▷13 Tips on How to Sell on Instagram Every Day

    Instagram is one of the largest social networks in the world, with more than 1 billion users around the world today and more than 500 million daily accesses.

    And as you probably already know, it is possible to create commercial profiles on the social network and even turn it into a showcase for your products or services and sell on Instagram.

    Taking this into account, more and more entrepreneurs, shopkeepers and Ecommerce owners are looking for learn how to sell on Instagram and how to boost your offerings on the platform to generate business.

    However, it is not enough to simply publish an image with your product and believe that it is enough to sell. Exactly for this reason, in this content we teach you 15 tips to sell more on Instagram and start generating results on the social network.

    1. Create a business profile

    The first step to start selling on Instagram is to create a commercial profile on the social network. That way, you’ll have access to exclusive business features that use Instagram to engage customers and attract new consumers.

    exist two ways to do this: you can migrate your personal profile to a business profile or create an entirely new account exclusive to your company.

    On the official Instagram blog you will find a step by step teaching you how to get a business profile, we recommend that you follow it and then return to this article to continue reading!

    2. Create your store on Instagram Shopping

    To learn how to sell on Instagram, consider integrating it into your product catalog registered on your company’s Facebook page. In this way, it will be possible to share products and take advantage of sales resources directly within the social network.

    The requirements for creating an Instagram Shopping are as follows, as presented on the company’s official website:

    • Your company must be located in an accepted market (London is part of the accepted markets, so you can use the resource);

    • Your company must sell material goods;

    • Your company must comply with all Instagram commercial policies;

    • Your Instagram account must be commercial (as explained in the first tip);

    • Your account must be connected to a Facebook page.

    From there, just register on the app, set up your Instagram Shopping and that’s it, you can start creating publications on feed or Stories that contain products.

    You will be able to tag products and connect them to the products in your catalog. Thus, it will be possible to share prices with your followers and use your own publications or Stories to sell on Instagram.

    Instagram Shopping

    3. Personalize your profile completely

    Personalizing your profile according to your brand is a golden tip on how to sell on Instagram, both to improve the visibility of your business profile and to be able to convey professionalism.

    Consider placing your logo photo in high quality as a profile image and start standardizing the colors of your publications and images according to the colors of your brand.

    Branding it is extremely important and helps your followers and consumers to identify you immediately whenever they find a publication made in your business profile on the social network.

    Again, it values ​​good design and the visual quality of all its aspects on the social network.

    4. Prize for the quality of images and videos

    Instagram is a social network mainly based on sharing publications with images, photos or videos – especially short videos.

    Even though there are other types of content available on social networks, it is this type of material that you will find when accessing a commercial profile, whether in the publications of feed or on Instagram Stories.

    Precisely for this reason, ensuring that this content is of professional quality, such as professional photographs of your products, well-crafted images and videos with excellent audio and visual quality is very important.

    Even if you are not a graphic designer, it is possible to use free tools to create professional images to publish on social networks, such as Canva, for example.

    Believe me, the quality of the images and videos of your commercial profile on the social network makes all the difference and directly impacts the first impression that your followers and customers will have when viewing them.

    5. Make live streams

    As mentioned above, in addition to the publication of images and short videos on the social network, it is also possible to make live streams and interact with your followers and customers in real time.

    Make a live allows you to not only engage those who already accompany you, but also take the opportunity to share content that is relevant to your audience, whether with the aim of educating the market, presenting a new product, answering questions or highlighting new features of your business.

    It is common for new entrepreneurs to be afraid to do this. After all, it is necessary to create a good format for your live, be present in front of the camera, know all your products and services in full and be charismatic enough to hold the attention of those who already follow you.

    However, if you really want to master the social network, this is an important step in learning how to sell on Instagram every day.

    6. Create a publication schedule

    Publishing in an organized way and following a pre-structured schedule makes all the difference, as it allows your audience to feel predictable and consistent in their campaigns on the social network.

    Therefore, our tip is to create a monthly or at least weekly plan and prepare all your publications on the social network.

    Follow your schedule and run tests to find the ideal range of posts on your profile. Perhaps publishing every day is not what generates the most engagement for you, or maybe it is.

    Everything will depend on your own audience, niche market and your digital marketing strategy within the social network.

    7. Respond to your followers on Direct

    Customer service cannot be left out of the social network and, as you probably already know, Instagram has its own online chat tool: Direct.

    Always pay attention to the messages sent by your followers and try to offer the best possible response time so that you can maintain a high quality standard and be able to offer good service.

    There is no way to sell on Instagram if you don’t answer questions from your potential customers, delay returns or stop interacting with your audience.

    Alternatively, we recommend directing the service to the online chat in your virtual store, if you already have one installed. For this, consider installing Websites Are Us for free and, in this way, you can facilitate the monitoring of all attendance sessions.

    Instagram Direct

    8. Explore popular hashtags in your niche

    Hashtags serve as a way to demarcate the content of your publications and ensure that they reach the entire audience that already follows them.

    The best way to find out which are the most used hashtags in your niche market is exactly by researching what your competitors are already doing on social networks.

    Nothing prevents you from working on the same hashtags – as long as they are free and not created by your competitors’ own brands, of course.

    Also, don’t be afraid to try to create your own hashtags if you see opportunities to do so. Even if your hashtag is not as popular as #shareacoke, it can still work well among your group of followers and customers, increasing your reach on the social network.

    9. Make paid ads on Instagram Ads

    The social network also offers its own ad tool. In a similar way to Google, Facebook and other social networks, you will be able to boost publications to reach the group of followers according to how you segment it.

    The most important thing is to target your ads correctly and, for that, you will need to study exactly who your audience is and define Persona for your campaigns.

    Some ads may have a higher engagement rate for the male audience, others for the female audience, just as some ads may be targeted to certain age groups.

    Instagram Ads itself can help you target ads so that you have a good chance of a return – which consequently significantly impacts your chances of selling through Instagram.

    10. Include links in your bio

    The biography of your profile on Instagram is one of the main fronts on the social network so that you can share links publicly.

    Considering this, be sure to create direct links (and track them through platforms like or similar services) and share them directly through your profile bio.

    Here are some ideas for links to your bio that can help you sell more on Instagram:

    • Direct links to your online store;

    • Links to a specific campaign landing page;

    • Link to your other channels, like YouTube, etc.

    11. Use automation tools

    Today, it is possible to find several automation tools for Instagram, such as Gerenciagram, Bume, among others.

    They can help you automate various aspects of your interaction with followers on the social network, such as automatically following your competitors’ followers, scheduling publications, and more.

    However, we do not recommend automating your interaction with followers, especially through messages on Direct. Personalize the service and do not abuse recorded and automatic responses, as the truth is that, according to multiple behavioral surveys, your customers prefer human service.

    12. Consider doing sweepstakes on Instagram

    Doing a sweepstakes is another great way to engage visitors and attract new followers to your account organically, so we couldn’t leave this tip out of our guide on how to sell on Instagram.

    Today, it is possible to find several draw tools for Instagram with a quick Google search.

    This type of action allows you to not only offer something in return to your audience, but also to reach new potential consumers interested in participating in the draw.

    This means that you can make your own followers spread the giveaway by sharing it in your contact circles – representing a great strategy for gaining visibility on the social network.

    13. Evaluate your statistics and be ready to adapt your Instagram sales strategies

    Finally, it is important to emphasize the importance of closely monitoring all the results of your campaigns on the social network.

    Don’t just get stuck with numbers like the number of impressions, but also focus on the level of engagement that each publication has achieved so you can identify what really works for your brand and your audience within Instagram.

    After all, engagement, shares, comments and clicks on the shared links in your posts can indicate new leads for your business.

    Start building a relationship with your customers by sharing relevant content for them.

    Instagram statistics

    Did you learn how to sell on Instagram?

    We hope you will be able to take advantage of all our tips to set up your profile, personalize it and start sharing publications that are relevant to your audience.

    If you are using Instagram as one of the sales channels for your online store, be sure to prepare your website to receive traffic coming from the social network. To do this, consider installing Websites Are Us on your page and being able to approach visitors through proactive invitations directly via online chat.

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