▷Home office: what is it, how to work and what tools?

    Working from home is a desire of many Brazilians, but in some moments, such as during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, working from home can stop being a lifestyle option to become the only way to keep your business in hard moments.

    It is true that different types of businesses may find it difficult to migrate from physical channels to the home office environment and, realistically, some professions may actually be unable to adjust.

    Whether because you would like to start doing this or because you need to migrate your entire team to work from home, in this article we cover everything you need to know about home office, what it is, how it works and what tools can help you.

    In fact, a large part of the Websites Are Us team around the world has been working in this way forever, so we know how to help you achieve this goal and ease the transition from the office to your home.

    What is Home Office? How it works?

    The term can be translated directly from English to “home office” and, as already indicated, it deals exactly with people who can, without leaving their home or their environment outside the office, do everything they need to keep their business running.

    Worldwide, millions of people already work from home offices and we can already find several companies that manage their entire team or part of it remotely, as is the case with Websites Are Us itself.

    According to a survey carried out by OWL Labs on statistics on remote work, the home office is a trend that has continued to grow in recent years, and even 56% of companies have possibilities for remote work.

    It is true that some functions and positions are more suitable for this type of approach, such as freelancers, copywriters, programmers, support operators and other positions that work mainly in the digital environment.

    However, in the midst of adverse situations such as the Covid-19 pandemic, several businesses had to adjust within a short period of time to remain in the midst of quarantine orders and social distance, such as owners of ecommerces and stores in the retail, restaurants, personal trainers and even teachers, schools and universities.

    For these positions, working from home can be quite challenging, especially when it comes to maintaining your productivity amid so many distractions. But don’t worry, it is possible to overcome this transition.

    Work at home

    Tips for working from home office

    There are several methodologies, good practices and strategies that you can follow to maintain a good level of productivity and make your work really profit even while you are in the home office.

    Check out 10 of the top tips before you start. But be aware: you will also need tools capable of assisting you in this process – we present several tools for home office later in this article.

    1. Establish your workspace

    The first step to start working this way is to establish exactly what your work space will be, that is, your “home office”.

    This location must have accommodations designed to support your activities, such as a table for your notebook or computer and internet connection.

    If possible, prevent your workplace from being in common areas in your home, such as the living room where the television, kitchen or other environments that are often used by other people with whom you live are located – if you do not live alone.

    Even if you live alone, choosing a workplace away from distractions is an extremely valuable tip to help you stay focused.

    2. Have a stable connection

    It may seem like an obvious tip, but the truth is that to make the home office work, you need a good internet connection, both to access tools necessary to perform your activities, and to stay connected to other members of your team.

    An unstable connection will cause you to lose valuable minutes or even hours of work and, in addition, it will break your concentration and end up frustrating you.

    3. Prepare all the equipment and tools you will need

    Before you start working outside your company’s office, make sure you have all the equipment and tools necessary to carry out your activities and tasks.

    To do this, just ask yourself what is essential to make your work happen. Do you need a computer or smartphone to access your systems? Do you need a camera to broadcast your classes? Do you need a microphone to participate in conference calls?

    Consider all this and prepare your environment so that you will not have difficulties or obstacles during your workday.

    4. Organize your work schedule

    Even if you are working from home, it is crucial to have a well-defined workday – just as it exists for corporate offices. Therefore, set your start, pause and end time.

    The advantage here is being able to choose exactly when you want to start and finish, however, it is important not to be tempted to stop working earlier than you should.

    In addition, if you work with a team, be sure to establish a work schedule that works for all members and make them aware of your own availability.

    Otherwise, you will find yourself talking to your team and working all day, something that will negatively affect your productivity.

    Organize your home office work schedule

    5. Talk about home office with the people you live with

    Chances are that you don’t live alone and share your residence with other people, whether it’s your parents, spouse, children, co-workers, etc.

    When starting to work in this way, it is important to talk to other people so that they begin to train themselves to respect their working hours.

    The start can be challenging, but stay calm and keep training yourself not to lose focus on the activities and tasks you must perform on a daily basis.

    For non-urgent cases, the answer “I am working” must gradually be accepted by other residents in your home office. If this is difficult for your reality, don’t worry, check out our next tips.

    6. Avoid distractions

    Family members and children are distractions that are difficult to avoid, but as we mentioned above, it is possible to create a work environment within your home – even if it takes time.

    However, these are not the only distractions to beware of. Since you are at home and unsupervised, it is not difficult to be tempted to waste several minutes in non-productive activities.

    Therefore, during your working hours, avoid as much as possible:

    • Browse social networks and chat in WhatsApp groups;

    • Procrastinating by accessing pages or reading information not relevant to your work;

    • Watch videos on YouTube or keep the television on;

    • Talk to other people in your home about matters unrelated to your activities;

    • Sleep or take a nap during working hours;

    The problem at hand is that your home is also your resting place, so it is important to strive not to let all the distractions within your reach hinder your performance.

    7. Create discipline to work alone

    You may have heard that working from home “is not for everyone”. There is some truth to this statement, but that does not mean that you cannot train yourself to be able to maintain excellent performance in the home office.

    However, don’t expect this to happen overnight. Over time, discipline yourself to maintain your routine so that you can work alone consistently every day.

    Otherwise, you will end up frustrated not only by the negative results, but also by your own performance.

    8. Take breaks and organize your breaks

    We have already talked about how important it is to have a well-defined workday and, in fact, this also includes determining exactly what your breaks will be, for example for lunch, stretching, etc.

    For this, we recommend that you use methodologies such as the Pomodoro Technique, which involves dividing your work into 25-minute cycles, with 5-minute rests between each cycle and, at the end of 4 cycles, a longer break, of 15 to 30 minutes.

    Pomodoro Technique

    But be aware: for the Pomodoro Technique to work, it is necessary to ensure that you are not interrupted and remain fully focused during each 25-minute cycle.

    9. Maintain good posture

    It may seem like a silly tip, but the truth is that maintaining a good posture makes all the difference in your performance.

    Avoid working lying on your sofa or bed, for example. In addition to poor posture being extremely harmful to your health, it is capable of negatively affecting your results.

    Also, avoid working in pajamas. At first it may seem like an excellent advantage not to have to change your clothes after waking up to start your activities, but the truth is that the way you behave and dress has a big impact on your performance.

    10. Focus on benefits

    Whether by necessity or by choice, working from home does not have to be an arduous, frustrating and tiring task.

    Focus on the benefits of being able to continue performing your activities through the home office and remember that this is something that can help you keep your business alive even during adverse situations, such as the coronavirus pandemic itself.

    Best Home Office Tools

    Now that you know what home office is and have learned best practices to maintain a good level of performance and be productive without leaving your home, you will need tools capable of supporting your business.

    The type of tool ideal for your company will depend on your area of ​​expertise, but in this article we will list general solutions that can be applied to essentially any type of business – especially related to the organization and management of your work team.

    We divide the tools according to their functions so that you can find ideal alternatives according to your reality, check out:

    Customer service

    1. Websites Are Us

    Being able to keep in touch with your customers is crucial, but this task can be challenging for companies used to receiving customers inside the physical store or in their branches and offices.

    To this end, don’t forget that you can install Websites Are Us for free on your business page to chat with customers in real time via online chat, in addition to being able to integrate it with other channels such as social networks, email, phone and callback .

    In addition, you can also take advantage of WAU to keep all your operators and representatives connected and optimize access to information, such as service history, file sharing, transfer of calls and chats, etc.

    We are ready to help you work from home office and not lose sales and business opportunities due to communication with customers!


    Check out other tools that can help you migrate to the home office:

    Communication with the team

    In addition to serving your customers, you certainly need to have an internal communication tool with which you can keep in touch with other members of your team.

    2. Slack

    Slack is a very popular tool for team communication. It is free and allows you to easily create a server for your company, invite all employees and organize different communication channels within the tool.

    Thus, it is easy to separate sectors and keep in touch with all members of your team wherever you are, whether on the computer or on mobile devices – through the mobile app.


    3. Skype

    Skype can also be an excellent option, especially for smaller teams. In addition to allowing you to create group conversations, you can make calls, teleconferences and even videoconferences with the tool.

    The microsoft solution is free and to access it just access the page and register.


    4. Zoom

    If you need a tool to hold teleconferences or videoconferences while working in the home office, Zoom is considered the best option for that.

    In addition to being extremely light, Zoom allows you to share your computer screen with other members in the same conference room.


    5. Google Hangouts

    Google Hangouts is another great option for conference calls. It is also free and can be easily accessed from your email in Gmail.

    In Hangouts, you’ll be able to make calls, send text messages and share documents easily – especially through Google Suite.

    Google Hangouts

    Sharing documents and files

    To be able to work as a team via home office, you will need to be able to share documents, files, images and other types of materials online easily and, in addition, make files easily accessible to those who need to use them.

    5. Google Drive

    We first indicate Google Drive, which allows you to easily create and share text documents, excel spreadsheets, images, videos and essentially any other type of file.

    Google Drive

    6. Dropbox

    As a great alternative to Google Drive, and being more suitable for those who do not need to create digital documents but are looking for a practical way to share them with the whole team, it is also worth checking out how Dropbox can help you.


    Project and team management

    Managing your team’s work can be challenging when you are unable to hold face-to-face meetings due to quarantine and social distance orders. Fortunately, there are alternatives that can help you.

    7. Trello

    Trello is one of the best tools for project management. There, you can easily organize and track both your own activities and delegate tasks to other members of your team.

    It is an excellent way to measure the performance of home office work, as well as being free and having a simple and extremely intuitive interface.


    8. Asana

    For larger teams and more robust businesses, we recommend Asana. It is possible to delimit sectors, make access control, schedule, delegate and track tasks and create a schedule of activities for your entire team.


    Customer relationship management

    In addition to monitoring the work of your team through a project management tool, it is important not to fail to manage each stage of the relationship with customers in your business.

    Therefore, consider also using a CRM tool (Customer Relationship Management) to manage your sales pipeline and have a clear view of all opportunities open to your customers.

    9. Freshsales

    Freshsales offers features so you can track opportunities generated through customer service channels, as well as resources for lead qualification and insights into new opportunities.


    10. Ploomes

    Ploomes, on the other hand, offers you a 360º view of all leads and customers registered in your base, in addition to allowing you to build your own sales funnel within the tool. It also features sales automation to improve your team’s performance – which can be extremely useful for home office work.


    Are you ready to work from home office?

    We hope this article has helped you to understand everything about what home office is and to know tools that can help in your own day to day – especially during a quarantine period.

    Working from home can be really challenging for those who are used to maintaining human contact, but luckily there are plenty of free tools that can help you.

    We recommend that you also read our article with the best online sales tools with solutions that can help you sell from anywhere – as long as you are connected to the internet.

    Finally, don’t forget: Websites Are Us is ready to help you win more and more customers through digital channels.

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