▷ which social network should you invest in? – WAU 2020

    which social network should you invest in? – WAU

    To your right, weighing just 57.7MB, is one of the most consolidated apps today. Created in 2010, purchased by Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook’s bigboss), accepted on Android, iOS and Windows Phone, with registered growth of 23% in users in the last three years and, currently, in version 9.3… INSTAGRAM! On the other side, weighing 129MB and […]

    To your right, weighing just 57.7MB, is one of the most consolidated apps today. Created in 2010, purchased by Mark Zuckerberg (The bigboss Facebook), accepted on Android, iOS and Windows Phone, with a growth of 23% in users in the last three years and currently in version 9.3… INSTAGRAM!

    On the other hand, weighing 129MB and in its version, is it, created by Stanford students, the darling of the new generations, the promise of the social media marketing revolution, the app that is already worth almost 22 billion dollars… SNAPCHAT!

    Recently the two apps entered a bloody battle for the supremacy of using their battery, especially after the inclusion of the new Stories mode on Instagram.

    Do you want to know who wins this duel? So keep reading and find out which champion app!

    Round 1: Data and statistics

    The best way to start this fight is by analyzing the data and statistics for each app.

    You may even find it unfair to put the Instagram, already so well installed in the market, with the almost newborn Snapchat; but the truth is that both applications were launched in 2010 and 2011, respectively.

    The difference is that, here in London (and in much of the world), Snapchat it only started to gain strength in early 2013, when Instagram had already won its share in the market.

    Anyway, let’s go to the data for our first Round!

    With a direct hit, it is more than obvious that this first round is all Instagram.

    For now it leaves without major scratches, but it is interesting to note that, in the daily time spent in the application, the difference between the two is still considerably small.

    This data can give us some insights into the way people use both applications.

    With the launch of Instagram Stories, it is very likely that this number has been balanced, especially if we remember that, in March of this year, Snapchat had an average stay of 25 to 30 minutes daily.

    instagram snapchat

    Round 2: Cell phone consumption

    In this round we have three aspects to consider: Battery consumption, memory consumption and space occupied on the cell phone

    Battery consumption

    Unfortunately the Snapchat there’s no way to compete in the first stage. Among the most popular apps for smartphones, it is considered one of the ones with the highest battery consumption rate, second only to the recently viralized Pokémon Go (which even encouraged the purchase of Power Banks for the most frequent trainers).

    Memory consumption

    To measure the amount of memory needed for each application, we take into account its opening time and how much it forced the phone to stay active.

    Using an example Motorola G2, you can see that Snapchat almost asks for 18 seconds to start the screen and load the front camera (in addition to locking the filters), going against 2 seconds Instagram.

    Of course, the numbers will vary depending on your smartphone model, amount of space available on the phone, memory usage etc., but you can do a quick test at home with the help of a stopwatch and noting the charging time of each app.

    Space consumption

    To find out how much each of these applications also uses cell phone storage, just access your device’s options and check the numbers.

    instagram snapchat

    Source: Buzzfeed

    Values ​​may vary depending on your use of both apps, but chances are good Snapchat to be among the first on your list.

    That’s because the app tends to download all your friends’ snaps beforehand and store them on your device, to make it easier to watch.

    But, as you can imagine, in the long run it can devour the smartphone’s free space.

    Of course the Instagram he is also no good guy in this story: The videos and photos taken by the app remain on his Cameral Roll, which consumes his space over time.

    The advantage is that here you only have to access the image area of ​​your cell phone and delete them. That simple.

    But even in this fight, we have good news: both applications have built-in options to reduce all this data, memory and space consumption on your phone.

    They don’t work as definitive solutions, but they can certainly help:

    Through Instagram, you can access the data usage options and select to reduce the application’s data consumption.

    Not only that, there is also the option of do not save the photos taken on your phone. Your free 100mb thanks!

    By Snapchat, you can access your options and select airplane mode for the app.

    This way, it will no longer automatically download other people’s snaps and you gain more autonomy to choose what you download or not for your phone.

    Well, who wins this round?

    Taking into account that Snapchat is a much heavier app and that demands a lot more from your device, we can’t help but crown it Instagram the winner of the round! One more point for the app!

    instagram snapchat

    Round 3: Usability

    We reached the third round counting two victories for the Instagram and, it seems, still far from the turn of that duel.

    Usability is a fundamental concept when we think about applications, and indicates the ease with which people can adapt to the functions and characteristics of a given tool.

    This is due to both the design and the structure of the application, and varies enormously between Snapchat and Instagram.

    A good way to explain the difference in positioning of the two applications in terms of usability is to use the terms “passive” and “active”.

    As soon as you click on the Instagram, the first screen presented to us is the feed screen, with the stories tab at the top and the last photos of your contacts in the list.

    It does not invite you to take any immediate action, and puts the user in a state of contemplation. So the app suggests a passive posture.

    Snapchat, on the other hand, throws us directly into the connected camera, inviting us to perform an action (post a snap).

    Because of this, we consider that it indicates a active posture.

    What happens is that we are used to apps mixed posture, with more passive than active suggestions (such as Facebook and Twitter that bring our timeline right at the beginning, with a reduced interaction area), which counts points for Instagram when it comes to understanding its operating logic.

    Not only that, we know that, despite Snapchat constantly adding new features, they are not as intuitive, depending on our exploration to be able to discover them (You can check here 18 secret features of this app!).

    So, without further ado, we conclude that this round brings another victory for Instagram. Does not agree?

    Try suggesting Snapchat to anyone who doesn’t know its logic yet. The chances of her giving up early on are very high.

    instagram snapchat

    Round 4: Announcements

    It’s not even a week since Snapchat announced the Snap Audience Match and, while we still don’t have data on this new option, we can already say that this could be the trail that was missing for the app to turn this fight.

    Analyzing the winner when it comes to advertising is somewhat more complex than it seems.

    In addition to the recently launched Snap Audience Match, Snapchat Lifestyle Categories and Lookalikes, Snapchat also has some very interesting alternatives like Geofilters local, Sponsored filters and the results of “Live snaps”For global events or tags.

    These alternatives are completely different from the Instagram ad mode, which uses integration with Facebook as one of your best weapons.

    Not only that, the app also allows use of hashtags and creating sponsored posts in the application itself, which appear on the timeline of users in your area of ​​interest.

    The great advantage of Instagram, in addition to the existence of Instagram for Business and the possibility of evaluating real metrics, is the fact that it is open to the entire app community, allowing anyone to find your account without having to have it as contact, and this ensures a much wider reach area than Snapchat.

    Before defining a winner, however, we need to consider the proposal for each app.

    Snapchat was created to be a private social network, therefore, a mass reach (still) makes less sense than in Instagram’s operating logic.

    Each network is positive (and works) in building its ads, so the most logical thing here is to consider a tie.

    instagram snapchat

    Round 5: Filters

    At this point in the fight, you should be sure that the answer to the fifth round is predictable, right?

    But, talking about filters, we have some good considerations to make.

    Instagram was the first to popularize the concept of filters ready for photos and videos, and today it already has a library with more than 40 options for users, in addition to color editing, contrast, image definition, etc.

    In the case of Snapchat the options are much smaller, but with a differential that can turn this fight: the app has unique filter alternatives, including sponsored ones, which are the reason for many users to continue sharing their photos and videos.

    instagram snapchatinstagram snapchat

    Sponsored filters are becoming increasingly popular, and have been used for the promotion of films, such as the Suicide Squad, brands, such as Gatorade, and even events, with the help of Geofilters.

    This last option is one of the app’s most interesting alternatives, and guarantees the use of exclusive filters according to your location (it is very likely that your neighborhood, for example, already has its own geofilter!).

    So, if we look only at the number of options, it is clear that Instagram is ahead, but taking into account the interaction and the variety, it is undeniable the advantage of Snapchat in this regard, especially if you are thinking from the point of view of opportunities that these filters can generate.

    So… Point to Snapchat! Round 5 is all yours.

    instagram snapchat

    Source: Giphy

    instagram snapchat

    Final Showdown – Instagram vs Snapchat: Who wins when it comes to setting up your marketing strategy?

    Now that we know that Instagram wins in 3 of the 5 questions analyzed, it is obvious that it is the best alternative for your marketing strategy, isn’t it?


    Although we understand that Instagram is still superior to Snapchat in several of these aspects, the decision for the ideal application for your business needs a much deeper analysis, taking into account, mainly, the data of your own enterprise.

    Before everything, understand the purpose of each application.

    Even though Instagram has added the expiry time photo alternative, just like Snapchat, you need to consider where your audience is and, of course, what kind of campaign you plan to run.

    Do a search with your persona, find out more about your habits and then invest in communication channels appropriate for the audience of your business.

    Remember that it is possible to develop great campaigns in both applications, but that, for that, it is necessary to master the specifics of each one.

    Still unsure which app to choose? So experiment with both.

    Take the opportunity to perform A / B tests and measure the results. Create Snapchat expiration coupons, sponsored Instagram posts, live events in both apps and see what works best.

    Until then, the combat continues with no real winner, forcing both applications to bring increasingly sophisticated updates (thank goodness!).

    Remember to consider integrating these two apps with other social networks and to study a lot about it. Also take the time to take a look at our Social Media Marketing Kit.

    This can be the first step towards the success of your digital marketing strategy!

    social media marketing kit

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