. Please note that you can also sign in with your Google account.

    digital ocean login

    The next step is to access your email and click on the verification link. By doing this, you will be able to proceed with the registration, which will ask for your credit card details.

    The interesting thing is that new users get a $ 100 credit, worth 60 days.

    So, depending on the plan you choose, the first charge will occur only after those two months. Not bad, is it?

    Now that your registration is done, it’s time to name the project.

    project appointment at hosting

    In addition to entering a name, you must also select from the drop-down menu the type of application that will be developed. A little below you will need to inform how many people will work on the project.

    Now you have just arrived at the control panel, where you can create your first Droplet, which is what Digital Ocean calls the virtual machines created there.

    hosting features

    What are the main features of Digital Ocean?

    Dedicated virtual CPU

    According to the company, it is possible to opt for a dedicated virtual processor, suitable for more advanced applications.

    plan options

    Linux-based operating systems

    The following table shows which Linux distributions you can install on your virtual machine.

    In addition to these operating systems being free, they offer an environment for software development.

    It is important to note that Windows is not on the list, right?

    Great value for money

    In this graphic of the page that presents the Droplets, it is possible to compare the cost-benefit of the performance of the processor with other hosts.

    digital ocean benefits


    Digital Ocean offers tools such as firewall, backup, metrics analysis and team management. Some of them are highlighted on the page that presents the Droplets.

    hosting tools


    Here is one of the main benefits offered by Digital Ocean: scalability. You don’t need to hire a very robust service from the beginning.

    Just opt ​​for simpler features when the project is in the beginning and, over time, as it develops, request more storage, CPU and RAM, as appropriate.

    digital ocean scalability

    Notice how Digital Ocean explains the scalability it offers: “We grow as fast as you do”. So, if the application is growing, just increase the storage by paying 10 cents per extra gigabyte.

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of Digital Ocean?

    It is important to keep in mind that administering a cloud hosted platform requires more advanced knowledge compared to what you need to know to use a traditional host.

    After all, there you have complete control over the software, so that lay people would have difficulty using cloud hosting.

    Either way, Digital Ocean hosting can be used for a variety of projects, from a blog to complex applications, both in test and production environments.

    We already mentioned several features of Digital Ocean, but something that deserves mention is the value of the services. There are several price lists on the company’s website, but here you can get an idea.

    digital ocean plans

    Did you see that the plans start with 5 dollars? With $ 15 you already double the processing and RAM. Not to mention that storage is done in SSD, which contributes a lot to the speed of a website.

    As you can see, Digital Ocean is a great hosting option.

    After all, when this service is cloud-based, the result is an impressive level of quality. Therefore, when comparing the available options, take into account the information that we have brought in this article.

    To ensure that you can make a good choice, how about continuing to inquire about accommodation? Take the opportunity to get to know Hostinger!

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