▷5 Tips to improve the customer experience in M-commerce

    M-commerce has been standing out in e-commerce for contributing a relevant portion in the number of online sales … And one of the points that can further motivate the growth of this segment is the agile and facilitated experience that this medium provides.

    Only in 2019, over 68.5 MILLION orders placed via smartphones, according to Ebit data | Nielsen, at the 41st edition of Webshoppers.

    In Ecommerce na Prática, we use some strategies that are fundamental in optimizing the customer experience in M-Commerce and we decided to share with you the main ones.

    Continue reading and write down all the tips we have listed for you!

    But first, let’s understand a little more about what M-commerce is and how important it is for Ecommerce in general.

    What is M-commerce?

    Any purchase made through any mobile device is categorized as M-commerce. And, in recent years, this action has gained a lot of strength in electronic commerce.

    The continuous use of smartphones made them become part of everyone’s routine, whether at work, leisure, interaction with people close to them …

    It’s hours spent browsing your cell phone, and during that time, you’re impacted by thousands of ads and content from online stores.

    And, when you least expect it, you are already inside the virtual store putting a product in the cart and finalizing the purchase …

    According to the 41st edition of Webshoppers, report by Ebit | Nielsen, M-commerce earned more than R $ 25.9 BILLION in 2019, 55% more than in 2018.

    Check out the graph:

    Statistics of M-commerce

    Another very interesting survey by Outerboxdesing shows that 80% of people, when going to a physical store, use smartphones to check prices the store itself on the website or make a comparison with competitors.

    In other words, M-commerce also influences the purchase decision both in the physical and in the virtual world.

    For this reason, improving the customer experience when browsing your website using your mobile phone can reflect good sales conversion results.

    In order for you to optimize your services in M-commerce, we have listed some incredible tips. Check it out:

    Tips for improving the customer experience

    1. Responsive Website or Mobile First

    The operation of the purchase pages is also part of the customer’s shopping experience.

    Just imagine how disappointing it is for a customer to enter the site to buy and, simply, the page does not load or the process is very slow with several navigation errors, because it is not optimized for smartphones …

    It won’t take long for a person to give up on your site.

    So, to improve the development of your website in M-commerce format, it is essential that you hire a platform that offers the function of a responsive website or where you can create a fully customized layout for M-commerce.

    2. Sell directly from social networks

    Thinking about the customer experience in M-Commerce and not thinking about social networks is impossible. Technically, these are platforms outside of your site, so you don’t have as much control over usability. However, you have control over how you use these channels to achieve sales.

    Today, social networks are in second place as the biggest purchase influencers, according to Webshoppers 41. Fortunately, several of them already have specific features for companies…

    Facebook and Instagram, for example, which are the main social networks in London, allow you to create your own online catalog, directing to your online store or direct checkout.

    Using this tool, you can bring people who are interested in your product and ensure that they complete the purchase more quickly.

    3. Less is More

    The customer experience in M-Commerce involves clarity. We know that, in general, it is tempting to put several elements on the screen, either to make the page more beautiful, or to make it with more buttons. However, the more elements you have, the slower the loading and the more difficult the usability.

    Leave on the pages only the necessary information, the relevant buttons and images of the product. Do not try to decorate too much, as it can end up harming and confusing the minds of customers.

    4. Have a simplified registration

    Like everything in the virtual environment, purchases made by mobile devices must also be made in a simple way, without bureaucracy.

    Generally, customers do not have the patience to make long registrations and, in M-commerce, even less.

    If you start to ask for a lot of “unnecessary” information, the person on the other side can easily give up on the purchase… causing abandonment of the cart.

    Therefore, we suggest that you simplify as much as possible the customer’s registration part to finalize the purchase.

    Ask for essential questions like name, surname, email and phone. You can add a few more specific things about your business, but don’t overdo it.

    The simpler and faster, the less likely the person will give up buying.

    5. Emphasize the security of your website

    Despite being a very safe medium, people still have a certain fear in making purchases over the internet and being a fraud, even more so if it is through the cell phone.

    To break this objection in advance, it is important that you highlight all security seals in your online store.

    Show customers that when they shop at your store, they are dealing with professional work.

    Another interesting idea is to post positive reports from customers who have already lived the shopping experience in your Ecommerce. This conveys confidence and shows that other people have already bought on the site and were very satisfied.

    With these tips, you will certainly improve the customer experience in M-Commerce and will guarantee the slice of billionaire billing in this segment.

    If you want to know more tips about the world of Ecommerce, visit the Ecommerce channels at Prática.

    Today, our school is a reference in Ecommerce and has already supported the growth of more than 22 thousand online businesses in London.

    In our content and training, you will find vast material that is helping many Brazilians to create and leverage Ecommerce itself.

    * This article was written by the Ecommerce team at Prática.

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