▷ Why you need to stop selling in your content marketing – WAU 2020

    Why you need to stop selling in your content marketing – WAU

    This article is an adaptation of the Newscred article. You can check the original in English here. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Maybe you haven’t know, but content marketing is not an exclusive marketing strategy in the digital world, as many people believe. Back in 1900, for example, Michelin, the famous tire manufacturer, developed a […]

    This article is an adaptation of the Newscred article. You can check the original in English here.


    You may not know it yet, but content marketing is not an exclusive marketing strategy in the digital world, as many people believe.

    Back in 1900, for example, Michelin, the famous tire manufacturer, developed a Guide that gave tips on numerous restaurants, accommodations and vehicle maintenance.

    michelin guide

    And as expected, this publication created an engagementso considerable among its readers that, consequently, they ended up buying tires from the company, since they already had a certain relationship and trust in the brand.

    The big difference is that today we use digital channels as the main drivers and disseminators of content and information.

    The internet allowed and favored the creation of a link between the company and the customer, strengthening relationships and enabling companies to delight customers and potential customers through new and various strategies.

    With this, the number of sales always tends to increase, allowing many companies to stand out in an increasingly competitive market.

    However, many marketers and strategists insist on promoting products and services through incessant advertisements in the content they produce.

    And it must end once and for all!

    Why should I stop selling products and services through content?

    1. The content serves solely and exclusively to help a possible buyer. And in doing so, you are helping and contributing to the growth of your company.
    2. Small, medium and large companies need to think and act as true references in their areas of expertise. Hence the importance of creating informative content that people really want to receive. That done, then your company should insert advertisements and advertisements (at the right time).
    3. Only advertisements and advertisements do not work. Customers tend to abandon or block companies that fill their email boxes and social networks with only advertisements and no relevant content.
    4. The content that is produced and that focuses on customers and potential customers will certainly be more shared and will have greater reach, conversion and ROI.

    Do you know what content marketing is and how it works?

    The most interesting and complete definition of what content marketing is and what it represents today is that it works as an overlap between what brands want to say and what buyers are really interested in receiving, through informative and relevant content of these companies.

    At the same time that countless companies think they are practicing content marketing on the network, with countless uninteresting texts and articles and without any informative content, several others are true masters in the art of educating customers and potential customers, producing top-of-the-line content that earn countless likes, comments and are shared at all times.

    Today, many brands still believe that only a ton of advertisements and promotional materials effectively reach customers in order to get them to buy from their companies.

    But today’s consumer already no think more like that.

    When someone thinks they are ready to buy, a huge research process begins in order to obtain the necessary information regarding where to buy and who to buy from.

    And it is from this consumer research that any company that really wants to stand out needs to work hard to develop a good content marketing strategy in order to capture and delight these potential customers.

    The best content is seen, read and shared

    And for this to really happen it is essential that it is useful, educational and that it has the power to entertain your target audience.

    The biggest mistake of marketing managers is sharing content that shows too much how good the company is, how helpful it is, how much it is this or that. Stop now!

    I think it is necessary to mention here one of the first leaders in content marketing, Ann Handley, who stated that the best way to practice this strategy is to take your brand (or product) out of its history, making your customers and potential customers the true heroes in the history of your brand.

    The true content success strategy seeks to help and guide consumers on a path where they can ultimately trust and buy from your company.

    In doing so, you not only gain the trust of each of them, but also the respect and attention, whenever you want.

    Finally, forget the idea of ​​adding a promotional field or ads directly to the content your company produces, as readers certainly don’t like it and won’t think twice before leaving your website / blog and looking at what the competition has to offer.

    You still don’t believe? So take the test and see!

    By comparing these two very different strategies, you and other co-workers will be able to show how profitable and profitable it can be for the company to invest in quality content and not just in rampant ads and campaigns.

    A business that seeks to push advertising and ads to its potential customers can only get a minimum number of truly qualified leads.

    These advertisements can even reach many people, but the conversion is minimal.

    But what should be done?

    The natural instinct of a good content marketing manager is to obtain new leads through leadership content, which can show how good the company can be when it comes to delivering what the potential customer really wants, in addition to reports, research and white papers that are focused on the target audience.

    If you wanted to take the test, there is no doubt that promotions and ads generate very little results in terms of the number of qualified leads.

    The production of relevant and customer-focused content will certainly generate a larger volume of readers and qualified leads for your company.

    You know what?

    Marketing often surprises us and can reveal interesting data. You may find, for example, that content targeted to the target audience does not always generate more leads in that particular group.

    But what can you learn from this?

    Always try to understand what are the subjects that really interest your potential buyers.

    Then, publish the ideal content with the purpose of helping each one of them, answering their main doubts, challenges and concerns.

    Certainly these contents will be simple and will serve to guide your potential buyers, so that they make the decision to buy from your company.

    Finally, if your company wants to produce content that really works and that increasingly increases the number of leads and sales, start producing useful, non-promotional content right now.

    Now, if you want content to be ignored easily, keep advertising and selling products in the middle of it.

    The main promise of content marketing is to attract the public

    It is no coincidence that big brands like Kraft, GE and Red Bull have tired of repeating that content marketing generates an incredibly higher ROI compared to traditional marketing promotional efforts.

    From the moment you win your audience through good and effective content, you also gain their trust.

    With that, the next time they want to buy something, they will come to your website / blog to get relevant information about the products or services they want to purchase, instead of going straight to the competition.

    So, how should my company promote products and services?

    The best way to promote products is on the company’s website.

    Therefore, you – and any other marketing manager – should stop rampant advertising not only on blog posts, but on any other type of channel.

    Instead, start creating content that attracts consumers to your business.

    Check below how your company should work when promoting products:

    Company website

    When your content redirects readers to the company’s website, traffic will certainly increase.

    Some of these readers are sure to read important articles about the products your company sells and will be interested in buying.

    Average offer stage

    Promoting a field of offers on the right side of your content or at the bottom of the article, for example. This is known as “border promotion” and is the main way for some advertisers to make money.


    Since the goal of content marketing is to attract audiences in the long run, the most important decision that a marketing manager must make concerns the number of readers who actually subscribe to their content.

    The big advantage here is that your company must now build a large database in order to nurture these potential customers at each stage of the buyer’s journey.

    Think of it this way: when creating content with the intention of helping your buyers and not promoting your business, the lead generation process is much longer when it comes to attracting prospects in the early stages of the buying journey.

    Then just measure the effectiveness of the strategy, based on the number of people who actually chose to subscribe to the content that your company produces and that probably nobody would have noticed.

    It is enough for you and your team to rank the terms searched by these prospects. In this way, new leads and new paying consumers will appear for your business.

    So stop once and for all promoting your products and services in your company’s content marketing.

    This just doesn’t work and only your website should serve those purposes.

    Useful content that helps your potential customers will generate a business perspective never seen before by you or your team.

    How does your company advertise its products and services on the internet? Want to share more information with us on the subject? So don’t forget to leave your comment in the field below!

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