▷Google Ads: 5 language items that bring more clicks & you have not thought until now

    Google Ads advertising is one of the most competitive and demanding fields, where attention to every detail plays an important role for more clicks. How to structure text within minimum character limit given to you can ensure success if you know exactly what to include.

    One of the biggest challenges for those who write Google Ads ads is that many of their features are unique, meaning we do not find them in other types of ads. It is important to know what the commonalities in all ads are, which the copywriter always takes into account, and what are the specific requirements for Google Ads text.

    In general, the ad text, on whatever platform we come across it and especially when talking about digital environment, should follow the following rules for success:

    • Be consistent with the brand voice and use understandable language.
    • To be addressed to a well-studied target group with specific characteristics.
    • To give due importance to the title, emphasizing the offered benefits that give a solution to a problem.
    • Contain specific quantitative data (eg “Get 5,000 followers on Instagram in 2 weeks”).
    • Mention specific and tangible evidence of product success, such as reviews, testimonials, social proof, etc.
    • Awaken emotions such as caring, curiosity and a sense of security.
    • To emphasize the competitive advantage of the brand.
    • Have a Call to Action that pushes the user to the desired action and creates the feeling of urgency (eg “Buy with 50% discount only until tomorrow”).

    However, ads on Google have some peculiarities, which it is good to pay attention to the one who creates them. So, in addition to the above, we have gathered for you the most successful secrets that they will bring more clicks without any other change or expense.

    Immediate reference to the provided solution

    The structure suggested in the brochures is the reference to the problem and then the description of the solution given with the advertised product or service. However, in Google Ads it is good to adopt the second part. What differentiates Google ads from other ads, such as social media, is that the user automatically searches for the solution to a problem through the search engine. Therefore, it does not make sense to lose words by referring to the problem and then providing the solution, but it is much more efficient to explain the solution directly.

    For example, if the user is looking for “acne control”, the ad that will appear instead of a language structure such as “Do you have an acne problem?” Find the medicine here “it is better to be structured like this:” 100% effectiveness with this medicine against acne “.

    Up-to-date data

    In the extremely small text of Google Ads, anything that can catch the user’s attention and make him think that he will find what he is looking for is more than desirable. In general, in all the ads we have to quote data, but for the above goal it is good to emphasize how relevant it is. So instead of saying ‘Home renovation for higher energy efficiency. 50% electricity savings in the winter months “express it a little differently:” Home renovation for higher energy efficiency. Power saving € 800 in January and February “, provided of course that the specific advertisement appears during the specific months.

    Be completely specific

    Definitely the specific elements help in any advertisement. The proposal “Increase traffic 60% in a month” is more convincing than “See a big increase in traffic”. But in Google Ads you have to be even more specific for even more persuasiveness. That is: “Increase traffic 60% in one month. Our 467 successful projects prove it “.

    Focus on a specific place

    You may be providing your services nationwide or in more cities, but Google Ads will probably focus on a specific location. It is good to mention this in the text of the ad, to show the user that you are on his side and the solution he is looking for is next to him. For example: “Women’s shoes online from the most famous brands. Free shipping throughout Athens “.

    Ideal formula for the title

    If we wanted to summarize a simple formula for the title of the ad, we would say that it consists of the keyword you are aiming for, and your only competitive advantage. This way, you will be able to stay simple and comprehensive. For example: «Women’s shoes online | Branded brands – discounts 60% Free shipping in Athens “.

    Combining good practice in Google Ads with attention to every detail of the text can bring spectacular results. A successful Google Ads campaign depends not only on the investment but also on the experience and knowledge of the secrets that make the difference.

    Article Writing: Tsotsou Alexianna

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