▷How to use and create GIFs on Instagram

    GIFs are fun, expressive animated images, are all over the internet and have the greatest potential for the ability to cause empathy. This is one of the main reasons why people love to use them on different social networks.

    It is very common to see GIFS on Instagram, after all, the main function of the network is the sharing of content through images and videos. This is a great way to generate engagement and increase the connection of brands or digital influencers with your followers.

    However, many people do not understand how the use of this social media format works. If you want to learn how to use GIFs on Instagram, Stories and even create your own custom animations, check out our content.

    What are GIFs?

    The first step in learning how to use GIFs on Instagram is to understand exactly what they are.

    The name “GIF” is an acronym for the English term Graphics Interchange Format, which can be translated as Graphics Interchange Format, a format that can generate animated or static images.

    As much as the file is an animation category, contrary to what many think, GIFs are not videos. In fact, they are the result of joining several low resolution images passed in sequence, creating the impression of movement and have no audio.

    This method of sharing content was created in 1987, to make it possible to share animations within the limitations that the internet offered at the time. Since then, the content format has conquered the world and remains extremely popular to this day.

    alt image text

    Is it worth using GIFs on Instagram?

    It is normal to find countless fun, cute GIFs and movie clips. The format is already known and used by most users of the social network and brings advantages to content marketing strategies.

    The media format is animated, which can provide higher engagement rates with your audience. In addition, the animations are very light and fast to load, this implies more effective ads and content for mobile users and people who do not have a good connection.

    Finally, the use of GIFs is a relaxed way of bringing brands closer to their consumers. An effective way to generate customer engagement and retention.

    How to post a GIF to Instagram stories and feed

    Now that you understand more about the format and the advantages of using it, check out how easy it is to start using GIF on Instagram.

    Publishing GIFs on your computer or smartphone

    1. Search for and download the GIF you want to publish. Google Images, GIPHY and Tenor are some options to perform the search.
    2. If the download option is not available, click on “Share” and copy the link.
    3. Search for a site like or to convert GIF to video.
    4. Convert to .mp4 format, download and publish from your gallery.

    Publishing GIFs through the GIPHY app

    1. Open the GIPHY app, log in and search for the option you want to share on Instagram.
    2. Click the Instagram icon. If it is not showing, click on the “+” icon.
    3. Choose where you want to publish: feed or stories.
    4. GIPHY will generate a video from the chosen GIF, leaving it ready to be shared.

    6 tools to create your own GIFs

    In addition to having numerous animated GIFs ready to be used on the internet, it is easy to create personalized content using the format to express your creativity. Animations can be made from sequences of photos, video clips and even recording with your cell phone camera.

    We created a list of the main tools used to create GIFs that can help boost your content strategy and the relationship with your followers on Instagram.

    1. GIPHY

    GIPHY is one of the largest community for sharing GIFs and animated stickers, also known as stickers.

    Through its computer version or its application it is possible to create GIFs from videos on YouTube, videos saved in your gallery or with your cell phone camera.

    These functions can be accessed in the GIF Maker tab, where you can paste the address of a video on YouTube or upload your own files. Then, the tool will offer functionality in a timeline where you can choose the duration, start, end and create loops.

    In addition, it is possible to personalize your content by adding texts, icons and stickers made available by GIPHY itself.

    Company logo GIPHY

    2. IMGFLIP

    IMGFLIP is one of the most complete online tools for creating animated GIFs. On the platform it is also possible to upload videos to your library or use the video address on YouTube to create animations in the format. In addition, it is possible to create GIFs from image sequences.

    The platform recommends using the .mp4 and .ogg formats in your creations, resulting in better quality animations. In addition, you can choose the speed of the loops, width and height of your animations.

    The tool can be used for free, however, the result will display the name of the site. However, users who like and find the platform practical, can use its paid version to create GIFs without the marks.

    IMGFLIP website logo

    3. Photoshop

    Anyone who wants to create GIFs literally from scratch, with the possibility of a final product with professional quality can use Photoshop.

    The most current versions of the image editing tool made by Adobe have the resources to create animations frame by frame. Check out a guide below on how to make your GIFs using Photoshop.

    1. Create a new file and open the images or elements that will be animated.
    2. Click on the “Window” tab, then click on the “Timeline” option.
    3. Duplicate and modify the layers to generate movement.
    4. Organize your layers according to the first and last frame of the animation.
    5. Turn off the preview of all layers except the first one, as this will be the starting frame.
    6. In the timeline, adjust the duration of the frame and check the option “Forever”.
    7. Create a new frame.
    8. Turn off the display of the first frame and enable the display of the second frame. Repeat the process until the last layer of the animation.
    9. Click on the “File” tab and export your file in the desired format.
    10. For GIFs, choose the “Save to Web” option, select “GIF” and click “Ok.”
    11. To export a version in .mp4, which can be shared directly on Instagram, click on the “File” tab, then click on “Export”, finally click on “Video Render”.

    Photoshop software logo

    4. Make a GIF

    Another interesting tool for creating GIFs for Instagram is Make a GIF. It is possible to create animations in the tool through sequences of still images, videos saved on your computer, YouTube links and videos captured by the webcam.

    The website can be used to create free GIFs that last up to 5 seconds, as users who register on the platform can create animations with a maximum duration of 10 seconds.

    Site logo Make a GIF

    5. ImgPlay

    ImgPlay is an application that has simple ways to create GIFs through cell phones using photos and videos. As with other options on the list, you can use the smartphone camera to record directly from the app.

    It is also possible to adjust the frame rate in the animations, use filters, reverse the playback direction and share the creations directly from the application.

    ImgPlay app logo

    6. ezGIF

    EzGIF has several features to create creative GIFs for Instagram. The tool supports a sequence of up to 2000 images to produce an animation, as long as the file size does not exceed 6MB.

    On the website, you can convert videos from YouTube or your gallery, resize, crop, optimize, add effects and text to GIF.

    EzGIF website logo

    How to add personalized business stickers to your stories

    In addition to directly publishing animations to Instagram Stories, you can also use stickers, animated stickers that can make your content more creative, fun and interesting.

    There is also the possibility to create animated stickers to use in your content and make available to your followers. They are great for generating engagement and can even be used as calls to action in stories, such as “Drag up” or “Check out the new content in the feed”.

    However, not everyone has access to this functionality. In order to create personalized stickers, you need a brand account on the GIPHY website, an account of your brand verified by the platform.

    If you want to share customized stickers for your business, follow the steps in our guide on how to request verification of your company’s account.

    1. Create a GIPHY account using your company’s corporate email.
    2. Complete your profile information.
    3. Upload at least 5 GIFs created by you or your company.
    4. Access the registration form for brand accounts.
    5. Tick ​​your application for a brand channel and check the terms of service to see if your application is eligible.
    6. Fill in the email space with an email account created on your company’s domain. 1. Choose your username, try to simplify so that followers can find your work.
    7. Fill in your full name in “Contact Name”.
    8. In the “Website” field, enter your company’s website. Social network pages are not valid for the application.
    9. In “Social Profile” use the address of your main social network.
    10. If your brand is a subsidiary of another company, fill in this information in the “Parent Company” field.
    11. Enter your location in the “Location” field
    12. Upload an avatar to your account. The format can be jpg, png or gif and must be 250 x 250 in size.
    13. Finally, click on “Submit Application” and wait for GIPHY’s reply in the email used for registration.

    When your account gets verified, you can search for your company’s stickers in the stories using the GIF feature on Instagram.

    Ready to boost your content strategy using GIF on Instagram?

    We hope that our article has helped you find new options for planning and campaigns through GIFs on Instagram.

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