▷Free logo maker: 5 tools to create professional logos

    Creative and attractive logos are essential for brands looking to gain space in their audience’s memory. But often, the cost of a design professional’s work does not fit the budget of a new business.

    The truth is that working with little money is part of the skills that any entrepreneur should study before starting his business. Therefore, using a free logo maker is an excellent option for those who want to see their venture born, but need to save money.

    Below is a list of 5 of the main free tools to create your brand logo.

    When it comes to free logo design, Canva stands out for offering an immense amount of templates at a professional level, ready to be used and with numerous customization options, to make them look like your business.

    Starting from scratch or using ready-made templates, you will have several fonts, colors, icons and elements that will help to define your brand identity.

    The logo maker has a very intuitive and easy to use interface. Just click and drag. This makes it possible for anyone using the tool to create excellent designs, even without in-depth graphic knowledge.

    Best of all, the variety offered by the company is not limited to just creating logos. The tool also allows you to create different categories of designs, from business cards and letterheads to publications for social networks. Did these functions pique your interest? Check out our article on how to use Canva.

    Entrepreneurs who prefer to do everything through their smartphones or tablets can download the Canva app and make their creations wherever they are.

    The created logos are saved in your profile and can be edited later. In addition, this is one of the only tools that offers your logo with options besides png. After finalizing your creation, you can download the files for free in the following formats: png, jpg, standard PDF and PDF for printing.

    company logo Canva

    Zyro is one of the best website builders on the market and also has its own free tool for creating logos, with simplicity as its strong point.

    Its interface only has what is necessary for the creation of logos: space for the name, space for slogan, a small selection of fonts and the possibility of inserting an icon.

    This approach that encourages minimalist designs accompanied by intuitive and friendly tools makes Zyro a great option for those who have never had experience with graphic arts.

    When you finish creating the logo for your business, you can generate and download a file in png format with no background, which facilitates its use and application in other editing tools.

    company logo Zyro

    SquareSpace has a free logo creator that differentiates itself from others by generating high resolution files.

    The company that has as its flagship service the creation and hosting of websites, today also offers a great tool to create free logos.

    The SquareSpace logo creator has basic functions such as a collection of icons to be used with the name and slogan, a grid to help align the elements and preview the logo applied to some items at the bottom of the page.

    This makes the tool not scare inexperienced users, but it guarantees the possibility of developing refined and effective designs.

    After you finish creating your logo, you can save and download it as a png with no background and as pngs with black and white or negative application.

    company logo Squarespace

    4. Hatchful, the free Shopify logo maker

    Did you know that online store creator Shopify also offers a logo creator? Hatchful is a free tool that helps entrepreneurs to create a logo for their business for free.

    The free logo maker does not have as many customization features with any of its competitors, but it will guide its users on a simplified creation journey.

    Using Hatchful is very simple: define the segment of your business, choose up to 3 artistic styles, insert your business name and slogan and then choose practical uses of the logo. From there, the tool will generate a series of ready-made templates customized with the name of your company for your choice.

    After selecting the design that you like best, you can customize it. The customization functions are limited and depend on the chosen layout, but it is possible to change fonts, colors, icons and elements used.

    After finishing your logo you will be directed to a download page. To download your brand click on the “download” button and receive a package in your email with files in png format in different resolutions based on the selected practical usage options.

    company logo Hatchful

    Logaster is a free logo maker that offers an affordable logo making journey.

    The tool presents its users with a series of templates based on the themes and icons chosen by the users. These ready-made templates can be edited in a space that offers changes in layout, fonts, icons and an excellent selection of colors.

    When choosing to change the colors of a template generated by the logo maker, you will not need to change the color of each element, but instead choose one among several ready-made color palettes according to a main color.

    This is a very interesting feature for entrepreneurs without knowledge in graphic design, as it facilitates the creation of logos with cohesive visual identities from the choice of colors.

    After finalizing the creation of the logo for your brand, Logaster will offer different options of png files for downloading your logo: applied on white, colored, transparent, negative and black and white versions.

    company logo Logaster

    Tips for creating professional logos

    Before getting your hands dirty and start using the free logo maker that is in line with your way of creating, check out some recommendations and tips for creating logos and stand out from your competitors.

    Brainstorm before you start

    Brainstorming, or brainstorming, is a debate between a group or a survey carried out by just one person with the aim of generating innovative ideas.

    Gather all the information you have about your business, try to think about the main elements connected to your business and let the brainstorm happen. Some will be good, others not so much, but with several options at your disposal just choose the best one.

    Create a simple design

    Less is more. This is a statement that can be applied to various aspects of logo development.

    Forget complex, multi-element designs. They can become confused, easy to forget and difficult to apply to materials such as stationery, facades, uniforms.

    Instead, choose to create simple and minimalist logos, they are generally easier to understand, recognize and be remembered by your audience.

    Search and know your audience

    In our article on how to create ecommerce from scratch we mention the importance of researching your audience.

    Understanding who will buy from your business is an excellent starting point for generating creative ideas that are linked to the theme of your venture.

    Assess your competition, understand what they are doing, identify trends and your audience. The purpose of this exercise is not to copy other businesses, but to do better than them and see opportunities that are not being taken advantage of.

    Think about colors

    A creative logo with great ideas can be bad if the wrong colors are chosen.

    Look for a color palette that is linked to the profile of your business, the tone that will be used in your communication and that matches the graphic concepts.

    Not every logo needs icons

    Logos are design options that show only the company name, without symbols or icons.

    If you have any questions about this type of logo, try to remember Coca-Cola, Google or Visa. They all use only letters in representing their brand.

    If this design line is your style, search through several sources and find one that expresses your company’s tone and values.

    Ready to use a free logo maker?

    We hope that the knowledge and tools to create logos at the professional level that we present will help you and your business take the next step.

    If the next item to be executed in your digital strategy is the creation of a website, consider installing an online chat with Websites Are Us and take advantage of a great tool to track your visitors and start conversations through proactive invitations.

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