▷ what you need to know about the open source client management tool – WAU 2020

    what you need to know about the open source client management tool – WAU

    Customer relationship management tools are essential for the company’s growth. Learn more about SugarCRM, open source CRM software.

    Everyone who works with marketing management has a routine focused on delivering results and hitting goals. And companies are able to achieve this level by having good management of their customers. Tools like SugarCRM can do that job.

    And, to let you know how SugarCRM can help, we have produced this post which, in addition to explaining how a customer relationship management (CRM) software works, also points out the advantages and disadvantages of hiring this platform.

    Follow up to the end to learn more about SugarCRM. Come on?

    Why use a customer management tool?

    The main objective of a CRM system is to support a business in involving its customers. After all, without a clear understanding of the history and current status of each relationship, the team’s ability to exceed customer expectations will be severely restricted.

    CRM creates a single truth about each relationship that is accessible from a consistent interface, being able to replace spreadsheets, paper files or information about customers being stored in the personal memories of members of the marketing and sales teams.

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    In some cases, CRM is connected to external data sources, including accounting and financial systems to obtain a complete picture of the relationship with the customer in all departments of the company.

    As a result, companies with a CRM have the power to offer a responsive service and delight customers, which ultimately contributes to greater customer retention.

    With the implementation of CRM, a new service channel is created, providing extra scale and offering greater choice so that customers can find solutions and do business with companies.

    Increasing sales is another example of how CRM helps companies connect with customers. That includes:

    • identify the most valuable customers and provide appropriate service levels;
    • use the relationship to discover new sales opportunities;
    • manage opportunities to help sales professionals connect with the right prospects at the right time;
    • marketing campaigns that nourish customers until they are at the right time to purchase;
    • achieve greater lead generation using targeted lists and personalized messages.

    Big data in CRM is not a solution, but the basis for learning new insights that can be used by all users and business leaders.

    With all the relationship and process data available through a single interface, this means that timely and informed decisions can be made, allowing organizations to operate more quickly.

    CRM helps companies take advantage of these insights and differentiate their offerings with data-driven results, instead of relying too heavily on intuition-related decisions.

    For a sales team, this can generate reliable reports that are used as the basis for sales and production forecasts to manage cash flow in a predictable manner.

    In a marketing scenario, teams can determine the responsiveness of their target audience to convert potential customers or adjust tactics to engage contacts who are not yet engaged.

    By connecting CRM to Power BI, for example, you can view data, track trends, drill down to better understand performance and gain more actionable insights.

    Thus, companies can monitor key performance indicators in real time and use that insight to take corrective action when needed.

    Modern CRM cloud technology includes built-in artificial intelligence, providing more information and driving proactive action.

    This can include analyzing the intent of social media posts, highlighting customer issues in tracked emails, sensor alerts from equipment installed on the customer, or revealing trends in a healthy relationship with the customer based on the frequency of contact.

    How does SugarCRM work?

    SugarCRM is one of the most popular open source CRM software on the market. Founded in 2004, more than 7,000 customers and more than half a million users rely on CRM to execute marketing actions, increase sales and retain customers.

    These actions can be used in a variety of ways, either to equip sales teams, or to run customer support organizations, or to manage customer information databases.

    Customer Service Manual

    One of SugarCRM’s unique functions in the CRM space is that, because it is open source, the source code is available to any user, developer or customer of the product.

    Regardless of whether someone opts for the AGPLv3 license or the commercially licensed version, the application comes with all the source code, allowing developers to easily customize and develop the product. This puts data control in your hands, allowing you the freedom to deploy SugarCRM wherever you want.

    This capability has given SugarCRM partners and developers around the world the ability to customize the out-of-the-box application to suit many different companies, vertical markets and locations.

    But before we delve into how you could take the SugarCRM platform and build on it, let’s take a look at the various benefits of SugarCRM and understand how some of the components that come with the software allow you to easily create applications.

    What are the main advantages of SugarCRM?

    Without clear and well-defined business workflows, companies are bound to become inefficient.

    That is why CRM is used to improve the efficiency of workflows and business processes. This system allows companies to have a panoramic view of their team to easily monitor their activities, tasks, strategies and performances.

    It also allows companies to put all the necessary data in one place, which can be accessed by everyone, whether by the marketing, sales or support team. This improved visibility of customer information leads to better decisions that, in turn, result in growth and productivity.

    Success in business

    With SugarCRM, you can create a two-way loop between sales and marketing. This not only speeds up the flow of information between different teams, but also leads to efficient customer base management.

    Track lead conversions by month

    Track productivity with customer service tickets and closing rates.

    That’s how SugarCRM ends up using multiple apps to track sales forecasts and marketing campaigns. In short, it can help you do business the way it should be done: smarter and faster.


    Integrate SugarCRM with a wide variety of third-party applications. This software also offers a multitude of add-ons, making it the perfect CRM solution for small and large companies.

    Since the platform is built on open source applications, it is easier to customize SugarCRM compared to many similar products on the market.

    The company manager can follow the sales process, the marketing process and customer support through a portal. These features allow project managers to monitor tasks and identify opportunities. SugarCRM users no longer have to worry about inaccurate information, missing data or inaccurate information.


    SugarCRM can be accessed via mobile devices. This means that your sales team will never miss a possible sale. The prospect’s information can be easily entered on the mobile device, and a salesperson can call in minutes.

    Social networks

    It’s easy to see activity on various social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, through the Activity Streams dashboard. SugarCRM also allows you to sync contacts, tasks and calendars from Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Outlook and any other IMAP mail servers.


    SugarCRM subscription fees are affordable for small and medium sized businesses. You do not have to worry about paying astronomical fees for all users of the company. Rates are affordable and you get the most value for your money.

    What are the disadvantages of SugarCRM?

    Let’s face it: learning to program using the SugarCRM framework can be seen as a game of trial and error.

    There are several books, as well as the SugarCRM Developer Blog, by Jon Mertic, but there is no comprehensive guide on how to get started or showing best practices.

    As for the framework, the framework is vast and makes SugarCRM’s flexibility and extensibility perform the same operation. And, without a best practice guide, you are free to make your own choices about how to implement your particular solution.

    In this post we have gathered the main information about SugarCRM. It is up to you to evaluate, now, if this is the best option of customer relationship management system for your business.

    Now that you already know what SugarCRM can do for the company’s marketing and sales sectors, also check out the material with the main metrics we produced about it!

    Sales and Marketing Metrics

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