▷Industrial marketing: how to build a successful strategy

    A major challenge shared by companies in the industrial sector (B2B) is to achieve the expected result in their marketing campaigns.

    After all, strategic planning for industrial marketing can be much more complicated than it looks.

    In order for a strategy to pay off and be driven to success, it is important to take the most appropriate measures and actions.

    Planning is the key factor in influencing the success of your industrial marketing campaign.

    However, despite being fundamental, this type of marketing has also become a priority issue for the sector.

    This is because an industry that invests in industrial marketing can leverage its visibility, reputation and credibility, in addition to, of course, increasing its sales and gaining more B2B customers.

    And if you want to know how it is possible to build a successful industrial marketing strategy, we have prepared this post to explain you all the details of the subject.

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    What is industrial marketing?

    Basically, marketing is a set of strategies and actions that work to promote a given offer to attract and retain customers.

    In the same sense, industrial marketing is also based on strategies designed to generate results, however, these actions are directed to companies in the B2B industry.

    In turn, B2B (or Business to Business) is the market for companies that sell products and services to other companies. This is the case of industries that manufacture neodymium magnets and distribute them to other businesses, for example.

    The B2B market can, in most cases, be more challenging than companies that sell products and services directly to end consumers (B2C).

    To better understand, just compare a store that sells products directly to its customers with an aluminum billet industry that offers a series of products for the store, for example.

    The B2B industry needs, more than seducing this business customer, also to ensure a safe and profitable sale so that it is maintained in the long term

    This is where industrial marketing comes in, with the aim of building solid and lasting relationships between companies.

    How to build an industrial marketing strategy?

    Now that you know what industrial marketing is about, let’s understand now how it is possible to build a successful strategy in your industry. Check it out below!

    How to put together an industrial marketing strategy

    Know everything about your target audience

    Just like any other company, be it B2B or B2C, identifying your target audience and knowing all the details about it is essential.

    After all, industrial marketing strategies will be developed just for him.

    To do this, do research and gather all the characteristics and behavior of this audience. One tip is to elaborate the creation of the persona, which in turn is a representation of your ideal client.

    As a result, you will be more clear about which companies you want to target with industrial marketing campaigns.

    Work with specific channels in industrial marketing

    It is also important to select which channels are most present where your industry wants to operate.

    Especially if you work with a niche, as in the sale of a check valve, for example, being on all possible channels on the internet can take a lot of time, effort, in addition to not bringing the expected return for your business.

    As a result, analyze where there is more online presence of your target audience, whether on social networks, forums, marketplaces, among others.

    Optimize your website

    In industrial marketing, having an optimized and relevant website has become essential. Studies show that more than half of the London population has access to the internet, and 43% of this amount uses online means to search for products and services, including B2B.

    And having an optimized website can bring more visibility to your brand and attract potential customers (leads) to the platform.

    Website optimization is done through SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which deals with marketing actions so that your website is better positioned by search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

    With SEO, a company becomes more positioned and visible to customers. In other words, if a lead looks for your products and services, with SEO, the chances of him finding your site first than other platforms are much higher.

    Invest in relevant content

    Another way to put together an industrial marketing strategy is with marketing and content.

    This strategy has as main objective to attract new leads, generate conversions, entertain, increase your traffic and communicate with the public.

    Content marketing is about producing highly relevant content targeted at a particular persona.

    By building quality content, you can expose the benefits of your products and services, teach your customers about relevant topics and make them more engaged on the subject, seeing your industry as a solution for their needs.

    This way, your business differentiates itself in the market, becomes a reference in the subject and gains more customers!

    Now that you know everything about how you can create a successful industrial marketing strategy, what are you waiting for to start your strategic planning and succeed? Did you like our content? Tell us!

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