▷How to ‘mite’ in the online store service with Twitter

    Social networks can be the rise or fall of your “empire”, whatever the size. Carrying out service and dissemination through microblogs, such as Twitter, can make a small response be passed on by thousands of people and make your brand known, for better or worse. An example of this is the MasterChef program, which had its scope expanded considerably due to comments from fans on the social network.

    To help you with this task, here are some tips to assess if Twitter is the right social network to promote your online store and make calls through it. Or, as said by the virtual lands, how to make your e-commerce “mite” on the bird’s social network.

    First of all, be sure to check out the features designed to help you convert more visitors with Websites Are Us on your page.

    1. Make sure your target audience is there


    This is a basic lesson: there is no point in going where your audience is not. Among the data released by several surveys, it was found that Twitter users are mostly in the 25 – 34 and 35 – 44 age group. In the 18 – 24 age group, most are on Snapchat, for example. Knowing where you are going is critical to success.

    2. Build your profile well

    Mobile app

    If you decide to go ahead with creating your store profile on Twitter, keep in mind that making a good profile is the first step in the business. At this point, Twitter and Facebook are similar, with the obligation to place a profile photo, preferably with the logo of your ecommerce, a cover image that shows what your business is about – a custom pillow store, for example, can use some of your models arranged on a sofa or bed – a username, location and link to the store, as well as a brief biographical text.

    For your profile name, have preference for entering your company name. If it is not possible, try to put the name with something related to your business. In the same example mentioned above, if the pillow store name is Cushions and the name has already been taken, a good attempt is to try CustomCushions, for example. In the bio, you only have 160 characters, so try to be as brief and concise as possible.

    3. Keep in mind that you have opened a complaints sector

    Sooner or later that chip falls. Not only to promote their products, many users will use the social network to complain about any setbacks. So, get ready to serve your client there. In more complex cases, which require explanations greater than 140 characters, it is always possible to redirect them to other routes, such as live chat tools or email.

    4. What kind of content to publish?


    In addition to publicizing your page and products, you can also use Twitter to publicize posts on your official blog, if you have one. Otherwise, it is always possible to retweet interesting articles about your business area, promote flash promotions or carry out various types of surveys with your users, among others.

    5. Retweets are gold


    Retweets work like Facebook Share. However, unlike Mark Zuckerberg’s social network, Twitter posts are arranged chronologically, with the exception of sponsored posts. So, the more your followers “retweet” your posts, the more reach and visibility for your business you get.

    Research indicates some factors that cause more engagement by users, the biggest one being the inclusion of links, perfect for publicizing a launch, for example. Since tweets have a short expiration date, abuse link shorteners like and to give more space for your product description.

    6. Let your customers show their purchase with a Share button


    Include a share button after completing a purchase at your store. Through it, a buyer can get to know and publicize his ecommerce profile on the social network, being able to attract new buyers or, at least, followers who will follow his launches. A simple but super effective tip.

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    7. Get ready for the purchase button

    One of Twitter’s future plans is to allow its users to buy directly from the social network. That is, today you can use Twitter only for disclosure and a possible redirect to complete the purchase on your page. However, in the future, it will be possible for your potential customers to buy directly there and, the less obstacles to a conversion, the better. In other words, in addition to “mitar”, refer complex customers to your email or chat systems in ecommerce, it is quite possible that you will also be able to open another sales channel for your online store!

    Finally, it is always worth remembering that Twitter cannot be your main service, mainly because the responses are made public. Therefore, it is important to use it as an option, but always offer direct and private ways to contact, using chat systems like Websites Are Us, for example.

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