▷13 great podcast recommendations for entrepreneurs

    Whether on the way to work, during a trip or on a walk in the park, listening to the episode of a podcast is an activity that has become increasingly popular in the daily lives of Brazilians.

    Many like to hear some content related to entertainment, sports or humor during these moments, but a person who knows how to optimize their time takes advantage of these opportunities to learn something new.

    Podcasts for entrepreneurs are allies of these people who seek to transform even everyday tasks into something productive.

    To help you find content that has value and generates creative entrepreneurship ideas, we’ve prepared a list of 13 of the best podcasts on topics related to sales, business and digital marketing.

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    1. TED Talks Business

    The conferences held at TED Talks are known worldwide for bringing speakers who create value for their listeners.

    From the proposal to facilitate access to motivating and clarifying speeches related to the world of entrepreneurship, the original recordings with the theme were transported to an audio format and gave rise to TED Talks Negócios.

    There are more than 150 episodes with a duration that can vary from 5 to 10 minutes, about leadership, business, creativity and several other topics that a podcast for entrepreneurs must address.

    podcast logo for entrepreneurs TED Talks Negócios

    2. Balconies of Entrepreneur

    Erico Rocha, a specialist in digital marketing, offers several valuable tips and advice for entrepreneurs on sales processes and how to keep control in difficult situations.

    Most of its episodes have a duration of 1 to 3 minutes. Because it basically works with content drop, the podcast is quick and easy to listen to or share. What makes it a great option for those who are starting to become familiar with this media format.

    3. Black Belt Podcast

    The Black Belt is another podcast for entrepreneurs of Erico Rocha, but it has a different proposal.

    Its content consists of interviews about product launches and campaigns carried out by high-level entrepreneurs, which gave rise to the name Black Belt.

    They share their experiences telling what went right and, mainly, what went wrong, offering precious insights for those looking to make their own launch.

    Unlike Sacadas de Empreendedor, the Black Belt Podcast has episodes that can last 40 minutes or even pass the 1 hour mark.

    4. GVCast

    The Geração de Valor podcast is the way that Flávio Augusto, founder of WiseUp, found to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation in the country.

    The presenter seeks to share experiences, difficulties and learnings from his career with great entrepreneurs, such as Gustavo Caetano, founder of Samba Tech, and Caito Maia, founder of Chilli Beans.

    Podcast episodes usually last between 30 minutes to 1 hour and offer many insights for those looking to develop their entrepreneurial mindset.

    business podcast logo Value Generation

    5. Resumocast

    Are you interested in business books? The Resumocast presents several tips for works related to entrepreneurship.

    The podcast for entrepreneurs has episodes of up to 30 minutes and is presented by the duo João Cristofolini and Gustavo Carriconde. Both bring excellent reading suggestions for those who want to create their company and manage their business.

    6. Entrepreneurial Nerdcast

    Nerdcast Empreendedor could not be left out of our list with the best podcasts for entrepreneurs.

    The project is the result of a partnership between the founder of WiseUp, Flávio Augusto, and the duo Jovem Nerd and Azaghal, owners of one of the biggest pop culture portals in London.

    Marketing concepts and themes related to an entrepreneur’s journey are covered in conversations and interviews in episodes that have an average duration of 45 minutes.

    7. Coffee with ADM

    Café com ADM is one of the largest podcasts with content focused on business management.

    The project is led by Leandro Vieira, CEO of, always accompanied by a guest specialist, seeking to bring information that can have a positive impact on the business of entrepreneurs at various levels.

    The episodes usually last 40 minutes and cover marketing, e-commerce, leadership tips and several relevant topics for those looking to improve their management skills.

    podcast logo for entrepreneurs Café com ADM

    8. Podcasts B9 – Braincast and Open Source

    B9 was one of the precursors of the podcast format in London. The website that covers subjects related to creativity, innovation and entertainment created Braincast in 2006 and continues to produce content for the project addressing relevant topics such as the communication, marketing, business, technology and culture markets.

    In addition to Braincast, today the site has a large collection of podcasts that deal with various subjects, but one of them is created specifically for entrepreneurs interested in the future of the media and communication technologies: Open Source. In it, frank conversations are held with the most influential professionals in the market.

    Podcasts for B9 entrepreneurs usually last from 1 hour to 1 and a half hours with episodes full of content and current market information.

    9. From Zero to Top

    Do Zero ao Topo is an InfoMoney podcast that tells the story of the entrepreneurs behind the largest companies in London.

    With interviews conducted by reporter Letícia Toledo, the episodes feature real conversations with her guests, telling the beginning of their careers, what were the biggest challenges they faced and how they acted at decisive moments for their companies.

    Most episodes are about 50 minutes long, but some of the interviews can pass the 1 hour mark.

    10. Like a Boss

    Like a Boss is a podcast for entrepreneurs that adopts a format similar to that of series, launching seasons with six episodes each.

    Its content consists of conversations with leaders and founders of innovative companies or startups. The chat conducted by entrepreneurs Paulo Silveira and Rodrigo Dantas contributes to the creation of an innovative mindset by bringing the point of view of professionals with different trajectories in the business world.

    The duration of an episode of Like a Boss can vary from 30 to 50 minutes.

    podcast logo for entrepreneurs Like a Boss

    11. Guncast

    Guncast is a podcast for entrepreneurs that encourages creativity to face the challenges of your company.

    Stand up comedian, presenter and speaker Murilo Gun leads the podcast in a relaxed way with the aim of encouraging innovation in the business environment.

    Interviews and creative tips make up episodes that do not have a certain formula for duration, with some editions of 10 minutes and others that can last 1 hour.

    12. The Shift

    Do you like to follow the innovation and changes generated by new technologies? Check out the relaxed conversations led by journalists Cristina de Luca and Silvia Bassi at The Shift.

    The podcast discusses in a very dynamic way the transformation of habits and the impact on business models that disruption caused by digital technologies causes in our environment.

    Usually one topic is discussed at a time in the episodes, which last an average of 40 minutes.

    13. Summarized

    Keeping up to date on what happens in the digital environment is a task that most entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs must do to find creative opportunities and solutions for their businesses.

    Listening to the Brief can be a great way to update yourself weekly. The podcast aims to summarize the main articles and news related to the digital culture of the week in about 20 minutes.

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    Have you found a podcast for entrepreneurs that will make your day more productive?

    We hope that our article has helped you find podcasts that will bring valuable content to your daily life.

    In addition, we have one more tip for entrepreneurs who are also looking to make their website more productive. Check out our tool, Websites Are Us, and understand why investing in online chat can bring a number of benefits to your digital business.

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