▷5 Unchanging SEO Methods 2020

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    There are many popular methods that come and go in SEO, but some of them are permanent and become the best / valid SEO methods. This unchanging SEO methods We can list it as follows:

    1) Keyword optimizationis a permanent SEO technique and keyword work is a criterion that has existed since the day SEO existed.

    2nd) Another constant criterion when it comes to SEO activities backlinksdir. After adding the content and completing all on-page SEO activities, it is time to get backlinks for the project. Backlink is still a ranking factor officially recognized by the world’s major search engines.

    3) Time sensitive content, It is content that has a short life span and temporarily attracts the public attention. For example, when Google releases a new algorithm update, any article on the new update will have a shelf life of one week, and it is necessary to optimize it and keep track of its rankings and traffic for a week. The same is true when a new product is launched, a celebrity couple breaks up, something goes viral on the internet, something big, and so on. Time sensitive content is also older than the internet. It can be thought of as the news in print media.

    4) Always fresh contentis the opposite of time sensitive content. The type of content that will always be relevant. It has the potential to constantly bring you a steady amount of traffic. However, time sensitive content may not have the search volume and may not attract the same amount of attention. This type of content is as old as the literature itself. In fact, it can be said to be older than time-sensitive content.

    5) Structured content, It is the process of using h1, h2, h3 tags as well as a number of other codes to let search engines know the structure of the content. This ensures that the search engine indexes the content properly.

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