▷Canva test – Websites Are Us’s opinion 2020

    How not to know the very famous graphic design tool Canva? This Australian company, founded in 2012 by Melanie Perkins, now has millions of users worldwide. Quite a feat! Aimed at entrepreneurs, marketers, bloggers, graphic designers or anyone who wants to try their hand at graphic design, this freemium solution is 100% online and very intuitive.

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    Concretely, you have access to a very rich range of functionalities allowing the users to transform each of their ideas into a graphic design. In just a few clicks, you can improvise as a designer. For those who don’t particularly like Photoshop or find it too difficult to use, in our opinion, Canva is your new asset. No skill is required to edit your images.

    Canva Tool Offers & Rates

    Thanks to a very wide offer, our opinion on Canva and its price is already decided. In fact, by registering, you benefit from free software with access to an editor that is already very well stocked. You can browse and use all images, illustrations and all free designs. If you only use creation tools very rarely, a word of advice: favor this formula.

    In a library of over 8,000 models, you can also take advantage of more than a million resources starting at $ 1 USD each. An innovative way to optimize your visuals with professional quality designs.

    Then, it offers a PRO subscription at only $ 12.95 / month (approximately € 11.60) in monthly payment, and even at $ 9.95 / month (approximately € 8.90) with a single annual payment. Suffice to say that with such a low price, Canva is THE benchmark for online graphic tools. Yes, no software to download is required, simply connect to your account to enjoy its power, unlimited.

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    Finally, if your company is large enough, and many of your teams are working on marketing and graphic projects (team of more than 20 members), you must contact Canva support to access the Enterprise offer.

    Main Features of Canva

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    Canva has a wide range of features that users can very easily take advantage of to improve their graphics and designs, such as:

    • Crop images,
    • Add text to photographs,
    • Edit images, make transparent and improve,
    • Use templates for all types of marketing materials,
    • Use a design grid to align and balance your layers with each other,
    • Stickers and badges for website…

    A platform of multi-support models

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    Canva is above all an original concept: nearly 8,000 ready-to-use models to successfully satisfy users from all walks of life. It is possible to create customizable graphic supports for all your projects:

    • Social networks: publication and Instagram story; Facebook publication, cover and story; Twitter publication and banner; YouTube channel thumbnail and illustration; Twitch and Tumblr banner…
    • Document: slideshow, A4 document, letter, CV, report, memo, and even invoice.
    • Personal: recipe sheet, photo montage, birthday card, calendar, planning, storyboard, photo book, scrapbook, postcard, wallpaper, book cover …
    • Teaching: timetable, worksheet, lesson plan, report card, room plan, summary …
    • Marketing: logos, poster, flyer, business card, infographics, product label, gift voucher, newsletters, blog banner, email header …
    • Advertisement: Facebook advertisement, advertisement, large skyscraper…
    • Events: invitation, wedding invitation, announcement, program, event coverage, etc.

    Professional logo design

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    If your website needs a logo, know that it is possible to choose an already pre-defined one, in various categories: art / design, fashion, music, computer, sport… A positive point for Canva, which offers users unique and creative inspirations and suggestions.

    Creation of a visual identity

    canva image 6

    Very interesting for companies looking for a visual identity, especially during the creation phase, the visual identity creation tool allows them to transmit a work base to their teams. Small negative point of this Canva feature, in our opinion: its availability only in paid version.

    But that remains a very appreciable bonus of the premium subscription!

    Print your documents directly on Canva

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    The big advantage of the Canva platform is the ability to directly print all your documents and have them delivered to your home. A saving of useful time for most users. You would have to test the print quality, but the simple fact of offering it brings an interesting added value. It works very well for all your supports, whether your business cards, advertising flyers or even your birthday invitations, parties and wedding announcements.

    Customizing a project

    canva image 8

    Last practical point of our Canva opinion, the library of elements which it is possible to add to your designs is gigantic … A diverse and varied choice which opens up the field of possibilities. As you can see in the photo above, the business card “lotus” request is more than correct. As well enjoy !

    New: Animation on social networks

    canva image 9

    Lately, Canva has released a new feature, very popular at the moment, animation for social networks. Halfway between a photo and a video, the animation (similar to a GIF) proves once again that the company is redoubling its efforts to offer its users quality software.

    A good means of communication to develop its visibility and increase its community on your favorite networks: Facebook, Instagram…

    Website creation – Personalized price estimation

    Websites Are Us has developed a recommendation engine which allows you to obtain a free detailed price estimate as well as a selection of software and providers adapted to your website creation needs.

    Advantages & Disadvantages of Canva

    To make it brief and summarize the main points of this review, here is a summary of the positive and negative points of the graphic design tool.

    The positive points :

    • Very simple to use, especially for beginners.
    • A free offer with more than 1 GB of storage, access to 8,000 models.
    • Export in several formats: PDF, JPEG, PNG…
    • The attractive price of the PRO paid offer.
    • The rich image bank.
    • Adapts to all your projects.
    • Canva mobile app

    The negative points :

    • Limited features and elements in free version.
    • Customer service difficult to contact in the event of a problem.

    Conclusion / Canva’s opinion of The Factory of the Net

    Our opinion on Canva is clear: very positive! Just take a few minutes to browse the many features to realize the enormous potential that this creative software represents. Its ease of handling is incredible, especially thanks to the “drag and drop” design tool, which greatly improves the user experience. Adepts of simple and eye-catching designs as well as anyone not familiar with the use of graphics tools will be more than delighted.

    Rates are fair and inexpensive when you take into account Canva’s capabilities on a daily basis. Even those who do not wish to spend a single euro are thrilled. Moreover, for free users who still want to get a premium design, Canva offers them the possibility of buying it at a low price (usually $ 1). Thanks to this, it has positioned itself as one of the best photo editing software.

    However, no support can be reached by phone, in the event of a technical problem or related to billing. Everything is done via a contact form or through user guides and tutorials, which are by the way, quite precise, it must be admitted.

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