▷Facebook algorithm and ad display

    Starting with the basics we would say that Facebook’s goal is to keep users interested by showing them content (and ads are a form of content) that interests them. Consequently, both the bidding system and the algorithm have been designed with this in mind.

    It should be noted here that when we talk about the Facebook algorithm we are essentially referring to one of the most powerful algorithms in the world.

    The algorithm creates a system that decides when and where the ads will be placed while the auction decides which ad will be displayed to whom user.

    The advertisers on Facebook compete for the top position of the news feed but also the most appropriate timing. The ads are ranked in the auction based on engagement, audience and bid. In order for an advertisement to achieve as many impressions as possible but also better results, it needs amazing engagement (comments, notifications, reactions), a suitable target audience for our advertisement and the appropriate objective (campaign) at the campaign level, to cover that due audience.

    An algorithm that learns

    There is a stage at the beginning of an ad group, in which the algorithm learns the ad, the target audience and how to distribute it as efficiently as possible. You will have heard this stage as a Learning Phase. The more an ad is displayed, the better the algorithm responds, finding ways to display the advertisement at the lowest possible cost to the right target audience in the most effective way.

    But what does it take to complete the learning phase? 50 actions according to the objective you have set in each ad set, for example 50 conversions in a conversion campaign. If it does not reach the limit of 50, then it remains permanently in a stage called: learning limited stage (learning limited), until you make some relevant change. Since through the trial & error of the Facebook algorithm, a campaign when it completes the learning phase is optimized, it will be good to give the necessary time to your campaigns before deciding whether to make changes or not.

    Find out how ads are distributed on Facebook

    You will find it in the Ads Manager in the “Delivery” column

    As mentioned above, ads are more effective when they are out of the learning phase, so when designing a campaign it is good to keep this in mind to give them the time they need. You can speed up the learning phase by giving more money at the beginning of the campaign, to “catch” the required Conversions faster. Finally, let go of the learning phase before making any changes to your campaign. Every change before the 50 actions leads you back to the beginning.

    Your ads should not return to the learning stage.

    What do you need to do to avoid setbacks?

    1. Make gradual changes to your advertising budget. If you are going to increase your budget, do it by 10% every time. A sharp big change in the budget will turn our campaign back to the learning phase.

    2. Avoid changes in offers (bids) but also in the targeted event in Conversion campaigns.

    3. Make total changes to the creative (texts and photos). if necessary. And if you want to change again, let a week pass for the algorithm to learn.

    Analyze ad performance with the Inspect tool

    Once three days of data have been collected, you can check the performance of your ads with the inspect tool

    The inspect concerns campaigns with the following objectives: generating traffic (traffic), downloading applications (app installs), data collection (lead generation) and conversions (conversions).

    What does it show us?

    1. The details of the competition regarding the auction.
    2. How much the learning stage has affected the ads.
    3. The percentage of users exposed to the ad for the first time.
    4. The changes you have made to the campaign to determine the effect they had.


    Anchor/>Advertising on Facebook is about a well-coordinated combination of the creative piece at the same time with the constant monitoring, analysis and correction of the Campaigns. The competition is huge and so we need to make thoughtful moves to be able to stand out and make sense of both the cost and the time we devote. Our goal is to make the algorithm work in our favor!

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