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    webmaster forumPratfall Effect According to the researches, it is the name of a psychological effect that has proven that the person who makes a mistake in front of any community is loved and preferred more than the person who does not. The Pratfall Effect seriously affects human psychology, especially in the stage of preference. This psychological effect has been revealed as a result of some experiments conducted at the University of California in 2012.

    What is the Pratfall Effect?

    Pratfall Effect Elliot Aronson, who chaired the experiment about the experiment, made the following definition of the Pratfall effect.

    Pratfall effect; It means that if the person is not perfect, the rate of lovedness increases (Source: Wikipedia, Montaya Matheew and Horton, 2012).

    Sample errors for the Pratfall Effect;

    • The speaker falls to the floor while on the stage.
    • The crying of the politician before the mass.
    • Speaking of the speaker’s tongue into a funny word in front of the audience.
    • An interesting / funny detail that has been forgotten in the background in a brand ad.
    • A famous influencer can make any mistake in the live broadcast of the individual, etc.

    These and all the errors you have seen above are sincere to the audience or the environment that follows you. Making these mistakes against tens of people or someone in an individual conversation helps create sympathy towards you instead of creating a negative thought.

    Pratfall Effect in Marketing World

    Shortly after this effect occurred, it made a fast entry into the marketing world and started to be used by brands. As an example (As there is no clear explanation by the company on this subject, Websites Are Us theory will remain for a while.) While introducing the unbreakable glasses of Tesla’s new Cybertruck vehicle, breaking the glass can be given as an example.

    Tesla firm states that this is completely unfortunate, but the marketing community claims that it has been done in a conscious way to have a viral effect.

    Indeed, if this movement had been done in a conscious way, Pratfall Effect would come out, and because of this effect, people would tend to buy the Tesla brand and that car in the newly produced interesting design sympathetic. (The vehicle is not yet available for sale.)

    How Can The Pratfall Effect Be Used In Marketing?

    How this effect can be used in classical and digital marketing studies is discussed with possible sample scenarios in the following articles. There is a short matter that we would like to mention before moving on to the items. If you have not reviewed our content under the name of Horn Effect in the past days, we recommend that you take a quick look.

    If you can create Horn Effect and Pratfall Effect together, there will definitely be visible proportional increases in your sales. You can find our Horn Effect content here.

    1. Let’s say you are a company that has end-user products that produce. Imagine bringing your brand to your audience with frequent live broadcasts, social media stories and photos. Even if you make a mistake in your live broadcasts or instant stories during speech or production, it will irritate the audience according to the degree of error, but it will cause you to gain sympathy thanks to the Pratfall Effect.
    2. Let’s say you are a famous phenomenon. Imagine you are shooting videos in the media you are famous for. Imagine a funny or drama sound recording that needs to be cut in any of the videos, with your video. In this seeming negative event, your audience will be more connected to you.
    3. Imagine that you are an artist who has just caught popularity. Imagine going up the stairs to sing in a lively way. If you are stuck in front of the audience or do not forget about the part or be detonated, instead of cooling the audience, it will connect you more.
    4. Imagine you are a professional manager. Imagine that you have between 10 and 20 staff members and that you communicate with them frequently at meetings. Opening a wrong slide during a presentation, appearing a funny photo of your child and / or experiencing any negative situation will cause you to have more connection with your staff instead of pushing you.

    Why the Human Brain Doesn't Love Perfection

    Why Doesn’t the Human Brain Love Perfection?

    Pratfall Effect When analyzed, it turns out that the human brain does not like what is perfect. For almost the past fifty years, people, brands or model people have tried to be perfect. Make-up, high-end clothing, private spaces, expensive cars etc. Unfortunately, humanity has made a mistake about this for a long time.

    Elliot Aronson, who did the Pratfall experiment, reached clear conclusions on this topic. During the experiment some technical or non-technical questions were asked to two different groups of students. The students answered these questions in response to the questions they asked that they found reasonable. Meanwhile, all the answers given by the students were recorded by Elliot Aronson team.

    Everything is normal until this part. In the second part of the experiment, the explanations of the students who answered the questions were listened to some people. In general, people who listened to the sound recordings made statements that stated that they liked the second group more and loved them more.

    We can say that the reason for these explanations is that students in the second group make mistakes when answering the questions. While the students in the second group gave the answers as requested by Elliot Aronson, they poured the coffee in front of them and made some pronunciation mistakes consciously but with acting. In other words, people who listen to the sound recordings thought that these mistakes were involuntary. For this reason, these mistakes made cute, sincere and natural to people who listened to their voice recordings, and sympathized with the second group.

    As you have seen from the experiment results, not being perfect is always a more advantageous and preferred reason.

    How Brands Can Create the Pratfall Effect

    How Brands Can Create the Pratfall Effect?

    Pratfall Effect it is now a proven clear effect. The same effect occurs in almost all people. Okay, but how can brands sell using this effect? We will deal with a few answers to this question by itemizing without further elaboration.

    • Instead of consciously trying to make mistakes, you should stop trying to be zero-free.
    • It may be useful to make some minor mistakes in the use of social media.
    • In order to create the Pratfall effect, you can deliberately make minor mistakes in some details other than the price you sell.
    • You can write a letter in the cargo stating that you apologize for all possible problems, but the text may not be read because ink has flowed in some of the letter. (This scenario helps your client have more sympathy for you.
    • It can involve its staff who are hot selling unintentionally in front of the customer such as clumsiness or falling. (If this is to be done consciously, it should be done by someone with high acting ability. Otherwise, it may reveal a sense of antisympathy.
    • If you are a manager, you can capture a funny moment or a moment he made a mistake and share it on his social media accounts.

    If you adapt the five items and / or derivatives we have written above to your industry or trade and apply them carefully, your sales will increase in the road. A brand embarrassment that makes mistakes or clumsiness against the mass is rewarded by customers for their propensity to buy.

    Footnote: If the Pratfall effect is intended to be constructed consciously, it requires serious consideration. Consciously, it is very difficult to create the Pratfall Effect. If your audience notices that the error is made on purpose, you may suddenly have to set up a crisis desk.

    We hope you are interested in the psychological effects we have generated for your marketing efforts recently. This is the subject of our content Pratfall Effect You can send us all your questions about our social media accounts. You can use our phone, mail or social media accounts to reach us.

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