▷How to stay focused: 10 tips to increase your productivity

    Today, the world is constantly bombarding us with information through the internet, social networks and application notifications. In addition, each person has their own concerns such as debts, deadlines, the need to generate good results, studies, etc. These factors directly influence the ability to focus on an important activity.

    Therefore, it is common to find people looking for ways to optimize their time by performing several tasks simultaneously. However, when they choose to carry out their activities in a multitasking way, these people end up not being able to dedicate themselves completely to just one activity.

    The biggest problem is that working or studying without focus does not generate relevant results and can often even compromise a project, leaving it incomplete.

    We need to recognize that staying focused is not a simple matter, in fact, it is a challenging activity. Especially when there are several factors in your daily life that compete for your attention.

    If you want to learn how to stay focused and ensure success in carrying out your activities, check out the information and tips in our article. Come on?

    Is it really important to learn how to stay focused?

    Productivity is an issue that directly affects the achievement of your goals. People who are unable to maintain their focus are often unable to perform all the activities for which they are responsible.

    Doing everything is not always an option, however, using strategies to optimize your time, improve your rest and ignore distractions are really important steps that will help you stay focused and perform your tasks in the best possible way.

    Maintaining healthy behavior will help achieve your goals, providing personal and professional growth. Therefore, by acting actively to improve your concentration and productivity, it will be possible to overcome your challenges and achieve the desired results.

    How to stay focused on goals

    Obstacles that can decrease your productivity

    Before checking out tips on staying focused on your work or studies, check out some of the main challenges that can compromise your productivity and be prepared to overcome them.

    Constant interruptions

    We live in a unique moment. Due to tectonology, new dynamics of relationships or the use of urban spaces, there are numerous factors that can generate constant interruptions in the work environment.

    This lack of attention impacts productivity in a very expressive way, with some cases decreasing the time worked and decreasing results. After all, the sum of these interruptions can take many hours of your day that could be directed to a productive activity.

    Do multiple tasks simultaneously

    Multitasking is a source of pride for many professionals and even a requirement for hiring in specific work environments. However, this habit does not always generate positive results and can put your productivity at risk.

    This is even an object of study for some scientists. According to research by the trio Joshua S. Rubinstein, David E. Meyer and Jeffrey Evans, performing multitasking can reduce your productivity by up to 40%.

    This is because the sudden shift in focus from one task to another, done repeatedly, causes the brain to spend more energy, creating mental fatigue by accumulating and reducing its cognitive ability.

    It is important to recognize that switching between simple tasks does not have such a high cost for your productivity, however, when dedicating yourself to more complex tasks that require a higher level of attention, working in a multitasking way can be an obstacle in your daily life.

    Internet distractions

    Chat apps, notifications and other digital distractions are responsible for much of the lack of focus these days. Social networks are one of the factors with the greatest negative impact on your productivity, because they create the need to constantly check for news, whether in notifications or in your feeds.


    Nervousness, anxiety and stress have been antagonists of productivity for a long time. These feelings impair your focus, decrease engagement and even generate absences in the work environment.


    How to stay focused: 10 tips that can increase your productivity

    After getting to know some of the main challenges that can hinder your productivity, check out some tips that will help you stay focused while working and studying.

    1. Set daily goals

    Setting daily goals is a very interesting method to increase your productivity. By not having a goal in mind, your attention will be more easily dispersed, whether through interactions or procrastinating with other activities.

    Planning these goals and having clear goals will help keep you motivated throughout the day and make the feeling of completing them even more rewarding.

    Implement this habit in your daily life by planning the activities that need to be done and completed at the end of each day. Also, remember to set realistic goals, otherwise you will have to deal with frustration.

    It is also important to keep your plan up to date, writing down completed tasks and rescheduling complex tasks that require more time.

    2. Work or study strategically

    Instead of dividing your attention on several things at once, define just one task and focus deeply on its execution. An interesting way to start is by choosing the activities that require the most attention, then, just after completing them and achieving your results, move on to activities related to another project.

    Constantly changing activities will decrease your performance in the execution of both, causing neither of them to be completed.

    However, there are times when more than one activity will need to be performed simultaneously, to optimize your attention, perform tasks where the impact of the interruption is less.

    3. Get rid of distractions

    Do you have a very important task that needs to be done? Get rid of distractions! Use automatic messages in your email or phone, disable notifications, close pages of websites and social networks that are not related to your project.

    Try to reduce the possibility of factors that can take your attention and hinder your performance. Explain to your colleagues or family about how to stay focused at this point is important so that they can contribute, in a comprehensive manner, with your dedication to the activity that needs to be completed.


    4. Start saying no

    Being helpful in helping colleagues is a characteristic valued by everyone. However, failing to say no and saying yes to everything is behavior that can affect your results.

    Define what you want to achieve, make goals to achieve these results and put them on a to-do list. After all, your time is very precious, so it needs to be respected and well used.

    Also learn to say no to goals that are no longer interesting. In this way, it will be possible to give up functions that are not your focus and do not contribute to the results you want to achieve.

    This process is very important, as being able to put aside the tasks you don’t need to do will leave your mind less concerned and more focused.

    5. Focus on one activity at a time

    As we explained previously, doing multiple tasks simultaneously and switching between activities quickly is a behavior that compromises your performance. Assess your day’s goals, then choose the most important task and work exclusively to complete it.

    So, before devoting your entire focus to a new complex project, take a short break and complete some of the simpler activities.

    6. Learn how to maintain auto focus

    Plan your ideal routine to create habits that will collaborate with the natural execution of your tasks. Get the tools needed to execute that project ready and set a specific time to fulfill them.

    Calendars and reminders are allies in the development of these habits, in addition, to reinforce this behavior, give rewards to yourself for reaching the defined goals.

    The time will come when these actions will be natural and will be an integral part of your routine, reducing resistance to adversity. In this way, it will be possible to keep your focus, energy and attention for projects that escape the script and need more attention.

    Auto focus

    7. Maintain a favorable environment

    The distractions and interruptions that can take your focus away can also be directly linked to your study or work environment. Therefore, take steps to minimize the number of unexpected visits.

    Keep an organized, clean and pleasant environment, where the items needed to carry out your project are easily accessible.

    Try to avoid the distractions of your environment, in a home office environment turn off the television, remove notifications from your cell phone and make it clear what your working hours are, so that you can be respected. In a corporate environment, avoid games and conversations that arise in the office.

    8. Visualize your goals

    Finding a method of viewing your to-do list and putting it into practice is just as important as creating it. Constantly visualizing your goals is one of the essential steps on how to stay focused.

    The tools to manage tasks are very important in managing a high demand for activities, ensuring that none will be left out.

    This can be done using simpler options such as notebooks and calendars or digital productivity platforms such as Trello, Asana, Google Calendar, among many other options available for free on the internet.

    9. Take a few breaks

    Working for 8 hours straight is considered the standard by many people and, in some cases, can yield good results. However, this will not guarantee that your performance will be better, and may even result in the opposite, increasing your tiredness and making activities boring.

    If possible, schedule breaks while planning days worked and activities that need to be performed.

    An excellent way to manage your time to adopt scheduled intervals is to use the Pomodoro Technique. A method that divides your time in cycles 25 minutes of work, accompanied by 3 to 5 minutes of interval. Then, after 4 complete cycles, it allows 15 to 30 minutes of rest.

    Break after working period with pomodoro method

    10. Lead a healthy life

    It may seem like a cliché, but we can’t talk about staying focused without remembering the importance of maintaining a healthy body.

    Regardless of your efficiency and the amount of work you can do one day, if your health is not well, maintaining productivity and quality of work while respecting deadlines will be increasingly difficult.

    So rethink your lifestyle and make choices to make it healthier. Try to maintain a balanced diet and exercise regularly. Also remember that sleep quality has a big impact on your ability to stay focused.

    Learn how to stay focused to improve your work and study productivity?

    We understand that working and studying with quality is something that significantly impacts everyone’s life. Learning how to stay focused to achieve your goals is an essential step in this process.

    Take advantage of these tips and put them into practice to learn more about your area of ​​expertise or find a new career by studying with the best online courses available on the internet.

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