▷5 follow-up emails that are opened 67% of the time

    Email marketing is one of the main allies for those who want to sell on the internet. Despite being the oldest form of communication on the internet, its effectiveness is unquestionable. Part of the success in email sales comes from the fact that communication is direct, that is, without major interruptions. This no longer happens on social media, in which several brands and users are vying for seconds of attention and can be diverted from a sale at any time.

    But it is not enough to just send the email and wait for everyone to buy. It is necessary for people to open these same emails! We know that email opening rates are no longer as they used to be (good times right?) But it is also true that you can still make a lot of sales through email. The big difference is that now you need without much more discretion in the emails you send and, above all, have good titles that arouse curiosity.

    So, check below the types of emails that generate the highest open rate! But for that, you will need a professional email marketing tool. Check out our evaluation of SendinBlue and find out if it is really worth investing.

    Tip: The rate of opening emails is higher the closer to your list. If you keep buying emails from a database of people who don’t know you, you can even write the best headline in the world and your open rates will be low. Always capture emails correctly, using landing pages or receiving contacts through your chat. And by the way, here’s a tip from an interesting article where I talk about The best online chats for Landing Pages.

    Email 1. Discount when answering a question

    An opportunity to convert a lead into a customer after he contacts your site is to offer a discount related to the product that he has questioned. For example, if you own a shoe store and a visitor leaves a question about the latest sports shoes, you don’t need to “just” offer an answer to it. Along with the indications, you can include a small discount to encourage you to buy in your ecommerce.


    Email 2. New product launches

    Although it seems obvious, notifying your contact list – especially those who came through the online chat on landing pages – about new releases from your store is essential. Because it is an unprecedented product, publicizing the launch will pique your contacts’ curiosity, increasing the chances that they will open your message. If you work with services, you can also announce new types of services or equipment improvements. By changing the example to a beauty salon, you can announce the arrival of a new machine or method that promises better color.


    Email 3. Offer discounts for subscription renewal

    A specific tip for those who work with subscription services – like Websites Are Us itself -, a type of email that has a large open rate is those that remind a user that their subscription to a service that is about to end. However, you can go beyond the commonplace in this type of message, offering a discount on renewal. This way, you not only ensure that the customer will open the email, but you also increase your chances that he will renew your subscription and remain your customer.

    Email 4. Why does “X” love us?

    A type of content that always makes a user curious, especially if company “X” is its competitor. In this case, you can use irony in the content, saying that your competitor “loves” you for providing a better service, or because your product has more features, among other types of advantages you have in relation to it.

    Even so, it is not necessary to speak only of the competitor. If you have partnerships with other companies, you can ask them to write or record a testimonial, talking about how their solutions have helped them in their own business. Bearing in mind that video testimonials generally have a much greater impact than written testimonials, for example.

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    Email 5. Check out our latest video on [assunto abordado na landing page]

    Finally, the last type of email for follow up is specially made for users who have registered with one of their landing pages. Taking into account that your content or products are divided into several categories – and with different landing pages -, you can send specific content to a lead through email marketing.

    That is, you can segment the contacts according to the landing pages they have subscribed to. After performing this segmentation, you can send different follow-up emails, with specific content on the subject by which the contact was segmented. If your clothing store has a landing page for the thematic t-shirts area, for example, you can send a specific email with content on thematic t-shirts to all the contacts who registered their emails through the landing page of the shirts.

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    Landing pages are of essential importance to succeed in email marketing

    Finalizing our list of emails for follow up, it is worth remembering that the strategies mentioned so far will not do much good if you use cold lists or with contacts that did not come from the landing page. We say this because, when registering in your email list through the capture pages, this contact offers a greater probability of opening, replying and even buying through the email messages that you send them.

    It is also worth noting that landing pages are also super important for the segmentation of your contacts, mainly due to the possibility of creating different landing pages according to the categories of your virtual store, as we showed in the last item of this article. Another important fact to remember is that it is perfectly possible to combine your landing pages with online chat, further increasing the chances of conversion and getting new leads for your email marketing campaigns. Websites Are Us’s online chat allows you to provide this type of online service. So be sure to check out the 14 days of FREE testing of all our features when you register via the link!

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