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    why you should start using this tool today – WAU

    Twitter, created in 2006, soon became one of the most important and accessed social networks in the world. This caused companies across the globe to start investing heavily in advertising tools and audience reach. The practice can be performed using Twitter Ads, a feature that allows […]

    Twitter, created in 2006, soon became one of the most important and accessed social networks in the world. This caused companies across the globe to start investing heavily in advertising tools and audience reach.

    The practice can be carried out from Twitter Ads, a resource that allows you to win over the most diverse users on the network and turn them into promising targets for the brand.

    If you still don’t know enough about it (or even know it, but you still don’t use it), know that you’re wasting time. The reason? You’ll find out in today’s post!

    What is Twitter Ads?

    Basically, Twitter Ads is a tool that allows brands to advertise, work and reach audiences from paid content.

    Like Facebook, Instagram and the main social networks of the moment – which started to invest in advertising and in the presence of companies on the platforms – Twitter was not left behind.

    However, unlike the social networks mentioned earlier, Twitter Ads is not among the most popular ad features. This is mainly due to the lower number of users than Instagram and Facebook, as well as platform limitations (the number of characters, for example).

    Social Media Marketing Kit

    Don’t be discouraged! As much as it is not necessarily the first choice of brands, we guarantee that it is a extremely promising and profitable possibility.

    We will explain the main advantages in the course of this post, but we already said that Twitter Ads is a cheap, personalized tool with a heavy focus on results: do you want something better?

    The main objective of the resource, according to Twitter itself, is “bring interesting and useful ads to the user”. It is important to keep in mind that the Ads audience in question doesn’t aim to “pollute” the timeline with content that doesn’t make any sense to a person, as can often happen on other social networks.

    This is done based on a detailed audience analysis, which crosses rich data – such as keywords, interactions with other profiles and content searches / views. Thus, the chances of conversion are much higher.

    In addition, location (when authorized by the user) is also used to create more efficient ads. No brand wants to have its ad served to locations where it does not operate, for example.

    Among the main forms of advertising are the following:

    • a specific profile, which appears in the “who to follow” tab. In this way, the brand user will be placed on a list that also contains organic suggestions from Twitter itself based on the tastes of the account;
    • a tweet, which can be in the form of text, video / image or both. It will be located on the timeline, amid the tweets of the profiles that the user already follows;
    • a “Subject of the Moment” (also known as “Trending Topics”). The tab is located on the profile home page of any user of the social network and gathers the most relevant keywords at a specific time of the day.

    Why should you start using the tool now?

    Now that you understand the main purpose of Twitter Ads and how it works in general, it’s time to visualize in practice the main advantages of using the tool.

    Brazilians represent the second market on the social network

    No national entrepreneur wants to invest in platforms that do not have a strong presence of Brazilians – unless one of their goals is to expand operations to other locations.

    Therefore, the number of users in London registered in any social network to be invested must be an analysis parameter. Imagine, then, if in addition to the presence of Brazilians, the group is a strong market on the platform?

    A survey published by Folha de São Paulo stated, in 2017, that London has the 3rd largest growth in Twitter in number of users.

    The larger the local audience on the network, the greater the chances of reaching a large number of users.

    Twitter’s main age group is the most economically active

    It is useless to advertise for those who do not (or cannot) buy. Twitter data in relation to the age group indicates that 62% of users who access the network daily are inserted in the age group of the economically active population.

    In 100 million daily users, 37% are between 18 and 29 years old and 25% are between 30 and 49 years old.

    The insight we can draw from this data is simple: advertising to a group of people who can, and are most interested in, actually making purchases from the Internet is much better than investing in advertising for a less targeted audience.

    On Twitter Ads, you pay after the result

    It is common for brands, especially at the beginning of their performance on ad platforms, to not generate as much results as expected.

    Whether due to lack of experience or little knowledge of the social network / platform in question, it is not legal to invest a value that will not bring any (or very little) return to the brand.

    When you make a publication on your page and boost it, payment is only made after the Marketing objective is completed.

    For example: the post was driven with the goal of gaining conversions for the brand page. Knowing this, payment will only be made when users actually start to take action!

    Very cool, is not it? Here’s another example: in the case of campaigns where the goal is to download an app, you pay for the number of downloads made.

    The most interesting thing about all this is that Twitter “guarantees itself”, that is, it bears the possible risks in the name of promoting ads that are really appropriate and impactful.

    The target tools are very efficient

    I know and you know that ads on the Internet today can be tiring. It’s too bad to walk around Facebook, for example, and be impacted absolutely out of the blue by an ad that doesn’t make any sense to you and your profile.

    What social networks have been doing is investing in increasingly efficient mechanisms in terms of efficiency. And that, Twitter takes lyrics.

    As the social network works much more with content in the form of text, the analysis of keywords is made from an incredible intelligence.

    Thus, it is possible to think of targets that post a group X of specific words or that interact with users who do. On Facebook, for example, it is not possible to do this. Mark Zuckerberg’s social network only allows the ad to impact people with certain “topics of interest”.

    Knowing this, it is possible to reach users who show interest specifically and in your own words about the universe of the brand that promotes investment.

    The action is much better than reaching people who “like the brand X on Facebook”, after all the group is infinitely wider and less targeted than that group that is in fact a brand promoter.

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    Meet the new Twitter feature that lets you save tweets
    Learn a hack to use Twitter’s character limit increase in ads!

    In addition, Twitter Ads aggregates numerous other ad possibilities that are meticulously agreed upon. This is the example of the engagement tool, which allows the ad to be made to users who have interacted in some way with the brand’s post: even views count!

    Finally, another very cool tool (made more or less similarly by Facebook) is that of people who follow specific profiles.

    If a new energy brand wants to enter the market and will use Twitter Ads for this, it is possible to reach users who follow all other energy profiles on the network.

    Is Twitter’s limited reach a problem?

    As we said at the beginning of this post, the reach below that of other important social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram, can be a strong discouragement for brands when advertising on Twitter.

    What if I tell you that, in fact, the smallest reach can be an asset for those who do invest?

    I’ll tell you the reason in a very simple way: the fact that Twitter is a smaller social network in number of users, and consequently in investment in media, opens up a very cool field for brands. Since there are not so many, as on Facebook, it is much easier to stand out and win over those present on the network.

    Besides that, Twitter is the one who decides how much the brand will pay for the cost of sponsorship. The decision works more or less like an auction: based on the average amount that brands are willing to pay, the social network makes a calculation of how much it will actually be.

    Since we are talking about a network with less people investing in paid content or investing cheaper, it is possible to generate clicks for pennies!

    It is so much advantage gathered in a single post, that it is difficult to choose the best one. Above all, the lesson remains: investing in not so popular tools can be a way to reach large numbers of people.

    What’s up? Are you interested in Twitter Ads and already want to start using it? Be sure to study Marketing on Twitter to run passionate ads that are worth a lot of conversion!

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