▷Google September 2019 Core Algorithm Update Released! 2020

    Today, a new one has been added to the algorithm updates made by Google in certain periods. the @searchliaiso In a statement from his Twitter account Google September 2019 core algorithm update Google, which he called and announced this update with a post, shared the blog link through the same tweet.

    What is Changing with the September 2019 Core Algorithm Update?

    In fact, Google adds a new one every day, not only at certain times of the year. Each of these updates is not clearly noticeable in search results or in your site traffic. However, core algorithm updates can be described as highly effective updates on search results.

    Google announced on September 24, 2019 that a broad algorithm update is waiting for its websites on its official Twitter account. Based on the sharing and explanation made by Google about the update, let’s examine what awaits you with this update:

    1- Content

    As with every update, the core point in the September 2019 Core Algorithm Update is successful content. If you really trust your content, you will not experience major ranking losses after the update. If there are still points in your content that you need to update, you can do so in line with the criteria we will list below.

    • Your content should be original.
    • Your content should provide comprehensive information relevant to your keywords.
    • The narration style and language you use in your content should be easy to understand by the users.
    • You should make sure that your content can be shared on social media and other platforms.
    • The content on your website should not contain ads that attract users’ attention or make it difficult for them to access the content.
    • Your pages, especially your website, must be mobile-friendly and your content must be well viewed on mobile devices.
    • Your content should be designed to serve the purposes of the users and provide them with the information they are looking for.
    • Your titles should be created in a short and informative manner. It should also be prepared this way in items such as meta description.

    If you observe a decrease in the performance of your pages and content after the September 2019 Core Algorithm, check the pages you have decreased in accordance with the above criteria.

    2- EAT Score

    EAT are English abbreviations for the words Expertise, Competence and Reliability. The explanation of the term or concept is based on the factors of expertise, competence and reliability in the content written. (More information can be found here.)

    The EAT score or rating system is not a direct ranking factor. However, Google is based on EAT Score indirectly. EAT Score is actually a factor directly related to your content. The EAT Score, which emerged with the core algorithm updates made by Google in the past, also comes to the fore with the September update. Therefore, you should examine your content from EAT perspective and examine what you should do.

    Core algorithm updates create longer lasting effects than simple and shallow updates. In addition, these updates cover a long period of several months. Reorganizing your content affected by any algorithm update to another update, or optimizing it in a sense, may not be enough to compensate for the decrease in your website’s rankings. Therefore, while the update is just starting, you need to review and re-optimize your content as soon as possible.

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