▷3 alternatives to shared web hosting: VPS or Dedicated or Cloud? 2020

    Do you need a more qualitative hosting solution than shared hosting? This article will interest you.

    There are several types of web hosting solutions for those who need more space, more control and better performance than shared hosting:

    The objective of this article is to present to you in detail these 3 main alternatives to shared web hosting: their definition, their advantages & limits, examples of offers offered by web hosts.

    Many people start with a shared (or shared) hosting plan for their website. However, these shared accommodations have limited resources and slower performance than their high-end counterparts. Shared hosting doesn’t give the site owner much control. For example, you will be able to modify some things, the base, but you will not have full root access.

    You will also, in most cases, have a limited choice regarding the server operating system. Those looking for better performance, more resources and more control over their hosting environment should use cloud, VPS or dedicated hosting.

    In this article, we will look at:

    • The alternatives to shared hosting available to you: dedicated hosting, VPS, Cloud.
    • The advantages and disadvantages of each alternative to shared web hosting.
    • Web hosting solutions for each of the three alternatives.

    Alternatives # 1 – Dedicated hosting


    If you need the fastest hosting, the largest storage space (including SSD options) or RAM, the most secure hosting and / or full control of your web hosting environment , you can choose a dedicated server (or dedicated hosting). With dedicated hosting, you get a full physical server used to host a single website: yours. All resources placed on the server by the host can only be used by your website, which helps to provide your visitors with an extremely fast website.

    You will get full control over the installed software (such as the operating system) and you will have few limitations on what you can run on your server. For example, some shared plans cannot be used to host applications written in a particular language. However, you can configure a dedicated server to support the language you need. Dedicated web hosting is incredibly secure.

    For starters, you will not be sharing anything with other clients that could cause problems with the server itself. In addition, your server has its credentials (including IP addresses), so it is less likely to be attacked. Finally, you will control your server and can therefore ensure that it has all the security tools necessary to prevent data breaches, for example.

    Advantages disadvantages

    • The benefits of dedicated web hosting are top notch performance and total control.
    • The disadvantages are the high prices (the dedicated hosting offers are among the most expensive on the market), as well as the need for technical know-how. Some hosting companies offer dedicated hosting services, but it would always be wise to have the technical knowledge necessary to make informed decisions regarding the installation, configuration and maintenance of your server.

    Examples of dedicated hosting solutions


    online homepage

    Online is one of the major players in dedicated hosting in London. At the price of 11.99 euros per month, here is what you can access. Processor: Intel® C2350 – 1 CPU – 2C / 2T – 1.7 GHz, RAM: 4 GB DDR3 ECC, Hard drive: 1x 120 GB SSD. If you want to go upmarket, at 39.99 euros per month, here is what you will be entitled to. Processor: Intel® Xeon® D-1531 – 1 CPU – 6C / 12T – 2.2 GHz, RAM: 32 GB DDR4 ECC, Hard drive: 2x 500 GB SSD, option: Business service with 99.95% SLA for 35 € / month.



    hostinger homepage

    A service that aims to make life easier for web developers. Hostinger is a provider of fast, stable and very low cost web hosting services. The company boasts of having local services in 39 countries and more than 29 million customers, with an average of 20,000 customers registered every day. Hostinger focuses on shared hosting and scalable virtual private servers. The service’s data center uses high-end storage technology made up of powerful solid state drives.


    Alternatives # 2 – Cloud hosting


    Cloud hosting is similar to traditional web hosting. Traditional hosting (including VPS hosting) relies on a single server to power a site. Cloud hosting uses the resources of a group of servers (called the cloud) to host the website. Cloud servers cost more than many other types of hosting, but this is because you get hosting from multiple servers.

    Advantages disadvantages

    • Easy scalability : Since you are drawing resources from multiple servers, you can quickly adapt your hosting environment as needed. This means that you only pay for what you need, while being able to purchase additional resources during peak traffic times.
    • Less downtime : If a server becomes unavailable, other servers are ready to take over.
    • Best pricing : With cloud hosting, you benefit from many advantages of a dedicated server (performance, security, redundancy, for example), but without the exorbitant prices.
    • Cloud hosting costs more than shared hosting, as well as some VPS hosting options.
    • You may be limited in terms of customizing your hosting environment. To be sure, you will have a greater number of options compared to a shared environment. However, in a cloud environment, the host will likely impose more parameters on you than if you had a VPS or dedicated environment, where the decisions you make are less likely to affect the websites around you. .
    • Cloud hosting does not work as well as a dedicated server, especially the high-end dedicated options (but, remember, cloud hosting also costs less).

    Examples of cloud hosting solutions


    OVH promises that their websites will remain available 99.9% of the time. This warranty stems from OVH’s confidence in its network structure, which is based on multiple data centers and on high quality network equipment, servers and software.



    At LWS, you will have 2 options available for your cloud hosting. At the price of 9.99 euros per month: Processor: 1 vCore (s) – 3.4 GHz – RAM: 2 GB -Hard disk: 160GB or 80 GB SSD. Second option at a price of 69.99 euros per month: Processor: 5 vCore (s) – 3.7 GHz – RAM: 14 GB – Hard drive: 500 GB or 100 GB SSD.


    Website creation – Personalized price estimation

    Websites Are Us has developed a recommendation engine which allows you to obtain a free detailed price estimate as well as a selection of software and providers adapted to your website creation needs.

    Alternatives # 3 – VPS web hosting


    Virtual Private Hosting (VPS) is similar to shared hosting in that the web host places multiple sites on a single server. However, rather than pooling resources on this server and allowing websites to pull from the pool on demand, hosts use virtualization software to create what you can think of as buckets for each site. These compartments protect your website’s resources from being used by others.

    VPS hosts typically use multiple speed acceleration technologies, such as SSDs (SSDs), Nginx or LightSpeed ​​web servers, efficient caching techniques, HTTP / 2, and CDN (broadcast networks) content). In addition, having your own server means that you have additional control over the software running in your environment, such as the operating system.

    You will also get full root access, which will allow you to make significant changes to your environment that would not have been allowed with a shared option. If you are leaving a shared hosting plan, but don’t like the amount of work required to set up and maintain a VPS hosting environment, consider a managed option. With a managed VPS, the web host assists you in some (or all) system administration tasks. The services included in a managed plan vary depending on the host. Some companies help you with the bare minimum, while others manage everything on your behalf.

    Advantages disadvantages

    • The benefits of VPS hosting include increased control over your web hosting environment, better performance and improved security.
    • The disadvantages of VPS hosting involve extra work on your part to manage a VPS server (compared to a shared plan) if you subscribe to an unmanaged plan. However, managed VPS options can be much more expensive than shared and unmanaged VPS plans

    Examples of VPS hosting solutions


    2 possible solutions with OVH: the offer at 4.99 euros per month where you will have the right to: (Processor: 1 vCore (s) – 2.4 GHz, RAM: 2 GB, Hard drive: 10 GB SSD) and offer at 8.99 euros per month (Processor: 1 vCore (s) – 3.1 GHz, RAM: 2 GB, hard drive: 25 GB, SLA: 99.99%)



    Hostinger offers several types of hosting, including VPS hosting. You will then have access to a dedicated IP address, unlimited bandwidth, a 40 GB hard drive, 3 GB of RAM memory and 2 CPU cores.



    When you’ve gone beyond your shared hosting plan, it’s time to switch to a premium option. In this article, we’ve covered the ins and outs of VPS, cloud, and dedicated hosting to help you choose your next type of hosting. Have you already subscribed to one of the three? Feel free to tell us more in the comments.

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