▷How to configure your site to target the global market

    According to a recent SEMrush e-sales survey, the United States leads the international market with 42.9% of organic traffic, followed by the United Kingdom (6.7%), Germany (6.2%) and London (4.5%).

    Let’s look at some of the advantages of the global development of an online store:

    • With one click you can reach users all over the world.
    • Multiply your sales by opening up new markets.
    • You make the most of the marketing potential of your business by taking action on different markets and having to “read” many different opportunities to boost sales.
    • Avoid having your eggs in a basket, that is, you do not rely solely on one market to achieve your goals.
    • Through competition from other international stores, you gain valuable knowledge and experience to help you grow further.

    Customizing your store in each country

    Before you start the global development of your store, you should consider two very important parameters in order to configure your site based on the needs of users by country.


    The number one factor for a user to make a conversion is to feel comfortable and hassle-free on a site, to be able to move and buy easily and unhindered. To achieve this, you will need to translate all of the site content into each user’s native language.

    As technology advances, tools are emerging that make translation easy and thus minimize the time and costs required, enabling you to reach more and more users safely by gaining their trust.


    It starts with language and then takes the baton of marketing, which is called to go one step further and become international. There are many sales channels such as social media, Google ads, Marketplace, price comparison sites, affiliate networks, email marketing, etc. For all of the above you will need a data source in the language of each country to have the right impact.

    Be sure to export your product details in the local language so that you do not lose sales and are accepted by many traffic sources that require native language streaming as mandatory.

    Currency / Compatible payment method

    Not all countries in Europe have the same access to payment methods. This practically means that when customizing your site for international operation, you should add a currency converter so that the user can see the value of what he intends to buy in the currency that is familiar to him. This saves him time for conversions and makes him feel safe and confident.

    At the same time, a site with an international impact should provide payment methods compatible with many countries. The stakes are high but not huge as there are relevant tools on the market that make it easy for both the user and the shopkeeper. One of them, perhaps the best known, is Stripe, an online electronic payment management platform that can work with many online stores.

    Translation optimization to reach users around the world

    One of the best translation solutions to reach users around the world is GLOTIO. It is a fast, efficient, economical tool and specializes in sites set up in PrestaShop.

    Make sure you meet the following conditions:

    • Automation: automatically translates the entire contents of the store (catalog, products, categories, features, manufacturers, suppliers, attachments, etc.).
    • International Marketing: exporting data streams in all languages ​​to start marketing in new countries and increase your visits.
    • SEO: make sure the translation follows all SEO settings in the default language, which means you can place products organically in each of the countries of choice using its official language or languages.
    • Basic tools for perfect translation:
      • Find and replace: you can always find and replace any word or phrase with another.
      • Word exclusion: you may want to avoid translating certain words, such as brands or suppliers.
      • Smart Dictionary: Since only you and your team know your products better than anyone else, decide how to translate specific words.

    Sales growth

    Translating your site into another language and offering your products or services in the official language (s) of each country will help you reach other types of customers and increase conversion rates.

    By providing the user with a site in his language you help him improve his experience on your site and maximize the conversions he will make. This will boost both the trust and the loyalty of the customers in your brand, while it will automatically increase the sales of your online store.

    Take the following incident as an example: you have seen an amazing pair of shoes on an Italian site and you want to buy them but the product information is in Italian, you have many doubts about exactly what it describes and you can not find help in your language anywhere.

    This will result in you searching for the same product on a site whose language you understand.

    Obviously people tend to buy what (and where) they can understand.

    Conclusion, speak their language and your sales will definitely increase!

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