▷Alternatives to PowerPoint – Top 10 Tools 2020

    PowerPoint has been the hegemonic king of presentation software for almost 30 years. But times have changed and his lonely reign has ended. There are nowgreat alternatives to PowerPoint.

    From CustomShow to Zoho Show through Slidebean and the very famous Prezi, we will present the 10 best alternatives to Microsoft software.

    # 1 CustomShow

    custowshow homepage

    You can powerfully generate real beneficial results with CustomShow presentation software. Combining a design-driven presentation tool and cross-platform delivery options, this amazing PowerPoint alternative inspires you to create, manage and deliver presentations that impact every time. With great flexibility and efficiency, you can easily achieve your goals and empower your brand.


    • CustomShow offers a wide variety of presentation models.
    • CustomShow is designed to create easily customizable slides by adding additional media: videos, branding resources, animations, etc.
    • CustomShow presentations can be shared with multiple people.


    • The software uses Adobe Flash but they have switched to HTML5 this year.


    For a fee, users must speak with a CustomShow representative to set a price.

    # 2 Slides

    alternative powerpoint slides

    This cloud-based presentation software offers a solid and user-friendly alternative to PowerPoint. Its elegant editor workspace allows you to add background images, use a variety of designs and themes, easily collaborate with others, and customize any of the 10 slide templates by default.
    You can even see other people’s presentations and use them as a template. should not be confused with


    • A very user-friendly tool.
    • It includes a tutorial for beginners.
    • Users can copy the design and layout of other people as templates for their own content.


    • You can only create linear presentations.


    Paid plans starting at $ 5 / month per user

    # 3

    alternative powerpoint beautiful is a PowerPoint alternative with a rather special touch. The design of the slides is controlled by artificial intelligence. Their argument is that the presentations will look great every time without a lot of work on the part of the user. However, the possibilities for customization are limited.


    • AI-based presentation building system.
    • Customization of options for each type of slide.
    • Color theme selector for the whole presentation.
    • Users can password protect presentations for private sharing.


    • Very limited design capabilities

    Prices is available as a free version and offers a free trial. Otherwise, the Pro version is $ 15 per month.

    # 4 Moovly

    alternative powerpoint moovly

    Moovly Studio provides web tools to create unique presentations and videos. It’s also 100% free cloud-based animation presentation software. In addition, the Moovly app is available for iOS and Android mobile devices.


    • Full HTML5 cloud editor.
    • Over a million free videos, images and sounds.
    • Over 170 million premium videos, images and sounds.
    • Publication on social networks.
    • Download and export capability.


    • Because the program cannot be installed on your computer, you will still need a stable Internet connection to use it.


    Available in a free version, Moovly also offers a free trial. The paid version of Moovly is available starting at $ 25.00 / month.

    # 5 Haiku Deck

    alternative powerpoint haiku deck

    Haiku Deck has been described as “Instagram for pitch decks”. It is perfect for those who do not have a lot of experience in creating presentations. It focuses on best practices, which presentation experts also adhere to.

    Therefore, it helps you focus on one idea at a time, it helps you choose a powerful image from a large library, and then apply consistent formatting in your presentation. The end result is a well-designed professional presentation without the need for a designer.


    • Haiku Deck is designed to create image-based slides, unlike slides primarily based on PowerPoint text.
    • It has minimal functionality with a sleek sidebar, so it’s easy for anyone, regardless of skill level, to learn how to use the platform.


    • Simultaneous modification is not supported in Haiku Deck.


    Haiku Deck ranges from $ 8 to $ 30 per month, depending on the plan you choose.

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    # 6 Slidebean

    alternative powerpoint slidebean

    This PowerPoint alternative is a good option for anyone who does not have time to design their own slides.

    Slidebean has recreated pitch decks from large startups and offers them as ready-to-use models. There are more thematic models available so that users can simply plug in their content.


    • Content templates ready to use for different purposes (marketing, business, startups).
    • Import CSV data to create charts.
    • Share and collaborate with others.
    • Use the chat function to communicate with others.



    Like the other alternatives, there is a free version of Slidebean. FYI, paid plans start at $ 96 / year per user.

    # 7 Canva

    canva homepage

    Canva is an easy to use PowerPoint alternative. The presentation templates come with many slides. Just choose the slides you want to use and turn off the content.

    Besides the basic presentation features, animated presentations are also possible if you purchase the Canva for Work plan.


    • Lots of presentation templates to choose from.
    • Millions of images available in the paid plan.
    • Presentation of the option directly from Canva.
    • Download in multiple file formats, including PowerPoint.
    • Easy to share on social media profiles.


    • The best features are in the Canva for Work plan.


    “Free” but items cost $ 1 or more to use. Canva for Work costs $ 12.95 / month per user.

    To go further, we advise you to discover our full article on the Canva tool test.

    # 8 Zoho Show

    alternative powerpoint zoho

    As part of a suite of online applications called the Workplace Bundle, Zoho Show offers users a traditional online presentation tool.

    Like the other PowerPoint alternatives listed here, this presentation software allows users to create and access presentations from any browser or device connected to the Internet.


    • Apply eye-catching animations and transitions.
    • Embed live tweets, YouTube videos and Flickr images.
    • Use charts to visualize the data.
    • Publish your presentations on websites and blogs.


    • Limited entertainment and transitions


    Paid Workplace Bundle plans start at $ 4 / month per user.

    # 9 Prezi

    alternative powerpoint prezi

    This cloud-based software is popular for its non-linear presentations, which pan and zoom from one page to the next without creating the impression of moving to a new slide. It is a favorite with many students and educators, especially for its ease of use.


    • View and edit your presentations from any device.
    • Store all your presentations in the cloud.
    • Share and collaborate with others.
    • Download for offline use.


    • Not fully customizable.
    • Can only create non-linear presentations.
    • Can actually cause motion sickness in some viewers

    Paid plans starting at $ 5 / month per user.

    # 10 Google Slides

    alternative powerpoint google slides

    Google Slides is the most popular PowerPoint alternative because it’s completely free with a Google Account. Once connected to Google, Slides is available anytime, even from the messaging dashboard.

    The design process is simple and straightforward. You can choose from hundreds of models in different color themes.


    • It’s free and easy to use.
    • All work is automatically saved to Google servers.


    • Design capabilities are limited.


    Free for everyone, provided you have a Google Account.

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