▷Commercial WhatsApp: how to create and how it works

    Today, according to a survey presented by Oberlo, 79% of Brazilians already use WhatsApp as their main source of information and about 5 million entrepreneurs already use the corporate version of WhatsApp to communicate with their customers.

    If you are also looking to learn how to make a commercial WhatsApp and would like to understand how it differs from the standard version of the app, you will get these answers in this content.

    Named WhatsApp Business, this version of the application brings features capable of optimizing communication with customers, exclusive for business accounts.

    In this content, we will teach you everything you need to know about commercial WhatsApp, from how to create your in-app business profile to what are its main advantages over the standard version.

    What is WhatsApp business account?

    The corporate WhatsApp version allows you to set up a business profile within the app. This is significantly different from the standard profile that you probably already have in the base version, because through it, it will be possible to include relevant information about your business, such as:

    In addition, there are essentially two types of business accounts on WhatsApp: regular profiles and the official profiles.

    Similar to other social networks, official profiles are those that have their legitimacy confirmed by the application itself, demonstrated to its customers through a seal.

    Therefore, immediately when creating your account on WhatsApp Business, you will have a regular business profile, which already allows you to provide additional information about your company as mentioned above.

    How to get the official account seal in WhatsApp Business?

    This is a very common question for those who are starting to use commercial WhatsApp and want to have their profile confirmed. After all, the confirmed profile seal conveys credibility and reliability to those who come into contact with your business.

    However, the process for confirming accounts is not disclosed by the company and, in fact, does not necessarily depend on any direct action on its part.

    The most you can do is make sure that you have included all the information about your company correctly in the app and hope that the WhatsApp team will eventually verify and mark your account as official.

    How to create a commercial WhatsApp?

    Creating a commercial WhatsApp is a free procedure and you can do it easily. However, there are some precautions you should take if the phone number you intend to use in WhatsApp Business is already linked to a standard application account.

    If your number is already in use, start from the first step, if your number is completely free, start from the fifth step.

    Step 1: Access the standard WhatsApp application on your device.

    Step 2: Touch the three vertical dots sign and then touch “Settings”.

    Step 3: Tap “Conversations” and then “Backup conversations”.

    Step 4: Set up your Google Drive login and then tap “Backup”. This procedure helps you to ensure that you will not lose any contact or message when migrating your account to the business profile on WhatsApp Business.

    Step 5: Download WhatsApp Business for Android or iOS directly through Google Play or App Store, respectively.

    Step 6: Open the app and tap “Agree” and continue so that it has the necessary permissions to work properly. He will need access to your contacts, photos and files.

    Step 7: Enter the phone number you want to use in your WhatsApp business profile.

    Step 8: If your number is already registered in the standard version, accept to migrate it to the business version of the application.

    Step 9: Tap “Continue” and enter the code you will receive directly on your device to confirm your account.

    If you have backed up your conversations, the application will begin to restore your existing messages and conversations. However, if you are using a new number, you do not need to wait for this procedure.

    Okay, now you know how to make a WhatsApp commercial. Remembering that your profile will be considered a commercial profile regular. Fill in your company’s legitimate data and you’re ready to start chatting with customers.

    Features and benefits of enterprise WhatsApp

    As mentioned earlier, the business version of the most popular messaging application in London offers exclusive features, in addition to those already present in the standard version of the app.

    Get to know the main features and check out some tips so you can use them to sell more on WhatsApp.

    Quick responses

    The quick response feature of WhatsApp Business allows you to configure shortcuts to send complete messages more easily.

    For example, it is possible to create a shortcut with a complete description of your opening hours and send the message through a simple command in the chat.

    This helps to save time, especially when dealing with frequently asked questions, thereby increasing your productivity when serving through the application.

    Hang tags

    Tags are a CRM feature (Customer Relationship Management, or customer relationship management) that makes it easy to track the status of your conversations.

    Through them, you can create reminders and indicators that help you understand which stage of communication each customer is in, such as:

    • Send budget;
    • Awaiting return;
    • Open order;
    • Order paid;

    Among other custom tags, created by you within the corporate WhatsApp interface.

    Automatic messages

    Finally, automatic messages are excellent for you to welcome or even inform that you are absent as soon as you receive a message from one of your contacts.

    In addition, you can use this message to highlight news and call attention to actions such as special promotions, etc.

    How to better serve through commercial WhatsApp

    Now that you know everything about creating your business account in the business version of the app, we couldn’t let you go without some tips to optimize your work when serving customers through the app.

    Integrate WhatsApp Business into your communication channels

    As you can see, even this version of the app does not offer all the professional features you would expect to find in a more robust communication solution.

    Fortunately, it is now possible to integrate WhatsApp into professional platforms, such as Websites Are Us, for example.

    That way, you can centralize your conversations and information about customers, as well as allow other representatives to also answer through the same business number.

    If you already use Websites Are Us to chat with customers in real time on your website and would like to integrate it with WhatsApp, just talk to us here in the chat!

    Create a direct WhatsApp link

    We have prepared a comprehensive guide for you to learn how to create a direct link to WhatsApp commercial. That way, customers can open a new conversation with you with just one click.

    In addition, you can set up custom phrases that can be sent immediately at the beginning of a conversation.

    Our tip is to use these phrases to identify where your customers are coming from, for example: if you include a direct WhatsApp link on your Facebook page, create a message like “Hello, I saw your Facebook page and I would like to know more ”To identify that customers found you on the social network.

    In addition to the complete guide, we have prepared a video guide to teach you how to create this link easily:



    Ready to start using commercial WhatsApp?

    Now you know everything you need to optimize customer service and increase your chances of sales through the app.

    And of course, don’t forget that you can now integrate it with Websites Are Us, combining the popularity of WhatsApp with the professional features offered by an omnichannel service platform.

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