▷How to Use Websites Are Us PRO to Sell More at Christmas 2019

    The year of 2019 is coming to an end and, with that, your ecommerce will have yet another excellent opportunity to take advantage of celebrations and festivities to generate more business, win more customers and reach your goals.

    However, it is important to consider that just offering a discount on your products is not enough to make your brand stand out from the competition.

    Therefore, to help you sell more at Christmas 2019, we have provided tips on how to use the features of the professional version of Websites Are Us so that you can retain visitors and increase your chances of conversion.

    And of course, be sure to check out our excellent customer service tips and sales techniques that you can employ in the chat!

    Set up your proactive invitations

    First of all, we couldn’t stop talking about proactive invitations, one of the most valuable resources that you can take advantage of purchasing the professional version of Websites Are Us.

    From this feature, it is possible to configure personalized messages to be automatically sent to visitors on your page, according to the section they are accessing, such as the shopping cart, blog, product page, checkout page, etc.

    Proactive invitations help you retain visitors because, when viewing the chat window pop-up containing the personalized message, they will know that your team is available and ready to serve them as quickly as possible.

    In addition, you don’t have to be stuck using the invitation just to send support messages, like “Hello, how can I help you?”. Check out some other ways to use the feature to grab the attention of visitors and bring them to your site:

    • Alert to your special end-of-year promotions and offers;

    • Draw attention to the differentials in the value of freight and delivery time;

    • Ask if customers already know your new product categories;

    • Offer expert assistance on the checkout page to avoid abandoned carts;

    • Say you can help the customer find what they need in your store;

    • Inform that visitors can call you via Callback;

    Addressing visitors proactively makes all the difference and helps you generate more sales opportunities.

    Set up proactive invitations to approach visitors and sell more at Christmas 2019

    Monitor visitors and get data

    Proactive invitations are not the only feature of the professional version of Websites Are Us that can benefit your business in year-end sales.

    Use visitor monitoring, as well as forms during or pre-service, so you can obtain contact details for your customer, identify their location and find out how they got to your page.

    This way, you can quickly answer questions regarding product delivery time or freight charges, as well as personalize service to identify the main challenges, preferences and interests of each consumer.

    All this information helps you to register leads in your base in a segmented way, which impacts not only your sales at Christmas 2019, but also your email marketing campaigns to bring the customer back and retain them.

    Value customer time with recorded responses

    Online chat is the online service channel with the highest satisfaction rate among the other alternatives. At least 73% of customers served are happy to find you on their page and be able to chat with your team.

    The biggest reason for that? The possibility of receiving immediate responses and communicating in real time, without having to leave the page for research from other sources or even without having to stop navigating between categories and products.

    Exactly for this reason it is worthwhile to use some additional resources that can help you to speed up the service even more, as is the case with the recorded responses.

    With this feature, it is possible to configure complete responses and create small commands to send them immediately. Thus, you can use them to deal with frequently asked questions by your consumers, as well as send links to their categories, product page, registration page, among others.

    In addition, it’s important to mention that with the professional version of WAU, you’re also able to read what visitors are writing in the chat before they send the message – that way, it’s easier to prepare to respond to them and generate a real experience satisfactory, with complete and immediate responses.

    Share files and create reminders

    Finally, another huge differentiator of the PRO version of Websites Are Us is that, with it, you are able to send files to your customers, as well as schedule reminders and notifications so you can organize your communication flow, track the sales funnel and never lose a business opportunity.

    Sending files can be used to:

    • Share additional images of a particular product if requested by the customer;

    • Send quotes, contracts, quotes and other documents related to trading;

    • Send invoices, proof of negotiations or bills whenever necessary or requested by customers;

    Reminders are essentially a resource designed to help you manage customer relationships. That way, it’s easy to schedule future contacts, returns, follow-up, etc.

    Create reminders and manage customer relationships

    Ready to sell more for Christmas?

    Leverage customer service to increase sales in your business and take advantage of a professional tool designed to help you win more customers like Websites Are Us on your page.

    The features mentioned in this content are just some of the differentials of our PRO version. To check out all the additional features, such as automatic translator, conversation evaluation, setting up multiple departments, working hours for operators and much more, visit our page or talk to us directly here in the chat!

    We wish you good sales at Christmas 2019 and a year-end of results for your ecommerce!

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