▷How to use Facebook Ads to grow your email list

    One of the greatest assets of digital marketing and an important ally of ecommerces, contacts coming from the mailing list are usually the most profitable. This statement becomes even more true if combined with successful email marketing strategies and tools. But social media and emails don’t have to be separated in your marketing efforts. I even strongly recommend using Facebook Ads to increase your subscriber base, as well as Websites Are Us’s customer service forms. So I created a post below with a step by step how to use Facebook ads to build your email list!

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    Using lead ads to expand your email list

    The first option of using Facebook Ads to build your email list is the simplest: make a registration announcement or also known as Leads Ads. This Facebook ad option opens a form when the user clicks on your ad, greatly increasing your chances of conversion. This ends up making it the simplest format to do among the remaining email capture options, as it does not require the creation of a Landing Page. However, it also has some negative points. As the user does not send a user to a Landing Page, those who sign up end up having less information, generating lower quality leads. I recommend that you use this ad format only for those who already know your work.

    Combining blog posts with Facebook Ads for more subscribers

    One strategy you can use, if you have a blog, is to create a post that ends in a registration form so that the visitor can be part of your list and promote it through an ad for Facebook. The steps required for a person to register their email are greater than in the previous method, however, the lead will have more quality. I say this because the lead ads are useful to make them aware of your brand, but that does not necessarily mean that it will maintain a link with your content or products.

    Little interest is less likely than that of a lead who found a promoted post, found relevant content and signed his list in order to learn more about the products and content he offers, as they will have a better sense of how their business works . As the subscriber’s interest was generated by a publication, the ideal is that it combines this with an efficient content marketing strategy, so that he always returns to your site.

    Leads Ads

    Using landing pages with Facebook Ads

    Instead of using a Facebook ad to promote a post on your blog, you can also use it to guide you to a landing page, especially useful if you don’t have a blog – although both alternatives can be used, as I’ll talk more about. forward. Using a landing page means that it will take the visitor directly to perform an action, which is the email signature, in this specific case.

    The ideal when using landing pages to increase the number of subscribers is to offer something in return, so that the reader does not feel that he was just taken to put his email without receiving any compensation. Therefore, it is recommended that you offer some type of material, such as a free eBook – a strategy that I myself have used on several occasions on my blogs -, exclusive videos, infographics or free trial period, if you sell any type of service by monthly subscription.

    The advantage of using landing pages is the quality of the leads you can receive, if you do a good segmentation when creating the ad for Facebook. The setback is the extensive work in creating an effective campaign and an optimized landing page, possibly becoming the most expensive among the options described so far.

    Top 3 Tips for Facebook Ads

    Regardless of the method you choose or your goal, there are three basic rules to follow when creating Facebook Ads. Are they:

    • The title is the most important: create one that is objective, concise and flashy at the same time;
    • Use a flashy, high-quality image;
    • Do not neglect the description, stating how your product can solve a problem and including a call to action.

    Mix and test continuously

    Despite mentioning each of the ways to use Facebook Ads to build your email list, you should never be limited to just one. I recommend just the opposite: mix the strategies, test them continuously and then decide what is the best way to use Facebook ads. In this way, you will be able to optimize the capture and even segmentation process.

    For example, you can place subscribers from your lead ads on a specific list, while those who have subscribed via the landing page are allocated to another segment. In this way, subscribers to each list receive emails according to the level of familiarity with their products and content.

    One of Facebook’s most useful tools for mixing the type of ad that appears is retargeting, which, in short, allows you to use a certain segment of the audience that has already clicked on an ad to receive other types of ads. An example of this is the possibility of sending lead ads with an email registration button to someone who has already clicked on a post on your blog promoted on Facebook.

    Websites Are Us Partnerships: Our affiliate program pays 30% recurring.

    How do you use Facebook Ads in your business?

    Now it’s your turn: in what ways do you use Facebook Ads to promote your business or assist your customers? Do you also use it to grow your email list or haven’t you thought about approaching it that way? We will discuss it on the comments section below.

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