▷How to build a creative online store in 2021?


    Be creative when creating your online store and stand out from the competition


    If you want the year 2020 to end, lie in bed and wait until the new year to put your plans into action. With COVID-19 causing problems everywhere and blocking procedures being relaxed or restricted in different areas, depending on infection rates, we are nowhere near normal. Realistically we will be dealing with this virus for years (certainly decades), so 2021 will not bring a clean area – but it will be a kind of fresh start.

    Now we know which industries are struggling when circumstances change, and which are not. THE e-commerce has been the great success story of this whole crisis. While physical stores (in addition to those considered essential) had to close and deactivate their assets or closed, online sellers remained largely unchanged. Many made more money from so many people stuck at home and looking for ways to feel better.

    So, if you are not feeling ready to launch an entrepreneurial project in the miserable year of 2020, why not delay it until 2021? That way, you will have a clearer sense of what your options are. But how should you approach building an online store next year? Let’s take a look.

    Select a great e-commerce platform

    Although it is possible to build a great online store, with less solid foundations it is extremely difficult and time-consuming. If you know which platform you want for your store, you can make each stage of the development process much easier – having a better, well-functioning store, bringing in many more conversions than it could.

    There are many options on the market, but the suggestion here is obvious. With great themes for mobile devices and a myriad of powerful integrations, Jumpseller can be just what you need to take your store from a fragmented startup to an experienced and profitable competitor. And since a custom domain is included, you can have everything handled in one system.

    Choose a distinct range of products

    One of the easiest ways to make your store look even more creative is to choose a distinct line of products that differs from any other on the market. Having exclusive content is certainly a good idea, but there is not much to say about familiar items. If you can enter an unusual niche or find products that are not common in the online market, you can stand out.

    To increase creativity, try starting with the idea of ​​the product. What would be good to sell? Which products may already exist and which products could be manufactured? After that, it’s time to research, as you need to find some suitable manufacturers or suppliers (here are some useful tips). Negotiate carefully to get the best deals and proceed with caution – you need to prove the viability of the product before betting everything on buying stock.

    Focus on optimizing the customer experience

    Another important way to make your store more creative is to focus on making the customer experience more interesting. Imagine arriving at a store without any prior knowledge. How will it be? How is the colour scheme? Is there anything unique or attractive about the layout? It all comes down to perception. If you do something creative that doesn’t look creative to buyers, you will achieve nothing.

    Research is again vital here. Pay close attention to existing comparable stores, you can see what the common elements are. Perhaps all of these stores use bold colours and attractive product copies; in that case, you can use soft colours and simpler product copies. If you do it in a different way than the others, you will surely stand out. It’s simple.

    Choose a platform that offers many options, choose a product line that draws attention and makes your store look different. If you choose to launch an online store in 2021, these tips will help you make it more creative (and therefore more effective). Good luck!




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