▷Free Stock Photos: 18 best options

    Images are powerful. Even before we know it, our eyes are fixed and visual cues without our brain being aware. According to 3M research, evolution is the reason why human beings value visual stimuli so much.

    For this reason, professionals who study and understand this natural habit use images, photos and videos to stimulate emotions, desires and behaviors. As is the case in cinema, advertisements, content strategies, among many other cases.

    Its commercial use is already a standard in the market, however, having a professional in charge only to produce images and photos for a business is something that most companies cannot afford.

    Seeing this need, entrepreneurs took the opportunity and created the image banks. Sites where you can buy single images or pay for access to a limited number of photos through plans.

    Despite the popularity of paid packages, companies and entrepreneurs who are just starting out can take advantage of the results, versatility and creativity that the production of visual content provides using a free image bank.

    To help these people find the best photos and graphic arts at no cost, we’ve prepared this list with 16 of the best free options. Come on?

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    Can everyone use a free image bank?

    Companies and entrepreneurs who need to optimize their marketing strategies and have a budget that does not allow the hiring of a design professional can use banks to facilitate the creation of content.

    In addition, the use of a free image bank prevents businesses from experiencing problems when searching for images on Google and using copyrighted content.

    This is because the image search engine does not differentiate which images are free or not on its results page. So it is safer to use the options provided by the free banks.

    Canva is a free image bank that has millions of free options with professional quality in its collection. They are photographs, illustrations, vectors and elements that can be used to create unique designs in the editing tool offered by the website.

    It is also possible to just download and use the photos available on the website without the need to use its editing features.

    The process is simple, I just need to choose your favorite free images and click on download.

    Canva image bank logo

    With some of the most beautiful images available on the internet for free, the options offered by Unsplash are entirely free from any copyright category. Then, it is possible to download, change, edit and use them commercially without any worries.

    Pexels offers high quality images to its users with a clear policy on the license of their content: it is possible to use the photos for commercial or personal purposes without any problem.

    Your website separates photos by tags, which makes it easier to find that perfect image. In addition, Pexels has a feature where it is possible to download the photographs in customized resolutions, using the size necessary for your projects.

    High quality images, vectors, illustrations and even videos. You can find it all in the free Pixabay image bank.

    The website offers great images for business and marketing strategies. One of its differentials is the filter where it is possible to search for images through a specific size.

    Pixabay image bank logo

    With more than 300 thousand images, Free Images has a huge collection that can be used by design professionals and even people without technical knowledge.

    To download the photos and illustrations available on the website, you need to create a simple and free registration. The site is foreign, but offers accessibility to London users with an option in London.

    RGBStock offers high resolution images to people registered on its website. There, you can search by categories, see the most popular images, the new additions and even check random options.

    Very practical and easy to use. Freepik has an easy-to-navigate layout where you can search for more than half a million photos, vectors, illustrations and even templates ready to use in photoshop.

    The free image bank is well known even among graphic design professionals, who use available resources to make their work easier.

    Using Freepik is very simple, select the preferred free option and click download.

    Freepik Stock Photos Logo

    Burst is one of the most complete free image bank options on our list. The website has a huge variety of photos, images and illustrations that can be used in any type of project.

    Its biggest difference is its own and immensely effective algorithm that makes searching for images an easier task.

    Gratisography’s proposal is to provide unique free images with high resolution and quality.

    If you need funny images, unusual or that arouse some different sensation, remember to do a search there.

    With more than 100,000 items in its free image bank, Pinkwizard also has a design tool that provides basic edits such as adding texts before downloading.

    Those who like the platform can purchase its paid version and use the complete image editor offered by the company.

    Pikwizard image bank logo

    Rawpixel is a free stock image that could not be left out of our list. The quality of the material offered on the website is so great that the company distributes images even to other banks.

    Its collection is huge and full of options with vectors, illustrations, photographs and graphics. In addition to the free options, you can purchase a plan to use its premium version.

    The Stockvault search engine is one of the best ways to find that specific photo to use in your projects. The website interface offers a very intuitive search and when clicking on an image, it will be possible to check various details about the file.

    All images are free and can be used commercially, however, it will be necessary to conduct your research in English.

    One of Picjumbo’s differentials is the organization of its image collection. It is possible to explore several photos through the themes presented on the website.

    There are thousands of options in high resolution to be able to download, from photos focused on marketing to abstract and artistic photos.

    Picjumbo image bank logo

    Reshot differs from other free image banks in that it has a smaller amount of content. However, this has a reason, the platform values ​​quality and not quantity.

    When choosing some of the excellent photos on the website, check out the distribution method. Some count on free commercial use, others need the attribution of their photographer and a portion cannot be used commercially.

    Freerange Stock has several photographs available, but its greatest quality is the collection of quality illustrations.

    To download the content from the site completely free of charge, you only need to register on the site.

    Kaboom Pics is a free image bank that offers an interesting function in your search engine: it is possible to filter the results of a search through the colors of an image and its date of addition on the website.

    The site is a great option for anyone looking for specific images.

    Kaboompics image bank logo

    Looking for food images to illustrate menus or produce digital content? Check out the Foodiesfeed image collection. The website has a great variety of high resolution images, ready to be used in incredible materials.

    There are more than 400 thousand free image options available in Morguefile for commercial use. There are several styles of photographs with high resolution quality.

    Tips for creating amazing images

    Now that you know where to find professional-level photos and illustrations to use in your marketing strategies and campaigns, how about checking out some tips for producing creative and attractive images?

    • Search for references: a great way to get to know new techniques and styles of graphic arts is to look for the work of professionals on sites like Behance and Ficlkr.
    • Learn with tutorials: the internet has several guides and classes that teach from the basics of editing tools to advanced techniques. Search Google and Youtube to find guides with relevant information.
    • Use a color palette: define the use of a color palette to guarantee unity in the visual identity of your brand.
    • Do not overdo the use of fonts: When creating art, limit the number of fonts used. Try not to exceed 2 types, except for exceptions. This tip will help to make your images more balanced and harmonious.
    • Create your images thinking about the personas: we understand that each of us has a specific personal taste, however, when creating graphic arts it is necessary to think about the options that please your audience the most.

    Ready to use a free image bank and produce amazing art?

    We hope that the free stock image options we have brought to our list can help build a solid content marketing strategy.

    If you are interested in using the free images to create your website, consider adding additional functionality to your pages. Online chat is the preferred service channel for consumers and can be installed very easily. Check out the features and benefits of Websites Are Us that can turn visitors into customers.

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