▷Comparison of the best Time Tracking applications to better manage your time! 2020

    Whether you are an individual or a business owner, time management is a key issue. You need to know where your teams spend the most time in order to optimize it because “time is money”. In this article, we have drawn up a comparative table of the best time tracking applications, then we have presented these solutions in more detail in order to help you in your final choice.

    Comparison of the best Time Tracking apps [Synthèse]

    Ideal for … Type of tracking Free plan? Premium package price from…
    Time Doctor Employers monitoring teams remotely Manual or automatic Yes, limited $ 9.99 per user
    Toggle Personal and team use Manual or automatic (with the desktop app) Yes, generous $ 9 per user
    Harvest Personal and team use Manual Yes, for 2 projects $ 12 per user
    Personal use Manual Yes, but only on the IOS app $ 8 per user
    Timely Personal and team use Automatic time tracking, with manual correction No $ 20 per user for teams. $ 7 if you are alone

    Top 5 of the best Time Tracking apps

    After this quick summary table, let’s dive a little more in detail in each of these solutions:

    1- Time Doctor

    Time Doctor helps you to track the time of all your teams and is marketed specifically as “Time Tracking for Remote Teams”, which should give you a pretty good idea of ​​their target market. If you want to have more control over your remote teams, Time Doctor includes an option to automatically take screenshots to make sure everyone is working on the right task. You can also check website and app usage to see what people are spending the most time on. In addition, you can automatically calculate the salaries of your employees based on the hours worked that you followed via Time Doctor. You can pay them immediately with PayPal, Payoneer, TransferWise or other methods.

    • Detailed reports that allow you to analyze by project, time use, attendance, loss of time, etc., which makes it an excellent employee time tracking application.
    • Lots of different integrations, especially with project management tools.
    • People constantly praise its ease of use.
    • You cannot change the time directly from the desktop application – you must log in to the web application.
    • The push message “Are you still working?” Can be annoying if you have legitimate reasons for being on social media.


    Time Doctor offers particularly simple rates. You can either use the limited free plan or pay $ 9.99 per user per month to access all the features.


    2- Toggl


    Toggl is a nice freemium time tracking app that gives you great flexibility for how you organize your time tracking. It offers a simple time tracking interface that allows you to create new projects without leaving your dashboard. You can use it just about anywhere – it has a web interface, extensions for your browser, but also mobile apps. On the desktop app, you can automatically track certain activities and set reminders. With the other applications, you will have to manually start / stop your timers. Finally, you can get excellent statistical reports as well as over 100 integrations with other popular tools like Trello, Asana and many others.

    • Easy tagging by project and client. And creating new projects / tags takes only a few seconds – no page reload or click required.
    • Detailed reporting functionality that helps you visualize where you have spent your time or generate reports for clients. It also gives you flexible filters.
    • Over 100 integrations. For example, you can start a timer inside a Trello card or connect to a number of other tools.
    • No billing, although it has integrations for third-party tools
    • The desktop app can sometimes be a bit difficult to use.


    Generous free plan. Individuals can probably get away with the simple free plan. Paid plans start at $ 9 per user per month (billed annually) and go up to $ 49 per user per month for the corporate plan, which is probably a good choice if you need a tracking app. time for your employees.



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    3- Harvest

    Harvest is a time tracker … but not only that. Beyond simple time tracking, it also helps you track:

    • Expenses
    • Billable hours

    Harvest also supports billing, including an option to turn billable hours into invoices. Harvest billing is particularly interesting because it supports PayPal professional payments from $ 0.50.

    • Integrated billing, including support for PayPal professional payments from $ 0.50 (a great option for people based in the United States).
    • Lots of tool integrations, including project management, billing, CRM, customer support, development tools, etc.
    • Can track time with web apps, browser extensions, desktop apps and mobile apps.
      Integrated expense tracking, including scanning receipts.
    • The interface isn’t as pretty as the other apps (it’s a little tricky as it doesn’t affect functionality – but using something beautiful makes the job a little nicer).
    • Creating new projects requires more clicks and page reloads than other tools, which is not ideal for freelancers who may need to create many projects.
    • The reporting interface is not as flexible as other tools, but it should be suitable for most uses.


    Harvest has a free plan that allows individuals to create up to 2 projects. After that, unlimited project plans cost $ 12 per user per month.


    4- Hours

    Hours has one of the best interfaces in the time tracker category. The interface is even better than that of Toggl. You can start and stop the timers as needed using this wonderful interface. It also has this very useful timeline feature that allows you to quickly fill in the gaps in your time tracking to take full account of your day. The “Reports” interface is equally well designed and also offers you a good number of filters to split your reports according to your needs. Hours is still a bit young and is only available through its website or an iOS app, which doesn’t offer as much coverage as most other time tracking tools.

    • The Timeline feature makes it easy to fill in gaps, such as when you forgot to start a timer or need to follow an event offline without the mobile app.
    • The interface is beautiful and very easy to use.
    • It’s just a web app and an iOS app, which can be limited to suit your needs, especially if you want advanced features like tracking employee time.


    Hours cost $ 8 per user per month to access the web interface. You can access the iOS app for free (without the Pro features).


    5- Timely

    Timely’s unique selling proposition is its automatic time tracking. Automatic time tracking can be difficult, so here’s how Timely does it:

    • Firstly, Timely records all your activities and groups them according to what you have done
    • Then he suggests a label and tags based on what he thinks you’ve done.
    • You can either accept Timely’s suggestion, modify it manually, or completely delete the time entry.

    Now here’s the top thing! Whenever you manually modify a time entry, you train Timely so that he can improve in the future. Timely is smart, he learns from your changes to give you more specific suggestions for the future. Timely is not for everyone. If you spend all your days on the same website, time tracking will not be timely

    • This can save you time, make sure you don’t run out of hours, and keep you on track. It’s also a nice feature if you want an employee time tracking app that tells you what your employees have been doing throughout the day.
    • There is an integrated project health dashboard that helps you control billable hours to make sure you, or your entire team, don’t go over budget.
    • The team dashboard also gives you an overview of the productivity of your entire team.
    • In some unique situations (for example, you work exclusively on Google Docs all day), it can be difficult for automatic time tracking to function effectively.
    • There is no free plan.

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