▷B2B prospecting – Our opinion on the Nomination service 2020

    When you want to grow your business and target professionals, sending a relevant message to the right person is a feat if you don’t have the right tools. There are obviously a large number of tools to support you on the subject but difficult to navigate and know which provider to trust in a field where data reliability is of paramount importance. Among these solutions, Nomination stands out as a very powerful tool allowing access to highly qualified business opportunities and launching emailing campaigns adapted to develop your B2B business activity. In terms of data quality, the tool is quite impressive and gives you very precise information about your prospects, which is why we have decided to give you our opinion on Nomination.

    Appointment in a few words

    Nomination reception

    Nomination was created in 2002 under the leadership of Serge Papo and Louis Barbeau. They start from a simple observation: executives stay an average of 4 years in their position before offering their services to another company or taking up a new position in the same company. It is when they take up their post that these decision-makers will be most attentive to the proposals of potential service providers. The idea of ​​Nomination is therefore to offer a tool allowing direct contact with these decision-makers.

    Since then, Nomination has grown significantly and built a powerful solution whose main strength is the bluffing quality of the information offered, coming from a unique network of partners in the press, schools & universities and among software publishers & integrators. . In addition to appointments, it offers all the news of decision-makers and companies, their biography and direct contact details, as well as up-to-date organization charts of the companies you are targeting for your prospecting.
    Beyond this database, Nomination diversified by creating in 2010 a “Smart mailing” emailing offer that allows you to directly contact the decision-makers you identify via an email campaign from this same platform.

    Another major component of the Nomination offer is the CRM connector, launched in 2015, which allows B2B sales teams to feed and enrich their CRM with the information offered by Nomination.

    Finally, the last important evolution of the Nomination offer is its Sales Intelligence tool, started in 2018, it offers very advanced filters to segment your prospecting, options to get in touch with the identified decision-makers and the possibility of constantly staying informed on changes in your targets via business alerts and monitoring of their activity on social networks.

    How will Nomination be an asset for your business development?

    Its commercial intelligence module

    The “Sales Intelligence” module developed by Nomination is honestly quite surprising. It allows you to obtain the organization chart in detail of the companies that interest you, with up-to-date data. For each account, Nomination identifies common contacts for you based on your network and that of your colleagues. The tool therefore finds you ways to skillfully engage in discussion with your prospect without it being too intrusive.

    More generally, this aspect of the tool gives you access to:

    • Fast and advanced research (targeting)
    • Company file (organization chart, entry point, etc.)
    • Contact sheet (social selling, engagement function)
    • Business alerts and lead suggestion

    Here is what you get by looking at Carrefour for the functions of partnership manager within the marketing department. The many functions offered allow you to refine your searches.

    Organizational chart appointment

    You then get further down identified decision makers that match your criteria. To follow the activity of the latter, a button “follow” appears next to their profile, you can also follow a company. On the basis of this information, Nomination offers you “business alerts” which bring you up in a news feed, your prospects when they are mentioned in the press or promoted to a new position.

    As you can see below with Laurent Amsel, the tool even gives you suggestions for leads.

    Appointment of business alerts

    Website creation – Custom price estimate

    Websites Are Us has developed a recommendation engine that allows you to obtain a free detailed price estimate as well as a selection of software and service providers adapted to your website creation needs.

    Your emailing campaigns with Nomination

    Smart mailing

    It is also possible to push an email campaign to a segment that you have created beforehand. This allows you to prospect a little more widely. To make your campaigns more effective, the Smart Mailing solution relies on ultra-targeting with a wide variety of criteria. Segmentation by sector, news (fundraising, appointment etc.), hierarchical level, hobbies, turnover, geographic location etc. over 50 targeting criteria to identify decision makers who will be relevant for you to contact. It is these clever little targets that will make your emailing campaigns more impactful.

    A little tip from Websites Are Us
    If you are aiming for important positions, do not hesitate to contact the assistants of these decision-makers, Nomination offers you this information for the positions concerned.

    Once your targeting is done, create your campaign in just a few clicks. For this, Nomination offers you a simplified drag and drop email editor that is easy to use. There is also a tool to track the performance of your campaigns and ensure effective follow-up.

    Appointment reporting emailing

    Nomination gives you access to relevant indicators as well as the contact details of clickers and openers. You will be able to use the results of your campaigns and follow up with your prospects in a personalized way.

    Offers & Prices

    The Nomination offer is mainly structured around two formulas:

    • The Sales Intelligence offer – a tool dedicated to Sales. This is an annual subscription that varies depending on the number of users. Training and customer support are included in the subscription, with no annual consultation limit.
    • Smart Mailing – the tool to create your campaigns. It is also an annual subscription which gives access to:

      • A training
      • The targeting tool
      • List management
      • The routing platform
      • Campaign analysis

    Contact Nomination directly if you would like more details on the rates charged.

    Conclusion – Websites Are Us’s opinion on Nomination

    It’s hard to be more complete in terms of a B2B database. In addition, the possibilities offered by Nomination and its Sales Intelligence tool are really vast and require daily use and a few hours of training in order to use all the functionalities.

    Nomination’s real strength is its network of partners and its team of experts who provide you with reliable data on a large number of companies. Nomination attaches great importance to the verification of its information, which is why a team of investigators works every day on the veracity of this data in order to guarantee up-to-date contact lists.

    Access to this information is also an aspect very well worked on by the London company, business alerts in particular are an excellent way to stay abreast of the news of its prospects. And above all a very good way to find the news that will give you an angle of attack to contact the decision maker in question.

    On the other hand, the Smart Mailing solution, dedicated to campaigns, allows you to use all the criteria for sending your emailing! You therefore have the opportunity to shoot highly targeted campaigns on high potential prospects (eg companies that have recently raised funds).

    We may regret the lack of transparency with regard to tariffs. You will only get them on demand, but you can expect high returns on investment given the quality of information available to your sales team. Nomination is ideal for small businesses (less than 20 employees) and Key Accounts. However, if you are just starting out, it will probably be a bit early to start using Nomination. The tool will be more suitable for a structured sales team and well-established commercial processes. We did not present the tool’s CRM integration which is very interesting for sales teams working on Salesforce. But again, this implies that your business development is already well organized.


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