▷Comparison of the 10 best medical software (to install and online) 2020

    In recent years, medical software has become a staple in the healthcare industry. From practice management software to medical billing and patient planning, there are a wide variety of medical software options, tools and features. These medical features provide a number of benefits to help healthcare organizations, from small specialty clinics to large hospital systems.

    With such a selection of different systems and tools to choose from, we hope this article helps point you in the right direction during the software selection process.

    What are the key features of good medical software?

    Before reviewing the features you should expect from good medical software, it is important to determine what “good” medical software is.

    A good medical software must at least meet these 5 characteristics:

    • Authorized software : the software must be certified as “prescription assistance software (LAP) for ambulatory medicine” by the High Authority for Health (HAS).
    • Adapted to your profession or your specialty. If you need to share this software with other practitioners, it should guarantee medical confidentiality.
    • Compatible with your computer system and your operating system (Windows, Linux or Mac).
    • Intuitif and ergonomic, for smooth navigation.
    • Adapted to all your devices (desktop computer, tablet, TVphone) easy to use on the go.

    Daily operations

    Medical software allows practitioners to focus more of their efforts on patient care and spend less time documenting patient information. From patient appointments to managing the equipment used by your facility, medical software can support a large portion of your clinic’s day-to-day operations.

    Here are the essential features of good medical software to help you in the daily management of your practice:

    • Smart planning

    Many medical software vendors offer dynamic planning. This means that in addition to making an appointment, your software will be able to correctly assign specialized equipment to the corresponding examination room and doctor.

    • Patient file access / DMP access

    One of the main reasons for using patient portals is to encourage greater patient engagement. Patients can check their medical history, pre-register for appointments, view their current and past medications, and make payments online. Additionally, patients can communicate with their doctor through instant messages or even face-to-face video calls.

    • Mail management
    • Sometimes: accounting management

    Customer portal

    How much time do your physicians spend recording and viewing patient information? Are you maximizing the number of patients that can be treated per day? Medical software allows physicians to spend more time caring for patients and less time recording or viewing patient data.

    Here are the features to optimize the management of patient files:

    • Consultation interface
    • Prescription assistance

    Electronic prescribing has become increasingly popular in recent years. Prescribing assistance leads to far fewer errors; pharmacists can rest assured that they are dispensing the right prescriptions while practitioners are able to track whether or not a prescription has been filled.

    • Prevention aid
    • Teletransmission Health insurance
    • Teleservices

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    Zoom on 6 medical software (to install)


    Axisanté medical software

    Indispensable on the market, Axisanté now exceeds 5,000 users. AxiAM, the associated solution for the remote transmission of electronic treatment sheets (ESF), equipped, in 2019, 14,380 doctor teletransmitters according to the SESAM-Vitale GIE.


    • All-on-screen software
    • Assisted and automated prescription creation
    • Ability to personalize patient history
    • Listing of pathologies according to the doctor’s specialty
    • Complete biometrics tool
    • Complete integrated word processing: reports, standard certificates, letters, multiple correspondence …
    • Integrated ROSP indicators
    • Prescription Assistance Software approved according to the HAS standard
    • 100% of the points of the Medical Agreement

    Discover AxiSanté


    Crossway medical software

    Another major software on the market, Crossway announces a global park of 20,000 doctors. The software has always been at the center of monitoring major regulatory changes. For example, he was one of the first to make the repayment history available. It is therefore positioned as a more than credible candidate to take over software which is struggling to meet the requirements of the ROSP and the Structure package.


    • General medicine and specialty consultation forms
    • Specific ROSP forms for the follow-up of diabetic patients, alcohol, obesity, etc.
    • Range of connected medical devices (partnership with Bewell Connect)
    • Optimized diary management: remotely viewable, online appointment booking integrated into the software
    • Integrated & simplified document management: Letters, reports, lab results, etc.
    • Consultation and enrichment of the DMP
    • Revenue management, accounting 2035

    Discover Crossway


    hellodoc medical software

    HelloDoc is also a benchmark in the market, it was acquired in 2014 by CompuGroupMedical (CGM) which also owns Axisanté. The two programs together have nearly 40,000 physicians. The software has always closely followed the requirements for ROSP and users are attached to this software. However, there has been a gradual increase in prices since the software was bought by CGM. Hellodoc was originally positioned at the entry level.


    • Very rich and readable all-on-screen display
    • High-performance word processor: perfect for specialists with PDF export of letters
    • Provision of reimbursement history
    • Integration of work stoppage certificates
    • Advanced document customization functionality

    Discover Hellodoc


    fisimed medical software

    Easy-to-access software suitable for both general practitioners and specialists alike, Fisimed announces that it is used by 5,100 healthcare professionals. This solution is particularly suitable for specialists due to the development of specific modules and the integration of measuring devices.


    • All files are accessible and shareable remotely or over a network
    • Refunds and declarations from treating physicians are integrated
    • A specific vaccine module optimizes the management of the vaccination record
    • Mail management: integrated word processor or Word or Open office
    • The software is fully usable via recognition and voice commands

    Discover Fisimed


    medistory medical software

    Medistory is the most used medical software on mac with 12,000 users. It is distinguished by a more modern interface than that of its competitors. If the software is very complete in terms of functionalities, its handling requires an effort of configuration to optimize its use.


    • Mail management: comprehensive integrated editor giving you effortless access to important information in each file
    • Agenda: appointment book that works well and allows the link with your secretariat
    • Possibility of taking voice notes via the dictaphone function
    • Integrate scanned documents with character recognition
    • Revenue tracking: possibility to track payments, Noemie returns processing

    Discover Medistory


    hypermed medical software

    HyperMed is medical software that is primarily intended for general medicine. The tool now has 2,500 users and is diversifying by offering solutions also adapted to specialists.


    • Interface: possibility of free and scanned text entry, numerous structured templates
    • Management of reimbursement history and Attending Physician Declaration
    • Integrated Search Results Dictionary (DRC)
    • Simplified accounting for the doctor via automated entries

    Discover Hypermed

    Zoom on 4 online medical software (SaaS)

    The medical field is not immune to the global evolution of solutions: SaaS are more and more numerous and gain in importance. Being able to access all of your medical software’s functionalities from several different devices and remotely is obviously a major asset for these solutions.

    medical software is a tool mainly used in health centers and large practices but also in private practice because it is adaptable.


    • Highly configurable and customizable interface, access to files on your smartphones and tablets
    • Equivalent to instant messaging by alert system
    • Planning diary open to patients on the Web
    • Complete account template included on the workstation



    medaplix medical software

    Medaplix offers all the management and organization functionalities of a medical practice. The solution also has a specific component of prescribing assistance functions such as alerts, compliance with standards, integration of Medical Convention indicators and improvement of the quality of prescriptions.


    • Teletransmission with additional module electronic treatment sheets and reimbursement requests to paying agencies
    • SESAM-vital service available suitable for home visits.
    • Integrated, public and HAS approved drug database
    • Efficient practice management
    • Scheduling appointments using a synchronizable calendar

    Discover Medaplix

    mlm medical software

    The online offer of one of the market leaders is particularly suited to group practices, mobility situations and MSPs. Young doctors and paramedics appreciate its ease of use


    • Accessible from anywhere from a computer, tablet or smartphone
    • Remotely viewable agenda, online appointment booking integrated into the software
    • Save time with general medicine and specialty consultation forms, specific ROSP forms for monitoring patients with diabetes, alcohol, obesity, etc.
    • Quick and easy use of health insurance teleservices thanks to ergonomic integration



    weda medical software

    WEDA offers a complete and intuitive solution, meeting all the needs of liberal health professionals, working individually, in group practices or in multidisciplinary health centers and centers. The solution now has more than 12,600 users.


    • Very pleasant and ergonomic solution
    • Free text entry and / or from the pathology databases by drag and drop
    • Advanced agenda with room management

    Discover Weda

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