▷CRO: The 10 most effective copywriting tips to increase sales on your site

    Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a set of techniques, which aim to optimize the site to increase the conversion rate. In short, a specific and well-thought-out strategy is followed, in order to increase the percentage of visitors who are converted into customers. This is a very important strategy in e-shops, since a successful CRO does not require an increase in traffic and therefore does not require advertising expense to win traffic. It simply utilizes the existing visitors and significantly increases the percentage of those who become customers or perform some other desired action, such as filling out the contact form or subscribing to the email list.

    The improvements that are made to a site within the CRO concern its structure, its colors, the images used and of course its easy operation. The goal is to catch the user’s attention and offer him a positive user experience. A key factor in this process is the texts, which drastically influence the conversions and the time the user spends on each page.

    The aim of the texts should be to attract the reader and inspire him to do the desired action. How can this be done? The following secrets for writing texts on the pages of a website will help you spectacularly.

    Break them into sections

    In digital texts, no one is going to read a word download, even if they are interested in the subject. Texts, whether they are product or service descriptions or blog articles, should be divided into sections with clear titles and subtitles. Just like in this article.

    Pay close attention to the title.

    Related to the above tip is the specific tip. Not only is it essential for the text to have sections, but also to have a title that pushes the reader to continue reading. According to David Ogilvy, the best-known copywriter and “father of advertising”, only 10% of readers read more than just the title. Therefore, the title of each page should be concise, clear and include the brand and product name.

    Start with the most important element.

    The structure of a text in the digital environment is different than in a print media. It is necessary to place the most important element at the beginning, as this will be noticed by the reader and this will remain in his memory.

    Find the balance between simple and interesting.

    In general, there are several studies in psycholinguistics, which indicate that the simpler and less complex a text is, the easier it is to understand and recall in the reader’s memory. Thus, it is good to avoid linguistic structures, such as double negation, passive voice and complex vocabulary. However, the golden ratio must be found, because too much simplicity is often boring and predictable. Therefore, some original metaphors and unusual words motivate the reader to read the text to the end and make a mental effort to finally pay more attention to what he is reading.

    Use verbs instead of nouns.

    Verbs specify information and push the user to do something. For example, writing that a product “helps save € 20 a month” is much more convincing than a “low priced” structure.

    Provide quantitative data.

    Based on the above example, it becomes clear that the tangible results and the specific quantitative data (eg “save 25% of the cost of electricity each month”) are as explanatory and efficient as needed, to attract the reader’s interest.

    Consider SEO as well.

    On-page SEO is directly related to CRO. The text on each page must include the keywords you are targeting, as well as variations thereof, in order to qualify for the LSI in Google Algorithm. Of course, the texts should never mechanically repeat the keywords. In order for SEO to keep pace with the CRO, it is essential that we address the real people and not the search engines.

    Contact the ideal buyer.

    This is a tip that applies to everything we do in marketing. We must always keep in mind who we are addressing and have created the profile of the ideal buyer (buyer persona). Only then will you know exactly how to structure your texts. For example, how simple or complex you will make your text, what language metaphors you will use and what vocabulary you will have, depends on your audience, their age, educational and social level, etc.

    Emphasize the advantages, not the features.

    In the description of a product it does not make sense to mention in detail its features, unless you clearly state how they will benefit the user. In particular, it is good to answer clearly the question that each user has in mind: “What is the solution that this product gives me to the problem I have?”. For example, if you sell energy efficient aluminum frames, it is much more cost effective to increase the conversion rate by saying that they help maintain the right temperature in the house and reduce electricity bills, rather than analyzing in depth the materials from which are made or their mechanisms.

    Write Calls to Actions successfully.

    On each page, you should have phrases like “Buy” or “Subscribe to the list” that ask the user to take action. In order for these phrases to be effective and more effective, there are specific instructions, such as the use of verbs and words with specific content, the imperative inflection, etc.

    In conclusion, a significant part of the CRO is related to the writing of successful texts and the remodeling of existing ones, which have the potential to lead to more sales, even if the traffic does not increase at all. This is a strategy that requires experience and great attention to the smallest detail, as is generally the case in the CRO. Contact us to make specific suggestions on how to have maximum success.

    Article Writing: Tsotsou Alexianna

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