▷Comparison of the best tools for your satisfaction questionnaires 2020

    Listening to customers has become essential. For a company, collecting the opinions of its customers and users makes it possible to identify its strengths and weaknesses, its areas for improvement, to continuously improve its services, its products, its customer relations.

    The easiest way to collect the voice of your customers is to use a satisfaction survey tool. And you’re in luck, because there are now dozens of SaaS tools to create your satisfaction questionnaires, distribute them on your channels (website, email, sms, social networks, mobile application, etc.) and analyze the results.

    The purpose of this comparison is to help you choose the best tool. Discover without further delay our selection of the ten best tools (according to us) and our 3 favorites!

    Our selection of the 3 best tools for your satisfaction questionnaires

    Last name Typeform SurveyMonkey MyFeelBack
    • Unlimited number of questions
    • Over 500 integrations available
    • Receive responses from Internet users directly in your mailbox
    • Allow your team members to modify your surveys.
    • Priority assistance by e-mail
    • Multilingual questionnaires
    • Behavioral tracking
    • Custom report editor
    • Statistical analyzes in real time
    • Cross-channel broadcasting
    Free version Yes Yes No (just a demo)
    • 3 packages available, including 1 free. $ 30 / month and $ 59 / month are the other two plans.
    • Save the equivalent of 2 months of subscription if you choose year-round billing.
    • You must choose from team or individual subscriptions.
    • Subscriptions from 0 to 99 euros per month for individuals and up to 75 euros / month / user for the Premium team subscription
    • No rate available. You must contact customer service in order to obtain a quote.
    Website Website Website Website

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    The three key components of a satisfaction questionnaire tool

    When you are considering using a tool to create and distribute online satisfaction surveys, one of the best ways to familiarize yourself with the functionality of a product is to try its free version. These often allow the creation of simple questionnaires, some of which even allow unlimited questions and answers. However, if you’re just trying to get consensus from a group of friends or work colleagues on a restaurant preference for the next lunch, you may not need to get started with dedicated online survey, because simple surveys are already integrated into Facebook and Twitter for example. Google Forms is also a free and easy-to-use web product, great for sending a few simple questions and for mapping results – or even tracking them in Google Sheets. Virtually all modern online survey tools have at least three main components: design, distribution, and reporting.

    1. Questionnaire design

    This is the section where different types of questions are added, edited and arranged; response choices are provided and logic is constructed. Some designers allow you to import blank questionnaires from Microsoft Word. Most products include jump logic, which allows you to skip parts of a quiz and move on to the next question. For example, if respondents answer a question about the owner of a phone by saying that they have an iPhone, you can ignore the next question that asks for the brand of the phone since you already know that it is Apple. Some products also include display logic, which allows you to display or hide a question or section of a questionnaire based on conditions prior to it. On the other hand, some software packages that can handle particularly long and complex questionnaires can divide the questions into sets or blocks. Some tools also allow you to insert information from previous questions. For example, if a respondent had a Samsung phone in a question, the next question could be personalized using this information. It could be worded as follows: “You said you had a Samsung phone. What influenced this purchase? “Instead of just” What influenced the purchase of your phone’s brand? “. Another technique for creating intelligent satisfaction questionnaires is “masking” or “postponed” responses. For example, if respondents are asked to select three main reasons why they chose a Samsung phone, there may be another question in which they are asked to prioritize only the three features. that they chose.

    2. Dissemination of the satisfaction questionnaire

    Once a questionnaire is completed, it is ready to be distributed around the world or at least in the small part of it that you want to explore. At the very least, all software will provide a link that can be displayed on a website or social media. Some solutions go further by providing direct links to a range of social networks, and others include integrated contact managers and email campaign tracking tools. While this may make it easier to track responses to a non-anonymous survey, many offers will require additional payment once the email list becomes too large, while generic links can be shared without limit of respondents. Another way to facilitate the monitoring of different groups of respondents is to use several “collector” links. They are simply different links to the same questionnaire and which can be broken down later during the analysis. For example, if you want to send a questionnaire to both Facebook and Twitter users, posting collector links on each network would allow you to track which network the different respondents are from.

    3. Reporting of the questionnaire

    As survey responses arrive or after a survey is completed, you’ll want to see what people have answered. All software has the ability to see how people have answered all of the questions. They can also generate bar and pie charts to provide simple visualization and a way to export both data (often as a spreadsheet) and graphs [souvent dans un format PDF ou Microsoft PowerPoint]. More advanced products can supplement these graphs with various measures such as averages, and then filter the results based on the answers to the different questions. They can also produce PivotTables, share custom reports with colleagues, and even tap into other analyzes that require a bit of statistical expertise. In addition, some advanced software includes features such as support for embedding HTML in questions, using their own scripting language or JavaScript to customize functionality and appearance, as well as integrations with a number of other business tools, like Salesforce for example. Typically, this level of functionality is only available at a higher pricing level. These web applications are available with several price plans (usually three) and generally offer significant discounts if access is paid a year in advance. A key feature or even a question type supported by the product may not be available in a pricing level corresponding to your budget, even if the whole questionnaire supports it. We looked at the feature sets generally available at two pricing levels: the basic levels at around $ 300 per year and the advanced levels at around $ 1,000 per year. However, there are great deals to be found on the net, especially if you are willing to compromise on the user interface or functionality.

    Comprehensive comparison of satisfaction questionnaire tools


    SurveyMonkey is a tool that allows you to launch any type of online questionnaire, whether for market research, quick survey, competitive analysis or feedback from your customers or employees. This user-friendly platform allows you to adapt your questionnaires according to your defined target audience. The automated and advanced features of SurveyMonkey are designed to help all types of professionals conduct different types of online questionnaires and get real-time results from millions of respondents. The huge amount of data collected can easily be analyzed thanks to the analysis and reporting functionality offered by SurveyMonkey. In addition, for collaboration purposes, data analytics and reports can be exported in different formats and shared between teams. Therefore, decisions are made based on the data that is made for the better functioning of businesses.

    • Questionnaires can be completed and shared between teams within companies via a single account.
    • SurveyMonkey is the best encrypted and secure questionnaire platform. The data is validated by the TRUSTe, Norton and HIPAA functionalities.
    • Free trial then several paid plans, from $ 37 to $ 1068 per year.



    TypeForm is survey software. Forms and questionnaires play a relevant role for companies, institutions and organizations. Unfortunately, people are finding questionnaires more and more boring; regardless of how easily you try to make them. Typeform aims to find a solution to this problem by making the forms interesting so that it becomes a fun activity to do. To do this, Typeform has modified the conventional structure of forms in terms of “text and blank areas” and uses many interactive supports allowing the target audience to be part of this exciting activity, namely filling in forms. Creating a form on Typeform is very simple and yet very different from the other applications available on the market. The unique features, responsiveness of forms to various gadgets and many other advanced features make Typeform stand out from the competition.

    • Thanks to the drag-and-drop functionality and the availability of many elements, you have great flexibility to create forms to your liking.
    • The Typeform API allows you to integrate your questionnaires and forms with other applications.
    • Free version. Packages from $ 35 to $ 70 per month



    MyFeelBack is a SaaS platform for collecting customer comments using highly targeted questionnaires. It is touted as the smart way to collect high quality information from customers to understand their preferences, needs and concerns, while identifying areas for improvement. Ultimately, this will result in better decision making, increased customer engagement and a positive bottom line. Learning from your customers is an essential business approach. A whole branch of customer relations has been built around the need to know customer preferences and behavior. What better way to find out what customers want and buy than to ask them directly. It may sound like a simple task, but it takes much longer than asking a simple question. You can get an appropriate response and extract quality information with MyFeelBack.

    • The integration of the platform with the main CRM software allows you to synchronize the responses to the questionnaires in your CRM tool (for example, to integrate the NPS rating in the CRM client files).
    • MyFeelBack offers excellent reporting functionalities: You can analyze the answers to your questionnaires in real time via dashboards and create tailor-made reports.
    • Free demo. Price available only on request.



    SurveyGizmo is an online survey solution that allows businesses of all kinds to create and conduct questionnaires, surveys and satisfaction questionnaires. Reaching potential and existing customers, managing relationships with companies and employees, and conducting research has become a breeze with SurveyGizmo. The customizable interface offered by SurveyGizmo allows users to provide an interactive experience to their target audience. Businesses can create graphics, looping pages with advanced options and features to create a dynamic and rewarding survey experience. With SurveyGizmo, companies not only collect data but also analyze the evaluation reports offered via the interface. Processing data in real time facilitates and accelerates the process of collecting and analyzing this data.

    • Online data can be exported in different formats such as Excel, PDF, PowerPoint and Word.
    • When data is exported, it can be shared or distributed for in-depth analysis for market research, lead generation, marketing campaigns, sales tracking, etc.
    • Free trial then plans from 25 to 166 $ per month.


    Google Form

    Google Forms allows you to organize and control information, from collecting data to completing tasks within the team, including creating questionnaires and charts. You can share and work with other users simultaneously, allowing you to see who has made changes and modify them if necessary. Google Forms has an extremely simple interface for creating and sending questionnaires that requires little or no expertise in data collection. Anyone can use it if they take the time to read the tooltips and know how to use a mouse. It also combines form responses with a Google sheet that can be shared with team members, allowing for incredible flexibility in use.

    • Response statistics in real time
    • Multiple choice, adding image, video, responsive form, multi-user collaboration etc.
    • It’s free



    AskNicely is one of the simplest and most popular marketing tools you can use to improve customer satisfaction. The software integrates seamlessly with your CRM, from which it automatically collects feedback using one-question customer questionnaires. Subsequently, the results are evaluated on the basis of a score and the problems are resolved in real time. The tool gained momentum fairly quickly and is one of the main tools for measuring customer satisfaction. Its success rests mainly on impeccable integrations, as well as on reasonable prices which allow companies of all levels and all sectors to turn to AskNicely and thus improve their productivity. In addition to this, AskNicely is provided with useful features including: scheduling daily questionnaires, automated reports, personalized response alerts, response to comments, automated questionnaires and event triggering etc.

    • Dashboards allow you to segment channels, employees, and products to understand performance trends and the areas in which you need to focus.
    • AskNicely uses customer feedback and testimonials and is one of the largest and most powerful sources of conversion and revenue growth.
    • Free trial, package available only on request.



    Getfeedback is a tool that helps all businesses that are looking for continuous growth and an awareness of the importance of feedback from their customers. Thanks to this system, any organization can build on its strengths and work on its weaknesses to maintain its place in the market. Getfeedback is one such app that has helped many companies to communicate with their customers, staff, business partners and all other stakeholders for feedback. The design of this application allows its users to use different means of communication such as speech and writing to give their point of view. Getfeedback is known for its application in almost all feedback scenarios. Very responsive designs, be it all types of questionnaires, such as post-event questionnaires, pre-event questionnaires, customer feedback etc. make Getfeedback one of the best apps for getting accurate data.

    • The main advantage of this application is that it is responsive and very user-friendly.
    • With Getfeedback, you can report and analyze in real time a particular questionnaire.
    • Free trial then packages starting at $ 50 / month. Some packages are available only on request.



    SurveyLegend is survey software that allows users to create user-friendly mobile questionnaires using a drag-and-drop generator available on a desktop, laptop or tablet. It also provides real-time data analysis for survey responses.

    • Efficient support available via live chat, email and phone
    • Analysis, sharing and export of available data
    • Free version available. Packages ranging from 15 to 65 dollars per month.


    Zoho Survey

    Zoho Survey is a simple online survey tool that meets the basic needs and requirements for online questionnaires. The platform proves to be an adequate option for companies and organizations that wish to conduct questionnaires on customer satisfaction, education, human resources, marketing, marketing research and other fields of activity. with a variety of predefined or customized models. Zoho Survey provides users with a wide selection of integrated reports and interactive graphics to help them analyze, understand the questionnaire results and draw actionable information. Users can also export the data from your questionnaires in standard formats (.cv or .xls) for a more traditional display on a spreadsheet. Zoho Survey offers integrations with other Zoho tools as well as leading business applications including MailChimp, Google Apps and Sheets.

    • Zoho Survey comes with predefined questionnaire templates to allow you to create and conduct online questionnaires in minutes.
    • Zoho Survey supports multiple languages. This means that you can create questionnaires, have them translated into more than 30 languages, and start collecting responses from anywhere in the world.
    • Free try. Packages from $ 0 to $ 49 per month.



    QuestionPro is a web-based questionnaire application for small and medium-sized businesses. It allows companies to easily create online surveys and questionnaires, and share them with a targeted set of users in order to make business decisions based on the responses collected. The application was developed by QuestionPro Inc., which designs online survey and workflow software for millions of customers around the world. QuestionPro includes several predefined questionnaire templates and over 30 question types, which companies can use to create custom questionnaires and surveys. It offers tools to reach respondents by email, integrated pop-up windows and questionnaires on social networks, notably Facebook and Twitter. Companies can choose from over 20 professional themes using built-in tools to customize headers and footers with company logos, videos, audio, images, and HTML content . Each questionnaire highlights a progress bar which allows the respondent to know the percentage completed / remaining. Users can generate flexible questionnaires by keeping some mandatory fields for respondents and the rest optional, to answer the main survey questions. Responses to the questionnaire can be exported to CSV, Excel and other supported formats. Users can also share questionnaires with respondents and collect responses via the mobile app available for Android and iOS tablets and smartphones.

    • You can create your own survey, copy a professionally written survey template, or download it directly from a Word file.
    • QuestionPro facilitates analysis with a set of reporting features, such as text analysis, trend analysis, segmentation tools, PivotTables and real-time summaries.
    • Free trial, then plans from $ 0 to $ 99 per month. Some packages are available only on request.


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