▷How to use Corporate WhatsApp in your business

    The influence and popularity of WhatsApp in London are indisputable. According to data collected by Folha, more than 120 million Brazilians use the messaging app and 59% of these users leave the app on the main screen of their smartphone.

    Seeing opportunities, entrepreneurs also joined the use of the application. According to data collected by SEBRAE, about 72% of store owners and small businesses use Corporate WhatsApp in their businesses.

    The use of the messaging app as a professional service channel has become a trend because the method generates results. Through the messaging application, companies can provide a faster and more humanized service to their customers, using a wide variety of resources and responding in real time.

    If you are interested in starting to use Corporate WhatsApp in your business to better serve your audience, keep checking the article. Here, we will teach you how to create your company’s business profile on the app and the main benefits that its features bring.

    What is Corporate WhatsApp?

    The corporate version of the application is called WhatsApp Business. It has different features than the basic version of the app.

    In it, it is possible to create a business profile for your company, gaining access to some exclusive profile features, allowing the inclusion of strategic information such as: company address, description, business email address and website with a direct access link.

    Another important factor is the distinction between business accounts in the application. There are regular profiles and official profiles.

    Official profiles are different from the other profile category in that they are officially recognized by WhatsApp through a seal that can be seen by customers, proving the legitimacy of your business communication channel.

    However, new accounts created in WhatsApp commercial are always categorized as regular commercial profiles, but which offer the features presented by the tool.

    What is needed to secure your official WhatsApp account badge?

    The official account seal provides credibility and confidence to consumers who use the app to contact a company. Therefore, most new users of Corporate WhatsApp want to have their profile officially confirmed.

    However, the method of acquiring the official seal is not disclosed by the company responsible for administering the application. For this reason, there are no guides or direct actions that imply the approval of a profile.

    In spite of this, maintaining updated information about your business and ensuring that the use of the application respects the company’s terms of services can eventually generate verification with an official profile on the platform.

    Corporate WhatsApp profile with verification stamp

    How to create a corporate account on WhatsApp?

    It is easy and free to create a corporate account on WhatsApp. However, people who wish to use a cell phone number that is already registered in the standard version of the application need to take some special precautions.

    Check out the guide below to create an account and start using Corporate WhatsApp. If your number is already used in an account in the standard application, follow all the steps from the item 1. If your number is new and available, start from the item 5.

    1. Access the standard WhatsApp application on your device.
    2. Touch the three vertical dots icon and then touch “Settings”.
    3. Tap “Conversations” and then “Backup conversations”.
    4. Set up your Google Drive login and then tap “Backup””. This procedure helps you to ensure that you will not lose any contact or message during the migration of your account to the business profile on WhatsApp Business.
    5. Download the WhatsApp Business app on your smartphone through Google Play for Android or the App Store for iOS.
    6. Open the app and tap “Agree” and continue so that it has the necessary permissions to work properly. You will need access to your contacts, photos and files.
    7. Enter the phone number that will be used in your corporate WhatsApp profile.
    8. You will need to accept the migration of the number, if it is already registered in the standard version of the application.
    9. Tap “Continue” and enter the code that you will receive directly on your device to confirm your account.

    After following the directions, your business account will be created. Finally, fill in the information fields with the most up-to-date data about your business and your profile will be ready to offer service to your consumers.

    Discover the features and benefits of Corporate WhatsApp

    In addition to having all the functions that the standard application has, WhatsApp Corporativo also features exclusive features aimed at companies that can offer professional level customer service through the tool.

    Find out what these exclusive features are for the commercial version of the app and start selling more in your business using online chat in your digital marketing strategy.

    Automatic messages

    In the commercial version of the application it is possible to set up automatic messages to welcome new customers, inform them of their opening hours and even notify them when they are away or busy.

    This feature can also be used in other creative ways, with automatic messages that talk about new products, alert about offers and even offer discount coupons.

    Hang tags

    A common resource on CRM, Customer Relationship Management platforms. Through them it is possible to easily mark and track the status of conversations.

    Using the labels, it is possible to set up indicators and reminders that can help you or the person in charge to define which communication stage each consumer is in. Some examples of labels are: “send budget”, “await return”, “open order”, “paid order” and “awaiting product”.

    Customized options can be created to help organize your service.

    Quick answers

    The “quick responses” functionality is used to create shortcuts to more complete messages, making their use more practical and service faster.

    Through the resource it is possible to define a shortcut to detailed information about products, teach the steps of some process that must be done on your website or service, send the complete opening hours of your business, among several options.

    Try to map which are the most frequent doubts of your customers and create shortcuts to respond quickly, ensuring the satisfaction of consumers in your service.


    Corporate WhatsApp also gives its users access to its metrics. You can find data about messages sent, delivered, opened and read. Keeping up with these statistics is a valid way to assess how well the service offered by your company is through the application.

    6 tips to serve well through WhatsApp Corporate

    After learning everything you need to create your business account on Corporate WhatsApp, check out some tips that can help improve the quality of your service through online chat.

    Use a direct link to WhatsApp

    Create a direct link to WhatsApp and use it in your campaigns and content. This way, customers will be able to start conversations in the application with just one click.

    Interactions generated through the link can also contain personalized phrases, which are sent whenever a new conversation is started.

    Phrases are automatically inserted in the chat text box of those people who clicked on the link. So customizing these messages is an efficient way to identify which customer channels are coming from.

    For example, to identify consumers who clicked on a link used in video on YouTube, create a message such as, “Hello, I saw your video on YouTube and would like to know more.”

    Integrate WhatsApp with your service channels

    Although WhatsApp Corporativo has more features than the standard version of the application, this tool does not have all the features that a professional online chat solution can offer.

    The good news is that WhatsApp can be integrated with professional service platforms, including Websites Are Us.

    Through integration, it will be possible to organize conversations and information about consumers in one place, facilitating the work of employees responsible for customer service by providing access to the business number.

    Plan for sending messages

    Another important feature of the commercial version of WhatsApp is the possibility to personalize and schedule messages to be sent automatically. This means that it is not necessary to be available at the time the message is to be sent, you only need to schedule it.

    Try to use this resource to update your customers on news related to the company, new products, offers, services, among other relevant information.

    Use transmission lists

    Groups are common in the standard version of the messaging application, however, they are not used commercially often. The need for moderation and exposure of the contact of several people means that this resource does not have many practical uses.

    However, the commercial version of WhatsApp has transmission lists. A feature that allows you to create lists with several contacts that can receive the triggered messages individually.

    Respond quickly

    Online chat is the preferred communication channel for customers on the internet due to its speed and practicality. Anyone seeking assistance through this channel wants to receive quick responses.

    Therefore, during business hours, ensure that you or any employee is responsible for responding to messages sent by customers as many, preferably in real time.

    Measure customer satisfaction

    The satisfaction survey is a great tool to measure the opinion that consumers have about your brand, service, services and products.

    Develop surveys that can help you collect data on what aspects of your business need improvement and on customer feedback in general. So, take advantage of the close of conversations through the app and politely ask consumers to answer questionnaires.

    From the evaluation of the answers obtained, it will be possible to define which sectors urgently need adjustments, which are the main mistakes made, collect ideas to resolve them and even discover what are the strengths of your business.

    Hand holding smartphone with WhatsApp open and communication icons on its back

    Ready to use Corporate WhatsApp professionally?

    We hope that our article has provided useful information on how to create a Corporate WhatsApp account and the main advantages of offering an efficient service through it.

    If you want to have more features available to your service team, consider integrating with Websites Are Us. Thus, it is possible to combine WhatsApp resources with the tools of a professional online chat platform.

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