▷15 project ideas to do business online in 2020 2020

    Do you want to do business online and are you looking for project ideas? First, know that you are not the only one. Like you, more and more people are attracted to digital entrepreneurship. But, good news, there is room for everyone. The digital economy continues its inexorable growth and there is no shortage of opportunities. There are lots of ways to do business in digital.

    To help you in your research and feed your thinking, we have selected 15 project ideas for entrepreneurship on the internet in 2020. There are surely tracks that you already know, but we are betting that you will discover some that you do not had never thought. Good discoveries! Do not hesitate to share your project with us in the comments.

    Launch your blog and monetize it

    Creating a personal space is a great way to approach your future prospects by building trust. Plus, it’s never been easier to start a blog. Many turnkey blogging platforms exist, each with their characteristics, according to your preferences and objectives. To monetize your blog, offer products or services for sale (decorative items for example), or promote the goods or services of another via an affiliate program.

    Marketing affiliation

    It is simply a matter of earning money by promoting products on the internet (ebooks, websites, services) for a business site. Example: you run a blog dedicated to DIY enthusiasts and decide to integrate advertising for a site that has similar activities, such as Leroy-Merlin. To get started, some SEO and writing skills are required: your blog or site must generate traffic. Thanks to its millions of products, Amazon’s affiliate program may seem like a benchmark, but the firm recently announced its decision to lower the commission paid to its affiliates … Try to have more than one string to your bow d affiliate by contracting several affiliate programs on different platforms.

    undertake online affiliation
    An example of an affiliation platform: Effiliation

    Create an e-commerce site

    100 billion euros (12% increase) in 2019: e-commerce is doing well in London, with sales processes that are dematerializing, especially for the benefit of mobile. For a web entrepreneur, the adventure of e-commerce is attractive. Online store of clothes, accessories, high-tech … the choices are multiple! However, you will have to choose an attractive design for your site, determine your prices, develop a strategy to highlight your products, attract visits and convert them into purchases … in short, refine your project …

    Become a writer

    The Internet is full of interesting information nestled here and there, in the hubbub that is sometimes the web. As a copywriter, you’re there to sort and highlight the essentials, through content curation. Here’s a full guide to content curation.

    Do you like to write and share your ideas online? In addition, many platforms, such as Medium, welcome editors, allow them to gain readership and monetize their texts with a paywall. The plus: a low production cost and varied creation possibilities.

    Publish an ebook

    Do you have a literary streak? Self-publishing is at your fingertips and is a compelling alternative to the system of classic publishers. Amazon Kindle is arguably the most reputable platform for publishing your ebook, but other smaller houses have hatched in the past decade, helping you cover, layout, distribute online and bookstore and promoting your first book. Among them: Iggybook, Bookelis, Libres decribing or BookonDemand.

    undertake online ebooks

    Attempt dropshipping

    This is perhaps the easiest way to get started in e-commerce: no storage and delivery costs. With dropshipping, you design your product from your computer and delegate the rest to a partner company like Shopify. The dropshipping platforms generally include in place calculation and analysis tools to help you better manage the management of your stocks and supplies.

    Start your own video channel

    To get started, a smartphone and a few clicks are enough. All subjects have their audience, from cooking to judo, choose yours and get started! Find all the steps to make yourself an accomplished videographer and make an income. On the platform side, Youtube is the benchmark in this field: a springboard for a whole generation of web actors and entrepreneurs, such as Cyprien and Norman, Youtube is the second most visited site in the world. It would almost make you forget that other video creation sites with different characteristics constitute a launching pad for your activities.

    undertake online youtube

    Get started on Patreon

    Do you feel like an artist? Patreon is a turnkey promotion solution for artists and creators. The site allows you to host your page and have funding through donation campaigns. In return, you offer exclusive content to your fans and gain notoriety. Patreon also offers tools to analyze your audience. A real plus for your blog, e-commerce site or video channel.


    Website creation – Personalized price estimation

    Websites Are Us has developed a recommendation engine which allows you to obtain a free detailed price estimate as well as a selection of software and providers adapted to your website creation needs.


    Learn to code

    Mastering the computer language is a real asset: developers are in great demand on the 2.0 job market. The opportunities explode and are varied, from the creation of applications to the development of video games through the maintenance of websites. In particular, video games are driven by containment measures with record-breaking online game purchases and a growing mobile games sector (smartphones).

    Get started in graphic design

    Freelance graphic designers, architects of beautiful web pages, are very popular with digital companies. Many software and sites, such as Canvas, which we have published a test, allow you to familiarize yourself with the practice for free or at low cost, and can be a first step in your activity as a graphic designer. In addition, training allows you to acquire a complete profile, especially in professional license.

    Become an online coach

    Many web entrepreneurs are looking for motivation and inspiring ideas. This is where you come in, on Skype, Zoom or other messaging app. You give advice in an area you like, like sports, IT, or music. Consolidating your expertise is not the only key: create a website and strengthen your presence on social networks. On Facebook, for example, you will gain relevance by targeting a high engagement rate rather than by multiplying posts about your brand. The notoriety that you gain from it is crucial to attracting potential customers to you.

    undertake online coach online

    Master SEO

    You should be as knowledgeable as possible about the mysteries of search engines, especially Google. Especially since their SEO rules change regularly and there are gray areas around the algorithms used. However, a good SEO requires a glossary that is both rich and related to your activity. The big SEO trends that emerge point to the strong arrival of voice search soon and allow to shape strategies. Also keep in mind the importance of hyperlinks or backlinks in SEO.

    Start a podcast

    The podcast is booming and young studios are born to offer native podcasts (without prior radio broadcast), like the London studio Louie Media. The advantage for you of producing a podcast is twofold: it is an intimate format with a low creation cost. Several platforms allow you to publish your own audio content: Apple, Deezer, Spotify, Soundcloud … The wide variety of audiences, however, makes sponsorship a challenge. Companies like Ausha or Acast provide hosting, monetization and promotion solutions with audience analytics at reasonable prices.

    Resell websites

    Take the real estate sector: you buy a small place, invest, earn profits on the rental, reinvest, and so on. It’s the same idea for domain names, and it can be very lucrative. Several criteria make a domain name financially attractive: its age, the value of the keywords that compose it, etc. Know not to put all your eggs in one bag and invest in several domain names to sell them at the right time. Platforms like Empire Flippers allow you to buy and sell domain names.

    Selling digital products

    Digital products have the advantage of being dematerialized: whether they are digital books, videos, software, they incur little management costs. Several turnkey platforms exist, each with their strengths and weaknesses.

    undertake online digital product

    Sponsoring on Instagram

    Do you like sharing your passion for photography and your Instagram account is gaining weight? Add sponsored content in line with your influencer DNA to convert your audience into revenue. Sponsorship is also required on Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, as well as on all of the social networks with heavy traffic.

    Are you looking for a great technical or web marketing provider?




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