▷Drag’n Survey – Our opinion on this online questionnaire solution 2020

    Whether it is to measure the satisfaction of your customers after the release of a new product or to conduct a survey within your company, online questionnaires are a valuable tool. Among the various solutions on the market, there is Drag’n Survey. This is a very easy to use tool that will allow you to create your surveys in just a few minutes. In this article, we will present the tool in detail, the offers and prices offered. Finally, we’ll give you our opinion on whether Drag’n Survey is right for YOU!

    drag n survey review

    Test and opinion of the Drag’n Survey tool, the summary

    Drag’n Survey in a few words

    Drag’n Survey is a London tool with more than 200,000 users, and which is intended for the creation of online questionnaire. Extremely easy to use, you will be accompanied from A to Z in the creation of your surveys or your polls. This tool is ideal for collecting the opinions of your customers or the feelings of your employees after training, for example. The surveys you create will be fully customizable in order to add your brand image. Real-time results and analyzes will allow you to better target your customers’ expectations. Compliant with GDPR standards, users who own their data, Drag’n Survey leaves nothing to chance regarding data protection.

    Drag’n Survey pricing offers

    Drag’n Survey is accessible regardless of your level of use. If you want to create a quiz once in a while, the free version will probably suffice. On the other hand, if you want regular questionnaires, with a lot of questions and without being limited by the number of respondents, you will have to upgrade to a paid version. It is important to note that, when creating your account, a Premium or Plus offer is free for 15 days without payment information. Now let’s see in more detail the different price offers offered:

    • The free version. First of all, it is important to note that you can use Drag’n Survey completely free of charge and forever. With this version you will be able to create an unlimited number of questionnaires, add 20 questions per survey, use 13 different designs or benefit from automatic data analysis.
    • The Plus plan. For 240 € per year or 24 € per month (without obligation), you can add your logo in your questionnaires, have up to 2000 respondents per survey or even export your collected data in Excel or PDF format.
    • The Premium package. For 490 € per year or 49 € per month (still without commitment), the number of respondents per survey will now be unlimited. In addition, you can follow up and relaunch email campaigns or set up a customizable redirection of respondents at the end of the questionnaire.

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    How to create a questionnaire on Drag’n Survey?

    Several steps are necessary for the construction of a survey on Drag’n Survey.

    Construction of the questionnaire

    That’s it, you have created your account and are now ready to create your first questionnaire. At the very beginning of configuring it, you will have to choose between starting from scratch or creating a survey by choosing one of the templates offered by Drag’n Survey.


    To start with, we decided to use one of the models on offer.


    Before you begin, the tool asks you a few questions to find out a little more about your intentions. You will need to choose the template category before choosing the quiz you want to use. The available categories are “Consumption, Training, Events, Human Resources, Health”.


    You now arrive in a sort of “dashboard” of your future questionnaire. Although you have chosen a category, the automatically defined questions may not be suitable for you. It is at this stage that the “drag and drop” function offered by Drag’n Survey comes into play.

    On the right side of the page you can see a large number of questions: yes / no, multiple choice, choice of images, percentage etc. whatever it takes to ask the questions you want. Using a simple drag and drop, select the question you want and drag wherever you want inside the questionnaire. Very easy to get started, even for beginners with this type of tool. When building your survey, you also have access to a number of options like:

    • Whether or not your logo is displayed,
    • Whether or not the progress bar is displayed,
    • Customization of colors and background image,
    • Automatic scrolling or not,
    • Or the personalization of the “validate” button

    Collecting responses

    The creation and configuration of your survey is now complete. It’s time to move on to setting up a “collector”. A collector is simply a way for you to collect the answers to your questionnaire.


    Several collectors are available: web link, widget, QR Code, email or respondent panel. In the example above, we have chosen “Web link”. You will need to give your collector a title and tick the boxes you want. For example, we have decided to accept only one response per IP address and to redirect the respondent to our site at the end of the questionnaire. The principle is the same for the other collectors except for the “panel of respondents”. Here, you will have to choose the distribution by age, gender or even geographic sector of your respondents.

    Analysis of the results

    You have now created your own questionnaire but also a collector for collecting all the responses. It’s time to get down to statistics.


    As you can see, our questionnaire has not been distributed, we do not yet have statistics. However, see what you can access:

    • The total number of questions,
    • The total number of respondents,
    • The average time spent completing the survey
    • Or the survey completion rate.

    The big advantage here is that the statistics that will appear will be in real time and visible in the form of graphs. You can export them to Excel or PDF format. It is also possible to apply filters on the results. You can thus bring out the information that interests you.

    A suitable tool for businesses

    Drag’n Survey offers a very interesting feature for companies: the possibility of creating “child” accounts. These child accounts are used to supervise all the questionnaires created by the different branches of a company (HR assessment, marketing survey, questions about training, etc.), but also to centralize all the data. If data centralization is essential for your business, Drag’n Survey will meet this need.

    If you have the slightest problem with getting started with this feature (or any other feature), you can visit the Drag’n Survey blog, the FAQs, call them or send a personalized request by email. Not to mention that if no one answers the phone, they will call you back as soon as possible. In short, complete support if you encounter the slightest difficulty.

    Conclusion – Our opinion on Drag’n Survey

    If you are looking for a tool to quickly and easily create your questionnaires, Drag’n Survey could be the lucky one. No superfluous features, only those necessary to create valuable surveys for your business. However, and like all software on the market, it has some weak points. Here is a quick list of the main strengths and weaknesses of Drag’n Survey so that you can make up your own mind.

    • Predefined survey models that will save you precious time,
    • About ten standard questions (percentage, ranking, image rating etc.),
    • You have the possibility to completely personalize your questionnaire,
    • The possibility of exporting the results in Excel or PDF format,
    • A monitoring function for all surveys created.
    • 20 questions per survey with the free offer
    • With the free offer, you will be limited to 200 responses per questionnaire.

    Try Drag’n Survey for free

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