▷E-commerce: what are the advantages of having a virtual store

    The news about to create a virtual store in London are the best possible. THE e-commerce has increasingly presented great growth in the London market, what brings more security and encourages consumers to shop online more often.

    Studies show that, by the year 2020, about 50% of purchases will be made online, that is, physical stores will not be the first option for Brazilians. THE e-commerce it offers comfort and ease for consumers and also for the owners of this type of company.

    A survey of Google showed that e-commerce sales will double in five years, reaching R $ 85 billion. In addition, until 2021, the sector’s growth will be, on average, 12.4% per year.

    These are impressive numbers and they demonstrate new opportunities and space for businesses to be created, reinvent themselves and consolidate. It is also important to emphasize that the space that will be gaining more attention by consumers will be virtual stores. It is considered one of main sales channels with electronic commerce (e-commerce).

    An virtual store is a tool that aims to promote negotiations of purchase and sale of products through the internet. Operating in the segment is simpler and much cheaper when compared to the investment made when setting up a physical company.

    Thus, create a virtual store can be one investing very advantageous, both for those who sell in marketplace, social network or physical store as for who is starting now.

    If you still need a little push to see the advantages of having a virtual store, continue reading the post!

    Greater consumer reach

    THE virtual store allows you to increase brand reach. This is because it is possible to work only with the image of your company in a more exclusive way, invest in SEO and other marketing techniques specifically, without having to share with other sellers.

    Digital marketing strategies focused on attracting customers are much more effective for virtual stores.

    In addition, a virtual store is open 24 hours a day. At any time of the day, any day of the week, your customer can research, view and buy your products.

    Safer and more reliable

    To sell on marketplace or social network, you are using a platform that can change at any time. Your rules may change or even the way it works, which may end up not being beneficial for your business.

    Having a Virtual store, you have a space that is totally yours. IS stable and secure. There are all your loyal customers and their registered products.

    To have a Virtual store secure for you and your customers, it’s important to think about the platform on which your e-commerce will be hosted. The e-commerce platform is one of the main parts of a Virtual store. She is the system responsible for the management of the virtual store and all its internal functioning.

    ISET, for example, is one of the the only e-commerce platforms in London to maintain availability over 99.8% and go smoothly through the latest Black Fridays with 100% availability on all services.

    Low maintenance cost

    If compared to any physical business, a Virtual store has lower deployment and maintenance costs, especially when you need to expand your market.

    Furthermore, in a Virtual store you can modify the layout, add tools, among other measures tailored to your target audience – something that is not always possible in a marketplace or social network – free of charge!

    Increased product visibility

    A customer who enters a Virtual store you can find any product you sell much easier. With search tools and filters, consumers will find what they want from quickly and easily.

    Unlike the social networks, in which information ends up getting lost in the steady stream of posts; and marketplaces, where your competitors’ ads are next to yours, virtual stores are organized and easy navigation.

    Better control of orders and reports

    THE Virtual store not only promotes practicality at any time, as also enables careful control of each order. THE sales management with the help of a e-commerce platform and much more practical and organized.

    An good e-commerce platform provides numerous reports: access, traffic origin, abandoned carts, customers, orders, payments, products, user audits and more.

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    This article was developed by iSET: a E-commerce platform complete to create a virtual store that really has results, where you find all the necessary resources to create a store from scratch or sell over the internet more profitably.

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