▷How to make creative stories: check out 9 ideas

    Instagram is one of the most used social networks in the world, according to data provided by the company itself, about one billion accounts access the application every month.

    With all this popularity, the platform has become one of the preferred online communication channels for businesses. One of the tools available on the social network that has been gaining more and more attention from digital marketing strategies is stories, accessed by around 500 million profiles daily.

    This trend is already consolidated on Instagram, as one third of the most viewed stories are made by companies.

    The feature is very advantageous, as it is popular with people who use the network and provides brands with the possibility to increase their engagement, strengthen the relationship with their followers and effectively advertise ads, allowing even instant reactions from consumers.

    To help you produce creative stories that will boost your Instagram results, we’ve prepared 9 tips on how to create stories and suggest some apps that can facilitate your creative process. Come on?

    1. Add stickers and GIFs

    The stickers provided by Instagram have a huge potential to make creative stories. Through them, it is possible to customize your content in a very quick and simple way, making your publications more attractive.

    Through the resource it is possible to add GIFs, their location, music, hashtags, stickers and several other dynamic stickers with the purpose of generating interactions.

    These interactive stickers can be used in a variety of ways to grab the attention of your followers and take them to your direct.

    The efficiency of using the feature is confirmed by Facebook itself, owner of Instagram. According to the company, the performance of stories in video format using stickers is 83% higher than normal videos.

    However, the functionality should be used with care in publications with photos, as using 2 or more stickers can reduce the performance of static stories. In this case, use GIFs or stickers in photos only if they contribute to the idea you want to convey and do not confuse the image.

    Stories heart sticker

    2. Conduct polls and questions

    Polls and questions are resources that are part of the stickers, but they are so important that they deserve to be highlighted.

    It is possible to stimulate a lot of engagement with your audience from these features and even create more content for the stories from the responses sent by followers.

    Polls can also help bring your profile or brand closer to your audience. From interesting questions and related to the topics covered in your social network, it is possible to make followers take part in decisions through their opinions.

    Simple and useful questions like “what color should I use today, blue or black?” or something fun like “is the cookie or cookie correct?” can generate a lot of interaction and help make your followers feel closer to your profile.

    3. Use the Boomerang effect

    Boomerang is a function that edits or records videos using a loop effect. The feature has been around for a long time and is known to most Instagram users.

    To create creative event stories or any situation that is normally recorded through photos, consider recording a video and applying the Boomerang effect to give your content movement and create a more interesting publication.

    The functionality can be used in several ways, to show a new product, at an opening, create teasers, fun videos, what matters is to let your creativity loose to tell a story in just a few seconds.

    4. Use Superzoom

    Superzoom is a native feature of stories and allows you to create creative videos with various themes. As the name suggests, the feature allows abrupt approximations in your videos with elements based on the chosen theme.

    Great for giving a dramatic tone to your everyday content. Superzoom variations range from hearts and camera flashes to comic styling and an animated frame with flames.

    5. Add Filters

    Looking for a way to create more attractive and fun content? Check out the Instagram filter gallery and discover countless incredible effects options that can make all the difference in your stories.

    Augmented reality, touch-ups, color correction and funny effects are some of the most popular filter styles.

    Using them is very simple, just open your story and some suggestions will appear next to the record icon. Drag the filter icons from right to left and look for effects by categories. To test them, touch an option and touch “Try”.

    If you want to go beyond the ready-made options in the gallery, you can create your own filters to make creative stories personalized with your idea or brand.

    Using filters to make creative stories on Instagram

    6. Create games and challenges

    A creative way to generate engagement with stories is to create game mechanics or challenges. Create and make available images that your followers can use to make these interactions more organic.

    Check out some ideas you can use: * Goals of the week: create an image about weekly goals and leave space for people to fill in the fields with their goals in their stories. * This GIF presents me: Create an image template for your followers to use a gif to express how they’re feeling. * This or that?: create a list with several options where people say if they prefer “this or that”. Cookies or biscuits, juice or soda, heat or cold, among many other ideas.

    7. Framing and color harmony

    A very important tip for making creative and attractive stories is to create images or videos using the basic concepts that make a photo beautiful.

    Look for good framings, use the golden rule to make your photos and harmonize the colors of your images with the fonts used, the background of the image and the elements of your brand, if they are inserted in the story.

    8. Record behind-the-scenes stories

    Some people think that only perfect images and materials with high production value should be published on their Instagram. However, Stories is a tool that makes it possible for personalities and brands to get closer to their followers through authentic content.

    This means that a more human approach, showing the backstage of your business, some common moments of everyday life and even some unusual situations can help your profile to create a stronger connection with your audience.

    Of course, not everything should be published, try to maintain common sense to use only curious and funny stories that do not sacrifice your image on the network.

    9. Make videos and animations

    Making creative stories with photos and still images is an easier process, however, adding elements in motion or using videos can make your content more elaborate and attractive to your Instagram followers.

    Search for video editing apps, record your content and closely monitor the performance of your profile to assess which type of content performs best.

    Woman recording videos to make creative stories

    Apps to make your Stories creative

    Now that you’ve checked out several ideas on how to make creative stories, check out our suggested apps that can make this task easier and provide new content possibilities.


    Canva is one of the most complete image editing tools available on the internet. Best of all, it can be used for free. The editor has several options for Instagram templates that can be customized at will, for stories and feed.

    The biggest highlights are the templates for the story that are already ready and can be used with just a few changes. There are thematic options for holidays, layouts and even interactions such as games and challenges.

    After choosing one of the templates, you can change the fonts used, add new elements, change the background, add images and other features that make the content look like your profile.

    Canva can be used through your browser or through Android and iOS mobile devices.

    Hype Type

    How about making creative stories by adding animations to the texts used in your images?

    The Hype Type offers a large collection of text animation that can be added to images in the format of Stories. A great advantage is that the application also offers the option to edit videos and photos, which makes it a versatile tool.

    The Hype Type is only available for iOS devices through the App Store.

    Adobe Spark Post

    With Adobe Spark Post you can add animation effects to your images or videos, adjust the size of images for social networks, add filters, images and fonts to create incredible stories.

    Adobe Spark Posst is available in the app stores for Android and iOS.


    PhotoGrid allows you to make collages of videos or photos, has the ability to remove objects from images, change the background, do touch-ups and even remove makeup in selfies. It is also possible to add GIFs to your Instagram stories through the app while editing your content.

    You can download PhotoGrid free for Android and iOS devices.


    Looking for a tool to create creative stories with professional design tones? Test Unfold and see what your tools are capable of creatively.

    The app has a wide variety of features and a series of layouts ready to adapt your content. You can also create your creations from scratch using collages, frames and stylized fonts.

    Unfold is very popular and used by many digital influencers. It can be downloaded for free from the app stores for Android and iOS.


    VSCO is another favorite of influencers on Instagram. Through the app, it is possible to capture and edit images with exclusive features, providing creative stories with a professional photo edition.

    Its most used functionality is the filter gallery, which has a series of effects that can adjust the sharpness, clarity of images and skin tone.

    As with several options on this list, VSCO can be used on Android devices as well as iOS devices.


    InShot is a tool that could not be left out of our list of apps for making creative stories.

    Through the app it is possible to adjust and adapt the proportion of your videos, making the challenge of adapting the framing of your content to the format of stories much simpler.

    It is also possible to make video edits, add music, sound effects, animated text, stickers and use transitions between your scenes.

    You can download InShot for Android and iOS mobile devices.


    Mojo is an application that has a feature to create stories using animated effects in photos and videos. Through the templates offered in the app it is possible to make different types of animations, transitions and even the addition of subtitles.

    The application also has its own image bank and about 150 template templates that can be used to create great stories.

    Did you like the app? You can download it from the app stores for Android and iOS.

    Creating a creative story from a photo

    Ready to make creative stories and boost your results?

    We hope that the tips and suggestions of applications collaborate expressively with your creative process in the creation of stories that bring results for your business.

    If you are looking for new strategies for Instagram because it is one of the sales channels for your online store, remember to ensure that your website is prepared to receive leads from the social network. Consider installing Websites Are Us on your page and approach visitors with proactive invitations directly in your online chat.

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